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Are you looking for the Requirements to open a Dental office, You have just entered the indicated portal, keep reading and find out what they are, and how to do it!

Each of our dreams are fulfilled in the way and to the extent that we ourselves are capable of having the precise vision of what is wanted.

This is your perfect moment, don’t miss it and make your dream come true.

What is a Dental Office

A Dental office It is a small place where a variety of dental procedures and oral aesthetics are performed.

This is a place where the dentist meets, together with the assistant, who are responsible for providing good patient care.

The office is made up of a variety of things within it, which are of utmost importance, for the management of the procedures that will be performed.

The Dental officeIt is where you frequently go with a problem with your teeth, either due to caries problems, some oral cleaning, tooth extraction, root canals, wisdom tooth surgery, cosmetic reconstruction of teeth, among other things.

There are clinics where only children are cared for, as well as those that are only for adults.

What are the requirements to open a Dental Office

Are you thinking of starting with a Dental clinic, also wants to be independent.

You have just found the perfect portal, read this article and we will help you in the right way and way.

Here are the necessary requirements to be able to open a Dental clinic.

You must take into account all health regulations, along with legal and other procedures. Let’s see what they are!

Academic Requirements

It is somewhat obvious, but all the requirements are essential for your undertaking in the dental area, having a professional degree in dentistry is of the utmost importance.

Which must be from a power that is endorsed by the Government of México. Therefore the main requirements are two, here we show you what they are:

  • Personal professional title
  • Professional identity card

Always bear in mind that it is better to give all your patients all the peace of mind that you can that a professional in the field is treating them and knows what they are doing.

Fiscal Requirements

Start your business with documents in order is an important mission that you must always keep in mind.

In the México City, It is fully regulated by the Tax Attention service. That is why the first actions that you must take before your body are the following that we are going to mention:

  • Registration in the Federal Register of taxpayers.
  • FIEL this is the Advanced Electronic signature.
  • Digital invoice (current version).

Before the Ministry of Health

The rules NOMS they are known as general general provisions of a technical nature.

Its main objective is to establish a series of rules, specifications, among other things, that must be applied to a product, process and service.

Therefore, you must have the following aspects for surveillance and verification, following the guidelines implemented by the secretary of health:

  • (NOM-004-SSA3-2012) clinical record
  • Prevent oral diseases for each patient.
  • Architectural requirements to be able to give them easy access to disabled people.

Before the Ministry of Finance

The requirements necessary to register with the Federal Taxpayers Registry, they can be found on the Tax Administration Service page.

Here you will provide the link to this page

This works to control the payment of taxes.

All individuals or corporations who carry out any economic activity to pay taxes, have the duty to make their registration in the RFC in a mandatory manner.

Before the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks

The notice of operation and of the health manager of the health services establishment must be entered as long as the company with medical care establishments is not performing surgical or obstetric acts.

The following should be on hand requirements (before COFEPRIS):

Documentary record:

Moral people:

  1. Articles of incorporation or a notarized power of attorney which certifies the legal representative (original and copy)
  2. Official identification of the legal representative (Copy)
  3. Official identification of authorized persons (Copy)

Physical Person:

Official identification of the owner of it (Copy)

Official identification of authorized persons (Copy)

For more information you can contact the web doing click here and get more information about this.

How to open a Dental Office

Mount a own office, This option requires an investment, it is facially recoverable as you begin to consolidate your own clientele.

Previous steps to open a dental office:

1-Crazy Aguilar

This must be located in an area with easy access.

2-Obtain machines, chairs, instruments and equipment in general.

Make a budget for investment and expenses, which includes basic services, rent, electricity, water, decoration and salaries of the personnel you will hire.

3-Register the office, you must process the legal permits to function as a company.

Which you will need to appear as responsible, having to present:

College degree

Go to the Ministry of Health to register your office as a company in the health field.

Once everything is in order, open your office. Remember to offer good service and quality.

What to do in the event of an Inspection

Each of the offices Dental and clinical They are subject to verification to confirm that everything is aligned.

In the event that you present an inspection, you must at all costs avoid fines and penalties.

Let’s avoid these things, and take note of what you should have to consider, below:

  • Essential aspects:

Notice of operations in the office that are visible.

You must have a Health Officer who has a professional title.

In full view of the office there should be hours of the service they offer and the hours of this.

You must have a record of the records with at least up to 5 years old.

It is necessary that you have a daily record of each of the patients.

  • Installations:

There are a variety of patients with different jobs, count on a waiting room and reception minutes for them.

The waiting room must have at least 6 seats

The office must have good ventilation and lighting, whether natural or mechanical artificial.

In the office you should have a Fire Extinguisher, in addition to evacuation routes.

Remember to have signs for them.

It is important to have the hazardous waste management program on hand.

the office must always be neat.

They should have a trash can, bags for them, and always keep it clean.

Thank you for always trusting us

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