Requirements to invest in CETES: What are they for?

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Nowadays there are many people who are beginning to be interested in knowing which are the requirements to invest in CETES throughout México. And this is one of the safest investments What people living in Mexican territory can do today.

In fact it is one of the types of investment that most interests young people and that, in many cases, also to parents. Do you want to know more about what are the requirements to invest in CETES? Are you interested in knowing more about Cetes in general?

Then continue in this article why you have hit the right place!

What are CETES and how much are they worth

One of the first questions asked by those interested in requirements to invest in CETES is what are they really these instruments called CETES.

And the truth is that it is a very good question since should not be invested in something that is not well known.

However, the CETES are something very reliable, because they are the acronyms corresponding to all the Certificates of the Treasury of the Federation.

In this sense these certificates are simply the debt of the Government of México, which has to be paid in a short time.

These certificates are issued by Banco de México, for which they have the security of being an investment that will always be returned.

At the same time this type of certificate are under direct supervision of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit that ensures payment.

The CETES in general have the form of issuance of a type of promissory note that at the time it is charged, it must be deposited promptly.

And it is that, at present, CETES are bought with a time in which they can be charged according to the interests of the person.

In general, the certificates that are issued are at the same time between twenty-eight and three hundred sixty-four days so that they are duly paid.

It is found that there are CETES that may be charged in ninety-one days and others to collect up to one hundred and eighty-two days.

This is something that affects its value, although the amount that is deposited is not something that is at a fixed rate or fee.

However you pay an interest higher than inflation there is at the time, which is why constant reviews are made in general.

What are they for

Another question that is generally asked by those interested in knowing the Requirements to invest in CETES is What are these certificates for?

The reason for these certificates is that ordinary people help finance debt that has the nation of México in general.

This is due to the simple fact that private money is always necessary so that the debt system works in a good way.

In fact this is something that can be seen as a form of loan that ordinary citizens are doing to the federal government of México.

In this sense, each of the CETES are designed for a different population who is interested in buying it when it is possible to do so.

For example, those who buy CETES dated to be paid in 28 days they generally think about saving money relative to inflation.

In the same way in the case of those who make the investment of the certificates dated 91 days they do it for its easy sale.

The case of certificates that are dated at 182 and 364 days yes it is considered as an investment for its high interest.

In general, these types of CETES are designed for people who want to do a medium-term investment with a profit that is good.

There are times when they go on sale special versions of the CETES, which are dated as far back as two years.

How can I improve my investment in CETES

Another common question when talking about CETES is what are the ways of being able to improve the investment.

And the truth is that, although it is possible to do it, overall no big improvements with respect to the gains that are achieved with this.

The reason is that the certificates of the Federation Treasury are designed as a fixed rate That can’t be beat overall.

This has as one of its great advantages the fact that there will never be a loss in the investment being made in certificates.

However it also means that no more interest can be earned once the rate limit that has been set is reached.

Despite this there are ways through which better performance can be obtained of the investment that has been made in CETES.

If you have no idea how you can increase your return on investment here are some tips that can be very useful:

  • The first thing you should do is a budget in advance to know in the best possible way what your general investment capacity is.
  • In case you have any questions about the types of investment there are many consulting companies currently offering their services on investments.
  • It is important that when you have made the investment start to follow her in the different specialized media so that you know what its current evolution is.
  • This recommendation is based on the previous one, since it is important that know the price of your CETES if you plan to sell it to a third party.
  • It is also recommended that be aware of inflation so that you know an approximate of how much will be what you will earn for the investment made.

Where to buy CETES

Another question closely related to the requirements to invest in CETES is where in the nation can they be purchased these certificates today.

And the truth is that there are several places in which they can be purchased, although some are not as recommended as others due to various reasons.

One of them is the go to a specialized agency in the purchase and sale of certificates, of which there are many today.

However all these companies they have rates, that they are not very high, that they are charged to the person who wants to buy their certificates.

In this sense, the most advisable thing is use a service that is direct, that is to say, that there is no type of intermediary involved.

For this there are different services through which you can make a direct purchase of the certificates of the Treasury of the Federation.

One of the best known and also most respected is the service known as Cetesdirecto which allows to do the procedure very easily.

In fact, the investment amount that is necessary to start buying the CETES is only a minimum of 100 pesos from México.

At the same level is also the service offered today is that of FIEL, which is the electronic signature that many merchants have.

In either case there is two conditions that are essential for all those people who want to start buying and investing in CETES:

The first thing is that the interested person must be of age in order to start buying and selling operations.

The second condition or requirement is that the interested party must have a bank account in any of the financial entities of the Mexican nation.

There are limits to investment in CETES

Among the most frequently asked questions when discussing the requirements to invest in CETES is that of if there are limits.

And the truth is that, for the vast majority of cases, there is no limit regarding the amount of CETES to buy.

However, there is a specific case, which is that of Express contracts, where the purchase limit will be fifteen thousand pesos.

Besides this yes there is a time limit to be able to buy the certificates at 1:00 p.m. on the day of the CETES auction.

Any other person who meets the requirements to buy their respective certificates. has no other limit you need to worry about today.

Who issues the CETES

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the CETES they are a fundamental part of the economic apparatus of the nation of México today.

That is why the body that is allowed to prepare and also issue these certificates is alone and solely the Bank of México.

In this sense, Banco de México has strong supervision by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit on CETES issues.

As you can see there are practically no requirements to invest in CETES.

And with this guide you can get a lot out of them!

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