Requirements to Import: Documents, Benefits and MORE

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In this article, he will show you what are the Requirements to Import in Mexico. Which They are essential for people who want to start in this business. That is why we will tell you the procedures to do it. Take note!

Mexico is a country that has treaties with 40 countries They do not have to pay any type of tax when importing from those countries. But they have to take into account that they may have problems in customs, if they do not have knowledge about the tariffs that they have to cancel; which supplier to choose and what are the requirements of your product that it demands.

That is why the citizen who wants to import must comply with the necessary documentation and with the Requirements to Import into Mexico, which will be explained below.

What are the Requirements to Import into Mexico?

Requirements to import into Mexico, are understood as formalities. This means that it is deposited in spaces intended for it.

Requirements to Import: Before import

  • First you must take into consideration the distribution merchandise tariff.
  • They must follow the faithful fulfillment of the Mexican regulations.
  • Have documents and regulations and non-tariff restrictions.
  • Have the Customs Broker, logistics staff and other mediators.

Requirements to Import: During import

  • Once at this point of importation, the articles will go through the customs office, which knows all the acts and formalities to import any article to Mexico.
  • You must present the items before customs, or they may simply be released and will not go through customs for review.
  • Depending on the situation that the merchandise if it has to be recognized in customs, it may be confiscated and a Administrative Procedure in Matter Customs (PAMA).

Requirements to Import: After import

You will have to save the customs documentation and the payment of duties. In the event that an official decides to inspect the documentation and articles. In addition, there may be legal effects after the audit is carried out.

Documents to Import

The citizen who wishes to start importing must comply with the Requirements to import and the necessary documents that will be explained below.

  1. To import the citizen, you must register in the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), through the SAT, with the necessary business activity. In the case of being a legal citizen, you must enter your importing task in the constitutive certificate.
  2. If the citizen already has his RFC, then he must request his FIEL (Advanced Electronic Signature) on the SAT. Also, your status must be pending.
  3. It must have a customs representative, but in some cases the customs agent is not needed to import small portions of products. Execute the order given to the customs agent.
  4. Citizens who wish to import must register on the list of importers and, if necessary, on the list of specific importers.
  5. You must have a document that attests to where the products come from to be treated with tariff preferences.
  6. All imports must be accompanied by their respective invoices, where the supplier’s actual prices must be indicated.
  7. For people who matter, they must meet the requirements of the VUCEM .
  8. Must cancel taxes. Also the payments of load, unload, the transport of the merchandise and storage.
  9. You must present the regulation and restrictions depending on the merchandise catalog and the non-tariff to which the merchandise is subject, such as: notices, Mexican regulations, permits, etc.
  10. In addition, the passport of items, that is, it is a certificate that confirms the legal stay of the merchandise in Mexico. This certificate must be kept when transporting the merchandise and then it must be kept as any accounting document.

Who can import?

People who want to matter need a customs broker. This figure is very important because it contains a permit that is defined as a patent, which allows you to be a representative of importers and exporters, in order to continue with the procedures to import through the corresponding customs.

When there are imports that are not subject to the payment of tariffs or have a customs agent, only in the case that it is by post the value of the invoice does not exceed the 300 USD approximately or more.

What Products cannot be Imported to Mexico?

As there are products that can be imported, there are a series of others that are prohibited, which are the following:

  1. Fresh or frozen fish.
  2. Turtle eggs or any of this type.
  3. Poppy seeds (narcotic) or poppy seeds.
  4. Seeds and spores of marijuana (Cannabis).
  5. Opium juices and extracts, used for smoking.
  6. Thallium Sulfate.
  7. Insecticide (Isodrine or Adrin).
  8. Insecticide (Heptachlor or Drinox). Also the Endrin and Leptophos.
  9. Turtle skins.
  10. Medicines prepared with morphine or any of its components.
  11. You cannot import items that consider it as archaeological monument by the Ministry of Public Education.
  12. Firearms and ammunition.

Other Items that cannot be imported

  • Lithium batteries
  • No counterfeits such as shoes, clothes, brand watches, perfumes, appliances, etc.
  • Asbestos.
  • Ivory.
  • Pornography.

Benefits of Importing

When importing your business, you must take into account the benefits it contains in doing it, they are the following:

  1. In Mexico it has a great variety of products to import.
  2. Integrating the articles in your company, increases the possibilities of improving the variety of price quality, causing a qualified benefit for the client.
  3. Increase the value of your brand. That is, when your product obtains the imported brand, your business begins to be marketed with greater amount.
  4. Mexico demonstrates the quality of its products and has made it possible to constantly integrate greater national content.
  5. Upgrade above your competence. The competition will always be there, the important thing is to stand out. Importing provides an apparent quality in your market.
  6. The production cost it may be lower than the cost of making it yourself.
  7. Access to a network of exclusive consumers.
  8. There are very few impediments to the importation of articles into Mexico due to the agreements established with each nation. Therefore, having this advantage increases the quality of the products.
  9. In this country it can help to increase the money flow.

What is it?

The purpose of the importation is to acquire products and services from a specific foreign country for use in the requested country. They are tools that are essential today.

In other words, the purpose of importing is to obtain products from foreign countries that are not in the requesting country or, if it exists, the costs are higher than in the foreign country.

If the citizen in the future wishes to import, he must follow a series of requirements to import into Mexico.

Products that can be imported

The most important import products for the Mexican territory are:

  1. The gas.
  2. Automobiles
  3. Articles of plastics.
  4. Natural gas.
  5. Body parts and spare parts.
  6. Modular circuits for computers.
  7. Spare parts for computers.
  8. Memory for computers.
  9. Medicines.
  10. Plastic articles for transport.

Frequently asked question

Citizens sometimes have concerns about this issue and we will clarify it for them below.

Can the citizen import on his own in Mexico?

It is important to note that there are 4 categories in the Customs Law in the Mexican territory.

  1. The first is passenger luggage, which is intended to bring what you want in your luggage.
  2. The second consists of the franchise concept, which falls on land travel, for a value of 50 USD and if it is by sea or air up to a cost of 300 USD.
  3. Then we can find how the simplified dispatch in operations of 3000 USD for any type of products and 4000 USD in computing accessories.

In these three it is not necessary to look for an intermediary, when the citizen exceeds these amounts, he must necessarily look for a customs agent.

It is important that if the citizen wants to engage in this business, he must collect a series of Requirements to import into Mexico.

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