Requirements to Obtain a Passport in Puebla: Places and Cost of the Procedure

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The passport is a document that Prove your identity and nationality before foreign authorities. This document allows you to travel freely through most countries, and to show your most relevant personal data if necessary.

The holder of a passport obtains many benefits, from the legality of his entry to the country, to the possibility of requesting a VISA more easily.

The process, then, to issue your passport in the state of Puebla, it is so simple and fast that it is almost impossible for you to find any impediment to start your process. It all depends on whether you have the requested requirements for each age variant, the offices where you can present yourself, and the costs that the validity periods of the passport you request bring.

In this post we will explain everything you need to know how, where and for how much you can get your passport in Puebla.

Requirements for Passport in Puebla

The requirements for process your passport in the state of Puebla vary depending on the age of the applicant:

For those over 18

  • original and copy of the birth certificate, issued and certified by the Civil Registry of Mexico or one consular office in the territory where you are.
  • original and copy of the permit or card to vote, issued by the National Electoral Institute.
  • original and copy of the identity card granted by the Mexican National Military Service.
  • original and copy of the approved naturalization letter.
  • three photographs ID or passport size documents, preferably with a white background.
  • original and copy of the ticket or receipt of payment of the process, once it has been carried out in a banking entity certified for this procedure.

You can always go to our main article with the Requirements for the Mexican Passport.

For those under 18

  • Any identification document mentioned above, which proves the identity of the minor’s representatives.
  • original and copy of the certificate of schooling, which has a photograph of the person represented.
  • If you are under 7 years of age, your birth certificate or certificate.

For those under 18 years of age adopted

  • All the requirements mentioned above for minors.
  • All requirements already established for representatives.
  • original and copy of the act or certificate of adoption, with resolution included.

For people with any type of disability (must be presented by a companion)

  • Original and copy of a document that certifies that the applicant is of legal age.
  • Original of any document that proves the relationship between the applicant and the companion.

All copies must be legible and printed on black and white letter paper.

The photographs for the procedure must present a clear image of the personso that it can be identified without major inconveniences.

If you appear at a central office, you can choose to take the photo there, but otherwise, you must come with your photograph already taken, which meets the following guidelines:

  • White background.
  • Size 4.5×3.5cm (passport size) or 32×26mm (card size).
  • It should not be valid for more than 30 days before filing the requirements.
  • It should be a close-up showing the head and shoulders.
  • Unedited.
  • The face in the center of the plane, no tilts.
  • Mainly the colors should not be modified.
  • Good resolution, without smudges or erasures.
  • It must be on photographic paper.
  • It must be in color.
  • The smallest should appear with their eyes open and without any companion to help them stand up.
  • Nope wear bows, caps, hats, glasses, or any other accessory on the head.
  • Nope shadows should be seen in the image.
  • The applicant must not smile or reflect emotions in the photograph, and their gaze must be fixed on the camera.

The recommended steps to carry out the process of processing your passport are:

  1. Review the list of costs (which we will present to you later). These depend on the duration that the passport will have.
  2. Make your appointment at one of the offices (which we will also show in the following sections).
  3. Make your payment online or at the mailbox of an authorized bank.
  4. Show up for your appointment, so that you deliver the documents and certify both your identity and the respective payment for the procedure.
  5. At the establishment, they will ask you to sign your application for the passport in Puebla.
  6. For the disabled, the companion linked to this must be presented, who must demonstrate, in addition to the age of majority of the applicant.
  7. For minors, the documents of their representatives must be presented, verifying their nationality and the link between them.
  8. Submit your photographs, or take them at the establishment of the headquarters of the Secretary of Internal Relations that corresponds to you in Puebla.
  9. Show your payment slip. At the end of the process, you are asked to show the original and a copy of the payment receipt issued by the bank of your choice.
  10. Clever! You have finished the application process for your passport in the state of Puebla.

We also recommend that you obtain travel insurance. Since problems may occur during your trip, such as losing your luggage or a medical problem, it is convenient that you have a way to cover the expenses that these situations may entail. Even, for some countries, it may become a requirement to allow you entryor to process any VISA. Get one soon! They are not very expensive, and can save you a lot of money and trouble during your stay abroad.

