Requirements to import from China to Mexico: Payment of Taxes

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The demand for products by consumers provides business opportunities, the decision of to import It arises from: the scarcity and the low economic cost of importing before high production costs in the country.

Importing time, dedication, a lot of preparation and having a long learning process, part of a great effort on the part of the importer, so that it is carried out correctly.

For this reason, it is necessary to gather the experience of education and training in the matter of importing.

to import It is known as the purchase of goods and services by foreign companies. The product can be any, which will be received for commercial purposes.

Importing allows you to receive products that are not produced in the country. Those can be cheaper and of good quality.

Requirements to import from China to Mexico

5 steps to import from China to Mexico

1- Find a product

If you plan to market online, the first thing you should see what it is producer what do you want to import.

The first factor of the product is that it is

  • Light
  • Little
  • Easy to send
  • Margin minimum of 200%

If the product is purchased from 10 dollars, at least this should be sold in 20 dollars. In China there are very good producers, with good prices and the minimum margin will help cushion shipping costs, taxes, etc.

If you have a business and you want to import your product, find these factors when looking for suppliers, products, etc.

2- Search providers

You will find these in:

  • Alibaba
  • Global sources

3- Requirements and tax of your product

The first thing you should know is that Tariff fraction needs your product.

In simple terms, this fraction tells you what requirements you need and how much tax you pay.

In order to search for these fractions you must click on the following web.

Once you have it, you need to have a permit from list of importers.

4- Logistics

In simple terms, this means that the state of how your products are coming, be it ship, plane, parcel.

Be careful when where the shipment is going to be.

5- Sell ​​the products.

These are going to do sold on Amazon and Free market

Necessary documents

In case of small importers It does not require as many paperwork as the large importers

Types of procedures


  • Tax registration
  • Register or registry of importers

In the tax offices of your country there must be some type of tax registration, either as a person physical or moral person, that is, as a company.

There must be a clear fiscal registry, most countries require a registry of importers, this is called a registry of importers in some cases it is not requested, but in most it is necessary.

A list of importers It is a list kept by the government through which it knows exactly who are those who are importing and therefore it has them audited.


  • Customs broker
  • Tariff classification
  • BA / RRNA documents
  • Payment of contribution / taxes

They must have a customs broker that not only meets your costs but also the expectations they may have.

-Intellectual and commercial property

  • Grabbed bars
  • Intellectual property

-Foreign trade

  • Certificates of Origin (TLC)
  • promotion
  • Special permits (quotas)
  • NOMs

Classification of Customs Clearances

Customs regimes, this is defined as the legal framework that will regulate the international traffic of foreign trade merchandise, allocating it to one of the 6 different regimes customs that are contemplated by Mexican law

This serves, as it says in the Article 90 customs law.

All merchandise that leaves or enters the country must be destined for a customs regime in accordance with the function that is going to be given to it in national or foreign territory.

These are divided into:


Which may be of importance to export and are required to pay immediate foreign trade taxes.


Temporary import to return abroad in the same state or temporary import for production, transformation or repair.

The term of this can go from 1 month to 6 months or up to 1 year, this will depend on the merchandise.

3-Tax deposit

It consists of the storage of goods of foreign or national origin, in general warehouses that can provide this service.

4-Merchandise transits

This regime consists of the transfer of merchandise, under fiscal control, from one national customs office to another, which may be internal or international.

5-Processing, transformation or repair

It consists of the introduction of foreign or national merchandise to said enclosures for their elaboration, transformation or repair, to be returned abroad or to be exported.

6-Audited registry

This regime is for people who have the use or enjoyment of real estate located in the strategic audited registration center and who will have the option of requesting authorization to allocate merchandise to the strategic audited registration regime.

Goods under this regime may remain in the audited records until 2 years.

The necessary to know which customs regime we can and should use, as long as the goods stick to the modality of the different customs regimes that exist.

Tax payment

The first tax what do you pay is the tariffThis is a tax for importing your merchandise, or exporting the merchandise.

Usually this is charged when you go to to import your merchandise.

The second tax to pay is that of the value added the famous VAT

The third tax is the customs accountsIn the case of Mexico, the customs processing and prevalidation rights are paid, this is not a tax but it is something that they will charge you when you are going to import your mechanics or export.

And finally some special taxes that exist as, special gasoline tax, etc.

Now if you make mistakes when importing, you may pay something, it is called the compensatory fees These are penalty taxes that will be charged when bringing merchandise that may affect your country.


People who do not comply with the requirements of each scheme, in addition to those who do not pay the contributions of taxor foreign trade in time, may obtain fines from the 30% until the 150% of the commercial value of the merchandise.

How to bring products from China

One of the most recommended options to bring your products from China to Mexico City it is the following web. Here we leave you its official page so you can see everything to bring for you and the merchandise you want to import.


Discover the 5 steps to import from China to Mexico without problems customs.

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