Requirements to Obtain a Passport in Monterrey: Places and Cost of the Procedure

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In our passage through life, we have the obligation to have many essential documents so that our stay as a citizen is carried out in the best way. Be it the ID, the RUC, the NIT, and of course, the passport. They are not only documents that help identify the creditor, but also facilitate certain legal processes such as travel.

If you are close to taking a plane to Mexico, collect the Requirements to obtain a passport in Monterrey and get this valuable document. It doesn’t matter if you lost it or if you’re taking it out for the first time, read the article, follow the steps and you’re good to go!

The fact of traveling implies an infinity of things. Don’t think it’s just sitting on the plane. It’s not that simple. In fact, it goes much further. You must comply with a series of requirements, processes and legal identification to be able to go to your destination. After you have everything, you can get on the plane, meet places and people, eat, visit, adventure, and enjoy.

We know perfectly well that traveling is simply relaxing, whether for work or for a walk, leaving the country is magnificent, however, before you start organizing your bags, you should take the time to review what you need to deliver and what you must take.

Believe me, processing the passport is not really a problem. Think that you should do it yes or yes since it is one of the most essential documents, such as the identity card.

Do you know what the best news is? With the Mexican passport, you will be

Requirements for Passport in Monterrey

  • IMPORTANT: The entire process is done with appointment in any of the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).
  • To make an appointment you must pre-register your data online and schedule the appointment. You do this through next page. Once there, you must locate the option “Procedures by category” – “IDENTITY, PASSPORT AND MIGRATION”

IMPORTANT: You must be very aware that they never, absolutely, for any reason, charge you for the assignment of the appointment. The cancellation of the passport you do after having your appointment.


Once you have been given a date for the appointment, you must begin to record the following requirements:

Original and copy of:

  • Your certified birth certificate, issued by the civil registry or a consular office.
  • A letter of naturalization.

If you are of legal age, you must present these Additional documents:

  • Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth.
  • Certificate of Mexican nationality.
  • High Security Consular Registration Certificate.


Of these three, you must present the original and a copy.

After proving your nationality, you must also prove your identity as part of the requirements to process a passport. You can present any of the following documents:

  • Identity card.
  • Naturalization letter.
  • Some medical credential belonging to a public social security or health institution.
  • High Security Consular Registration.
  • Credential for people with disabilities that was issued by the DIF (National System for the Integral Development of the Family).

They may also present:

  • IFE credential to vote.
  • In the case of professionals, ID or professional title.
  • In the case of students, intern’s letter.
  • Identity Card of the National Military Service (SMN), delivered by the Secretary of National Defense.
  • INAPAM card issued by the National Institute for Older Adults.
  • ISSSTE credential for pensioner or retiree.
  • Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth issued by the SRE or foreign delegations.
  • Certificate of Mexican nationality issued by the SRE.

On the other hand, if you are a minor you must present the following documents from the parents:

  • School ID containing a photograph.
  • School certificate, also, containing a photograph, of any of the following educational levels:

Primary education, secondary education, high school or equivalent.

  • Proof of the degree of studies that you are studying, with a photograph.
  • Proof of studies, certified by the corresponding academic institution that contains a photograph.
  • If the child is less than 7 years old, the birth certificate can be presented, where it appears:
    • Name, signature and medical/pediatric stamp.
    • Professional license number.
    • Time spent as the minor’s doctor.
    • Attached copy of your professional license.
    • Parents name.
    • Photo of the minor.

If it has not been completely clear then read our article with the Requirements to Get the Mexican Passport.

Places in Monterrey where to carry out the procedure

To process your passport you can do it through the following offices:

  • Central office

    Av. Eugenio Garza Sada, No. 2411 and 2413, Col. Roma, Cp 64700, Monterrey, Nuevo León
    Telephones – (81) 20 90 25 01 / (81) 20 90 25 02 / (81) 20 90 25 03

  • Allende Liaison Office

    Juarez # 200 Pte. Esq. Morelos

  • Downtown area

    Telephones – (826) 268 17 50

  • Apodaca Liaison Office

    5 De Mayo No. 103, Local 5 Y 6, Col. Centro, Cp 66600 Telephones – (81) 83 86 19 92 or 13 51 19 36

  • Cadereyta De Jiménez Liaison Office

    Hidalgo No. 914, Pte. Local 3, Downtown. 67480 Phones – (828) 284 32 23

  • General Escobedo Liaison Office

    Av. Manuel L. Barragan # 220, Access 5, Local 55, Col. Ex Hacienda El Canada, Cp 66054 (81) 80 58 92 11 / 82 20 72 80

  • Guadeloupe Liaison Office

    Gran Parque Guadalupe Unidad Tolteca, Av. Tolteca Esq. Río La Silla, Col. Tolteca, Cp 67100 Telephones – (81) 80 07 66 79 or 80 07 66 80

  • Linares Liaison Office

    Carretera A Galeana, Kilometer 1.5 Parque Nogalar, Liaison Building, Cp 67700 Telephones – (821) 212 78 00 or 212 78 01

  • Montemorelos Liaison Office

    Cuauhtémoc No. 509, Hidalgo and Cinco De Mayo, Col. Centro 67500 Telephones – (826) 263 78 00 or 263 26 27 EXT. 2202

  • Monterrey Liaison Office (Spain Park)

    Av. Morones Prieto, Col. Fraccionamiento Buenos Aires, Parque España, Cp 64810 telephones – (81) 5102-8550 or 5102-8554

  • Monterrey Iii Liaison Office (Parque Tucán)

    Av. Tripartite Commission and Uranium, Col. Valle De Infonavit 5to. inner sector

  • Toucan Park

    Gral. Ignacio De Maya, No. 120, Col. Centro. 65200 Phones – (824) 242 27 17

  • San Nicolas De Los Garza Liaison Office

    Av. Juárez No. 655 Poniente, Between Ráyon and Corregidora, Downtown, Cp 66400 Telephones – (81) 83 76 78 90

  • San Pedro Garza Garcia Liaison Office

    Morones Prieto No. 2090 Esq. Humberto Lobo Citizen Services Building Del Valle Cp 66214. Telephones – (81) 10 52 41 50, 10 52 41 98

  • Santa Catarina Liaison Office

    Plaza Las Quintas, Av. Manuel Ordoñez No. 620 Local 10-11, Bajacol Floor. La Aurora, Cp 66350 Telephones – (81) 86 76 18 43

  • Santiago Liaison Office

    Hidalgo Esq. Eutimio Silva Upper Floor El Cercado Santiago, 67320 Phones – (81) 24 51 43 71

Cost of the Monterrey Passport

For the beginning of the year 2019, the price of the passport changed. Now the costs are:

One year validity: $610 pesos.

With discount:$305 pesos.

Validity of 3 years: $1,265 pesos.

Traveling is really amazing, so if you have the opportunity to do it, don’t think about it too much. Gather all the collections mentioned above and start your trip to the place you want. Remember, the passport is one of the fundamental documents of our life. Without it, we are limited to many things. So if you don’t have it, run to request it!

Besides of passport in Montereywe also tell you everything you need to know to get a passport in other cities in Mexico:

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