Places in Puebla where to carry out the procedure

Currently, there are 4 regional offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Civil Registry where you can present your requirements and start the process of your passport in Puebla. These are:

  • The head office, which is located at Vía Atlixcayotl number 1101, in the Comprehensive Services Center. North Building, on the ground floor. You can ask any questions by calling (222)4671251 or to 4671255. Here they give you your passport the same day.
  • The Tehuacán liaison office, located on Calle 2 Norte, number 111 Colonia Centro, where they serve you from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can make any query by calling (238)3822548. Here you will receive your passport a week after your application is made.
  • The Zacatlán liaison office, whose headquarters are located in the portal of the Municipal Palace. you can call (797)9751194 to ask any questions you have.
  • EITHER the Izúcar de Matamoros liaison office, at Calle Ayuntamiento No. 5, letter D, in the Center. You can make any query by dialing (243)4366060.

Cost of the Puebla Passport

The cost of the passport, both in Puebla and in the rest of the states, is according to the validity period of the same:

  • Are 610 pesos if the validity is one year (this is only allowed for those under 3 years of age).
  • Are 1,265 pesos if the validity is 3 years.
  • Are 1,735 pesos if the validity is 6 years.
  • Are 2,670 pesos if the validity is 10 years.

If the applicant is over 60 years of age, has a verifiable disability, or is a farm worker, They can opt for a 50% discount.

Also. liaison offices with Secretary of Foreign Relationshave a surcharge that depends on each establishment.

You can make the payment of your passport in Puebla through one of these banking entities:

  • Affirm.
  • BBVA Bancome.
  • BanBajio.
  • BanRegio.
  • Mifel Bank.
  • Inbursa Bank.
  • Bank Interactions.
  • Monex Bank.
  • Multiva Bank.
  • National Bank of the Army, Air Force and Navy.
  • Banorte Financial Group.
  • Bansi.
  • CI Bank.
  • Citi Banamex.
  • HSBC (The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation).
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.
  • Santander Bank.
  • Scotiabank.

You can use the web portal of these banking organizations by entering your account, in the “Payment of Federal Taxes”. Once there, an option appears under the name «Payment of Rights Products and Uses (DPAS)». Write this number as a reference key: 024000140and go to

Depending on the validity, you must write a different code:

  • If it is one year, enter the 01030020000001.
  • If it is 3 years, enter the 01030020000003.
  • If it is 6 years old, enter the 01030020000006.
  • If it is 10 years, enter the 01030020000010.

Once the payment is complete, your receipt will have a digital stamp in the name of the passport holder.

With this part of the process advanced, you can request your appointment through the MEXITEL website if you are outside the country, for the Mexican consulates in Canada, Chile, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, United States, France, Guangzhou, Honduras, Panama, Russia, Shanghai, Sweden, United Kingdom and Tecún Umán.

Some recommendations we give you…
  1. Your passport may not be issued at the moment. That is why we ask for patience if you process it so much in one representative headquarters of Mexico as in a liaison office with the Secretary of Foreign Relations in the national territory.
  2. presents original and copy of all your documents to be able to leave proof of such.
  3. Show up early so they can see you soon.
  4. It’s a Personal processunless you leave a notarized power of attorney for a third party to receive or do the paperwork for you.

It is very important to recognize the legality of the passport, and to know how essential it can be for leave or enter a country. It is therefore not difficult to imagine that many resort to counterfeits to travel illegally, for smuggling and other illicit activities.

That is why you should try to obtain your passport and keep it valid, since the cost is not excessive, nor is the process complicated, as it is issued by the Government of Mexicoand recognized by the rest of the world as the original international identification document to protect you abroad.

This way you can access the benefits of the legality of your stay in any territory, as a tourist or future naturalized citizen.

Tell us, have you already got your passport in Puebla?

Besides of passport in Pueblawe also tell you everything you need to know to get a passport in other cities in Mexico:

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