Requirements to Obtain a Passport in Tijuana: Places and Cost of the Procedure

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Get the passport requires a series of documents, something that requires the corresponding identification entity to process the passport, but it is necessary to be able to get the passport in Tijuana Find out here everything you need to acquire this document in this article!

Passport requirements in Tijuana

How to get the requirement can be done in any part of the Mexican country, you must take into account the passport can be processed for first or join perform a renovation. This is what is needed to process the passport for both cases:

Requirements to obtain the passport for the first time

In this part, the requirements are going to be outlined, and the documents that can be used in each requirement are also explained:

Documents to prove Mexican nationality

To prove Mexican nationality You can use these documents:

  • The birth certificate issued by an entity Civil registration or, failing that, a consular office for people born in another country
  • The naturalization letter Mexican.
  • The declaration of nationality by birth.
  • The nationality certificated mexican.
  • The high security consular registration certificate.
  • The adoption certificate certificate issued by the civil registry (Only for minors)

All these documents must be in original and photocopy

People who have problems with the naturalization letter, rationed with the name must submit the birth certificate together with the naturalization letter.

identity documents

Surely it is thought that only the identity card with your respective copybut these documents that are also valid to be able to process the passport for the first time cannot be:

  • naturalization letter, in original and photocopy.
  • health cardissued by any health center.
  • Document from identification of the IFE for vote.
  • In the case of students, a intern letter.
  • identity card of military service, it must be issued by the secretary of personal defense
  • Certificate of studymust have a Photography From applicant.
  • ISSSTE credentialfor retired people.
  • student cardthis type of identification must have a photograph.
  • Birth certificate for children under 7 years of age. In the mime should appear:
    • Name the signature and seal of the treating physician.
    • Doctor’s ID number.
    • Time in which doctor has been attending the infant.
    • Name of the child’s parents.
    • Photo of the child.
    • Photocopy of the identity card.

The identification of the parents (in the case of minors)

For that case where minors must acquire a passport in TijuanaParents must show an identification document, where it is validated that they really are the parents.

The identification document it can be any of the IDs explained above.

The identification certification of the foreign adoptive parents (for adopted minors)

These are the documents that adoptive parents must submit when they have to process their child’s passport, but these are foreigners. They must deliver the passport either the card of residentcan also be the visiting cardissued by the Migration’s national institute INM.

Here you can see everything about how to get the Mexican Passport.

Proof of payment

It refers to what should be delivered a ticket where the payment is verified of the procedure.

Identification of helpers for the disabled

There are disabled people who must get their passport, but due to their disability they cannot process it alone, they must do it with a trusted person.

Companion must show a document that validates the relationship you have with the person who has the person you are going to accompanyit must also show a ID where it is certified that it is adult.

Requirements to renew the passport

people in Tijuana They also have the right to renew the passport at some point, well when it expires. These are the requirements to renew the passport:

Surrender the expired passport

It is an essential requirement to deliver the expired passportbut he can not

be the passport alone, must have a copy of the page where the data of the holder appears.

Passport renewal fee

This procedure is not free, so you must pay for it, you must have the original proof of payment.

Identity and nationality

As the documents that can be used to validate the identity of a person, as well as how to validate the nationality, have already been explained, it can be any of the documents that have already been mentioned.

Nationality must also be demonstrated as any document issued for the Civil registration or for the Migration’s national institute

Prove filiation in case you are a minor

As minors cannot carry out the procedure, unless they are accompanied by their parents or guardian, it is necessary to show any of these documents to prove that you are related to the minor:

Birth certificatethe can be issued by the Civil registration or by the Consular Office of the country where the minor is from.

The naturalization letter in the event that the minor has already acquired it.

Nationality and accreditation of the parents (For minors)

It is already known that minors should not do the procedure alone, parents or guardians must accompany the infant to get the passport, they must show some document where the identification of the parents or representative is shown.

It can be used the passport either any document where you can see the name and identification number of the minor’s parents.

The documents when the passport is renewed due to loss, theft or deterioration

For this type of unfortunate event, it should be shown a document explaining the unfortunate reason. This requirement must be issued by the competent authorities.

In the event that the unpleasant event has occurred outside of Mexican territory, the letter explaining the details of the fact must be issued by the Mexican consulate of the country where it is located.

Identification of people accompanying the disabled

A document must be shown that reflects the relationship that exists between the companion and the person with the disability, the companion must also show a document with your identification.

How should the passport photograph be?

The passport photograph must have the following characteristics:

  • Have a white background.
  • 4.5cm by 3.5cm size
  • It must be taken as a maximum time of 30 days of validity.
  • The person in the photograph facing forward.
  • You cannot have edits.
  • the face must be in the center of the photo and must not be tilted.
  • Photo to be sharp.
  • The skin color of people must be changed.
  • Children may not appear with any toys, nor should they hold anything.
  • You cannot have any type of bow, hat, headband or any other accessory that decorates the head.
  • The photo must be on photographic paper and in color.
  • It cannot have any kind of shadow.
  • The person taking the photograph cannot laugh and must not show any kind of emotion.
  • The gaze must be direct to the camera, if glasses. The eyes cannot be seen red.

How should the copies of the documents that must be delivered be?

The photocopies must also have certain specifications, which are the following:

  • The sheet where the document is going to be printed must be a letter size sheet.
  • It must not have color.
  • Documents that are double-sided must be done on the same side of the sheet and if possible, another sheet must be used, the same sheet should not be used.
  • The copies must not have any type of stain, erasure, they must be clear and legible.

This is all you need to have to get a passport in Tijuana.

Places in Tijuana where to carry out the procedure

The places where you can get your passport in Tijuana are just two offices, which are:

Headquarters – Tijuana Delegation

Address: Paseo de Los Héroes Avenue, first floor of the Pavilion Shopping Center, Plaza Tijuana, Zona Centro 22010 Tijuana, Baja California.

Telephone: (664) 634-10-01 /10-02/10-04/10-06/10-08.

Oasis Square Office

Address: Plaza Oasis, Boulevard number 2000, Locales 27 and 28, 22236 Tijuana, Baja California.

Telephone: (664) 629-66-60.

Tijuana Passport Cost

In Mexico, people can process the passport for various periods of validity, which have the following cost:

  • 1 year 270 Mexican pesos.
  • 3 years 564 Mexican pesos.
  • 6 years 775 Mexican pesos.
  • 10 years 1,195 Mexican pesos.

The passport may have 50% off for people over 60 years of age, with a demonstrable disability and temporary agricultural workers (with Canada).

In Tijuana you can get a passport without any problem, in addition to the fact that you can use several documents where you can validate the identity, nationality of the applicant, as well as the people who accompany you in any of the cases.

Besides of passport in Tijuanawe also tell you everything you need to know to get a passport in other cities in Mexico:

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