Requirements to Open a Dental Office: Investment, Tips and MORE

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Possibly at the moment you are planning to start your own business, you studied Dentistry and you want to achieve the desired financial independence. Keep reading so that you know the Requirements to Open a Dental Office.

You will also find information on the steps to follow to open a legal office, the academic and legal aspects, how much is the investment to open this business, and much more. In this way, you will be able to correctly comply with all Requirements to Open a Dental Office.

Requirements to Open a Dental Office in Mexico

Below are the Requirements to Open a Dental Office:

Fiscal Requirements

To start a business, it is necessary have the documentation up to date. It is a factor that must be borne in mind. Therefore, dental offices in Mexico City are regulated by certain organizations. One of the first steps that must be taken are those detailed below:

Tax Attention Service

  • Carry out the respective registration before the Federal Taxpayers Registry.
  • Manage the Advanced Electronic Signature.
  • Manage the digital invoice in an updated version.

In front of the Ministry of Health

There are a series of standards that are known by the name of NOMS (Official Mexican Standards). And they are basic technical mandates. Its primary purpose is to stipulate a number of standards which must be applied to procedures, services and products.

Meanwhile, the following elements must be in place for supervision and verification, by following the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Health:

  • Clinical report (NOM-004-SSA3-2012).
  • Provide dental conditions for all patients.
  • Architectural requirements, to provide easy entry for disabled patients.

Before the Ministry of Finance

The requirements that are requested to register in the Federal Register of Taxpayers, can be obtained on the website of the Service tax administration. Which can be consulted through the link mentioned above.

One of its functions is inspect the cancellation of taxes. It is important to point out that any natural or legal person that carries out financial activities where taxes are paid. You are obliged to register in the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC).

Before the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks

The health responsibility performance notice of the health services facility. This must be registered when the company with local medical assistance is not performing obstetric or surgical actions. For this procedure, the requirements that must be consigned to COFEPRIS must be within reach.

Steps to Open a Dental Office

To open your own dental office requires an investment. This is easily recovered, while the fixed customers are consolidated. Below we leave you the steps to follow to Open a Dental Office:

  • Rent a place, which must be located in an area where it can be easily reached.
  • Acquire furniture such as: General equipment, chairs, work tools, machines, chairs, among others. A budget must be made in advance to cover expenses. It must include the payment of basic services, rent, electricity, water, telephone, internet, setting. Above all very important the salary of the employees to be hired. You must manage the corresponding legal authorizations to work as a company.
  • Go to the Ministry of Health to register the office as a health sector company.

Having all this diligence ahead of time, the Dental Office can begin to function. Remember provide a quality and professional service first of all. It should be noted that dental offices are subject to inspection, when the relevant body deems it appropriate.

Inspection is applied to verify that all operating conditions are correct. At the time of the inspection, it is important to prevent penalties and fines. For this purpose, it is necessary to take into consideration the following aspects:

Fundamental aspects

  1. The operating announcements of the Dental Office must be fully visible.
  2. Appoint a health manager with a professional title.
  3. As visible as possible you should have in the office the attention schedule, the services provided and the time of each one.
  4. Have a physical space and a technological tool, to protect patient files for a minimum time of 5 years.
  5. Make a daily record of each patient who attends the office.

Dental Office Facilities

  • Patients are very varied, therefore it is essential to have a waiting and reception area just for them.
  • The waiting area must have a minimum of 6 chairs.
  • The space should have optimal lighting and ventilation. Mechanical, natural or artificial.
  • The general office must have a fire extinguisher, apart from evacuation exits for emergencies.
  • The outputs must have the correct signage.
  • Have within reach the program of how toxic waste is used.
  • The Dental Office must be kept clean at all times.
  • Have bins to collect garbage, with their respective bags, and also keep clean.

Academic Aspects

Academic aspects count as Requirements to Open a Dental Office. Therefore, any requirements that are asked to open a business are important. Obviously, for this type of procedure, it is essential to have a degree as a professional in dentistry.

The title must be endorsed by the Mexican Government. Within this area, there are two essential requirements. These are:

  • Have the title as a professional in the dental area.
  • Professional identity card.

It should be considered that patients deserve to feel confident and calm, that the one who cares for them is a professional. That they are totally convinced that this person knows and knows what he is doing.

Legal aspects

To fully comply with the Requirements to Open a Dental Office, it is necessary to have the following requirements at hand (before COFEPRIS):

Documentary Records

For Legal Persons

  1. Original and copy of constitutional Act, or in such case a power of attorney signed by a notary, authorizing him as the legal representative.
  2. A copy of the valid identity document of the legal representative.
  3. Copy of the official identification document of the accredited persons.

For Natural Persons

  1. Official identity document of the owner in copy.
  2. A copy of the valid identification document of the authorized persons.

Investment to Open a Dental Office

Regarding the investment that must be made to open a Dental Office. Some dentists at the end of their studies at the university, have the desire to open your own query. However, at that time they do not know in depth the expenses that can generate that desire to action.

When planning to open a practice, it is essential to be clear about what the money is going to be invested in initially. That is why it is convenient to take into consideration some aspects:

The installations: If you do not have a place at your disposal (a space of your own that you can adapt for this purpose). Then you have to buy or rent a place to fix the query. This site must have an accessible location in every sense, as this will determine the success of your plan.

The Clinical Furniture: They are the furniture required for the office to start working. These range from the dentist chair to the reception desk. Today’s offices prefer a simple setting. Which provides comfort and that in turn both staff and patients circulate in comfort.

Clinical Materials: Besides the furniture, dental material that the dentist uses is essential: latex gloves, masks, instruments, anesthesia, among others.

Technological resources: Every company today must use computing resources to streamline its functions. These resources are: Invoices, appointment control, safeguarding of medical records. In short, it is necessary to have dental management software.

Proceedings: To put a dental clinic to work, like any other company, a series of administrative procedures must be carried out. Certainly, these procedures have a cost. Therefore, it must be budgeted before starting the activities.

Tips for Opening a Dental Office

The world of dentistry today is growing thanks to the profits it generates. And in turn, for the multiple “dental tourism” offers, which is an enterprise that has become economically attractive.

Mexico is a pioneer with regard to “dental tourism.” And it has in its records approximately 3,000,000 million patients from abroad. Who go to dental clinics to get treatments and reviews of their teeth, including to place new ones.

The first thing to do, as mentioned above, is to have an establishment to pass inquiries. And in the same order of importance to have the specific and fundamental instruments to work with professionalism.

That is why it is suggested to stock up with the necessary and sufficient material such as: Spittoons, LED lamps and dental unit lamps, air polisher, X-ray machine, compressor, X-ray scanners. Also ultrasound prophylaxis equipment, aspiration motor, pneumatic, ultrasound tank, apex locator, turbine, micromotor, etc.

Another of the most important aspects is to organize a good structure in terms of experienced dentists. Likewise, with a solid dental training, which you must constantly update through attending seminars and workshops.

One way that can help your business grow is an exciting advertising and promotional strategy. Which can include offers and discounts of any kind and in the most common services.

Therefore, patients also take into account, offices that offer various payment terms. Which allows them to choose the one that fits their situation at the time.

Dental clinics are places that are constantly visited by patients with a condition, both physical and aesthetic. It is an enterprise that provides excellent earnings, therefore, it is wise to know the Requirements to Open a Dental Office.

When people smile, they are well regarded. And who better than you to provide patients with dental services from the simplest to the most complex. Go ahead and meet the requested requirements.

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