Requirements to Obtain a Passport in Chihuahua: Places and Cost of the Procedure

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What chihuahua is another state of Mexico, where the citizens who want to get the passport in Chihuahuahere is going to indicate everything that is needed to be able to process this international identification document.

Requirements for a passport in Chihuahua

All citizens of chihuahua they can purchase the passport either for the first time or by renewal. But first you must have these documents to be able to process it:

Requirements to obtain a passport for the first time

This part will indicate all the documents that can be used as a requirement, depending on what the office needs to process the passport in chihuahua

The documents that can be used according to the requirement:

Documents to indicate identity

As today any identification document shows the personal data of the holder, any of these documents can be used to show identity:

  • The naturalization letter.
  • The identity card.
The latter documents must be original as well as a copy.
  • The High Security Consular Registration.
  • A medical cardobtained by any health center in Mexico.
  • The document of identification for people with disabilities.
  • The intern letterin case you are an intern.
  • The title or professional license.
  • The Military service card.
  • The IFE voting card.
  • The pensioners card.
  • The birth certificate (Only up to seven years old)it should appear in it.
    • The name of the minor’s parents.
    • The name of the pediatrician
    • How long has the pediatrician been treating you?
    • The doctor’s signature and seal.
    • The photocopy of the identity card of the pediatrician.
    • The doctor’s ID number.
    • The infant’s photograph.

  • The study record issued by any study house in Mexico (must have photo).
  • The nationality certificate issued by the Secretary of Foreign Relations.

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Identification of who helps the disabled

People who help the disabled, must be a trusted person of the person who cannot process aloneit must show an identification where it reflects that it is of legal age, has a relationship with the limited person and identifies it to itself.

There is no problem if the person is a foreigner, they just have to have the documentation according to the indications that have just been indicated.

The adoption sentence

In the case of being adopted, it is necessary to deliver this document, since it uses the surname of the people who are not their biological parents, in it is the resolution of the adoption.

Identification of foreign adoptive parents (only for minors)

When having a child with Mexican nationality, parents who are

originating from another country must show the passportBesides the resident or visitor card acquired it Migration’s national institute.

Process payment

Although taking out the passport it is a public service, it does not mean that it is a free service. For this reason, payment must be made in the corresponding bank and obtain the voucher which is another requirement to get a passport.

Identification of the parents (In the case of being a minor)

Children and adolescents cannot obtain the passport by themselves, they must do so with their parents or guardian, but the latter must show a document where you can see the link that unites this person with the minor.

It is also important that you identify yourself as a person and you can use any of the documents mentioned above, to indicate to the authorities that you are processing the passport whose is it.

Passport renewal in Chihuahua

Maybe the time has come when you have to renew the passport And people who live in Chihuahua can do it without any problem, they just have to have these requirements that, just like the first time the passport was processed, certain documents can be used to validate the information.

These are the requirements:

Document to be delivered in case of theft, loss or damage

Perhaps for some explainable reason the passport is not in the best conditions or you simply are not, it must be delivered a letter stating the reason for Why isn’t the passport in those circumstances? It must be issued by the competent authorities.

If for some reason all of the three events happen abroad, this letter must be made to the Mexican consulatewhich must be in the country where it is located.

return the passport

When the renewal passportone of the requirements is to deliver the passport previous even if it has not been used, it does not matter what conditions it is in, it must be delivered.

Additionally A photocopy of the first page of this document must be delivered where the buts of the owner appear

Documents to be delivered by the companion of a disabled person

As there are people who, due to their disability, there are several things that they cannot do by themselves, so they need an assistant. In case of renewing the passport there is no problem if the applicant needs an assistant.

What the helper should do is deliver a document verifying that you are related to the person who is going to apply for the passport, where you can see that you are of legal age and your personal data is reflected.

nationality and identity

Any person who is going to renew the passport You must enter a document where your identity and nationality can be verified.

You can use any of the documents that were indicated when explaining how to prove the nationality and identitywhen we talked about requirements to get the passport for the first time.

In the case of children, it can be shown birth certificate, naturalization certificate or the same birth certificate.

Payment of the service

Renewing a passport requires making a payment, since this procedure is not free, but must be done in the corresponding banking entities, where said institution will deliver a proof of payment which must be delivered to the office where the certificate is to be renewed. passport.

Parent identification

In the case of those children and adolescents who must do the renewal of passport in chihuahua must do so with the presence of their parents or guardian, they must show a document showing the relationship between the minor and the legal representativewhere the identity and nationality that accompanies the infant to carry out the procedure is verified.

passport photograph

In order for the photo of the person requesting the passport to be accepted by the entity that processes this identity document, it must have these characteristics in order to be accepted:

  • The size of the photo must be 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm.
  • With a white background
  • In the case of boys or girls, they cannot appear with their toy favorite or with anything in the photo.
  • The person in the photo must not have a cap, hat, tiara or any adornment in the hair.
  • The photo must be sharp.
  • You cannot have edits.
  • The person’s face cannot be tilted but straight.
  • The photograph cannot have any type of shadows
  • The person cannot come out smiling, they must be serious and expressionless.
  • It must be on photo and color paper.

Status of copies to be made of documents

It has been mentioned that there are several documents where a copy has to be made, but it must be in these conditions so that it can be accepted at the place where the document is going to be taken. passport:

  • The image can not have spots, parts lighter than others.
  • It should not be on white letter-size sheets.
  • Copies cannot be on both sides of the sheet.
  • They cannot have any type of color.

Places in Chihuahua where to carry out the procedure

In these offices where you can get your passport:

Chihuahua Central Office

Address: La Nacional building, av. Independencia No. 1003 Esq. José María Morelos, Col. Centro, Cp 3102, 0chihuahua, chihuahua

Phones: (614) 238 12 42 / (614) 238 12 43 / (614) 238 12 44

Chihuahua Liaison Office 1

Address: Hiperplaza Mirador Local 2d Y 2c, Calle Mirador E Indiana, cp, 31000

Telephone: (614) 423 25 70

Cuauhtémoc Municipal Liaison Office

Address: Calle Morelos Y 23 Subdivision San Antonio, col. Center, Zip 31501

Telephone: (625) 581 93 23

Municipal Liaison Office. Delight

Address: Av. Sixth East and First East, col. Center, Cp 3300

Telephone: (639) 479-9337

Municipal Liaison Office in Hidalgo del Parral

Address: November 20 Street S/n, Downtown, Cp 33880

Telephone: (627) 527 47 00 / 527 47 17 / 527 47 60

Chihuahua Passport Cost

The cost of the passport will depend on its validity, these are the prices

  • One year 610 pesos.
  • Three years 1265 pesos.
  • Six years 1735 weight
  • Ten years 2670 pesos.

And this is all you need to know to get the passport in chihuahuawith this information we can reach the conclusion that we need to have an exact requirement to get the passport.

Besides of passport in Chihuahuawe also tell you everything you need to know to get a passport in other cities in Mexico:

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