Requirements to Open a Preschool: Documents, Costs and More

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In Mexico there are many educational places for children to begin to investigate the world of learning. This has caused many people to become interested in this world, thus originating preschool ventures. If this is the case for you, here in Gestiónalo we will tell you the requirements to open a preschool, what documents to look for, the costs to pay and more.

Starting preschool can be challenging. When a group of founders decides to open a school, they must ensure that their decision is based on sound data and that they have a reasonable understanding of the costs and strategies necessary to successfully open their school. This way you will get better results. long and short term. With nothing more to add let’s get started.

What are the Requirements to Open a Preschool?

In today’s tough market, the need to work smarter and be ready for opening day is critical. There is never a second chance to make a first impression. That is why you will need to have all the requirements up to date to successfully achieve your wish. There are many requirements, We recommend that you take note of each section:

Registering the preschool in the tax registry is the first requirement

Under the law, private organizations cannot open preschools to ensure that the convenience of education does not happen for profit. For this purpose, the law has promulgated that schools must be managed by a company created in accordance with the Law. Therefore, it must have a name and a document to validate the tax registration.

Learn about preschool licensing requirements

Your local government will have rules and regulations governing you as a preschool and small business owner. You will want to strictly adhere to both. Start by looking at the licensing guidelines of educational agencies for preschoolers, and then research your specific state and city. These requirements can be;

  • Opening license
  • Tax certificate to open in residential areas
  • Have tax validation
  • Have an opening tutor
There are more requirements. You can learn more by clicking here.

Put together a steering committee and an educational system

Form a small working committee of capable peers to do the initial work, including parents and highly regarded stakeholders with financial, legal, leadership, real estate, accounting, and construction experience. It is critical to ensure that each member is on the same page regarding vision, public and private.

Eventually, these same members can become your board, so follow an effective board governance process. Use the strategic plan that you will develop later to establish support committees.

Incorporation and tax exemption

Present the incorporation and partnership documents with the corresponding provincial or state agency. Your Steering Committee attorney will take care of this. Establishing incorporation will limit liability in the event of lawsuits, create a stable image, extend the life of the school beyond the founders, and provide an insurable entity.

Your preschooler will need to request Federal tax exemption using IRS Form 1023. An outside attorney should be consulted. File your application for tax exemption as soon as possible with the proper authorities to obtain your non-profit status. You can then start requesting tax deductible donations.

Create a strategic plan

Develop your strategic plan early on, culminating in the further development of your business and marketing plans. This will be your blueprint for how you are going to start and operate your school in the next 5 years. Do not try to do everything in the first 5 years unless you have been lucky enough to find a donor to fund the entire project.

This is your chance to design, step by step, the process for the development of the school. You will determine financial projections and projections, prioritize staffing, programs and facilities in a methodical and measurable manner. It will also keep your Steering Committee on track and focused.

Create a budget and financial plan

Develop your training and 5-year budget based on the objectives of the Strategic Plan and the response to your Feasibility Study. The financial expert on your Steering Committee must take responsibility for this. As always, project your assumptions conservatively.

Must also map the school’s accounting procedures: record keeping, check signing, disbursements, petty cash, bank accounts, record keeping, bank account reconciliation, and audit committee. Your overall budget percentage breakdown might look like this:

  • 65% Salaries and Benefits
  • 10% Admissions and Marketing
  • 5% financial aid (can be 8-11% per day)
  • 15% everything else
  • 5% for financial contingencies

Must have a fundraiser

You need to carefully plan your fundraising campaign. Develop your capital campaign and case statement methodically and then implement it systematically. You should develop a pre-campaign capacity study to determine: how much can be raised in your community or in the area where the preschool will open.

Location and facilities

Find your temporary or permanent school facilities and buy or lease or develop your building plans if you are building your own facilities from scratch. The Construction Committee will lead this task. Check building zoning requirements, class size, fire building codes, and teacher-student ratios, etc.

You should also take into account its mission-vision-philosophy and learning resources. You can also invest in sustainable development to build a green school. To this are added the requirements to open a preschool due to residential processing. However, the tax registry requests the same requirements to open a preschool.

Meet staffing

Through a search process defined by a detailed job profile based on your mission vision, select your School Director and other senior staff. Conduct your search as widely as possible. Don’t just hire someone you know. Write job descriptions, personnel files, benefits, and pay scales for your staff, faculty, and administration.

Secondly, before operating the preschool, You should at least hire a school principal and a receptionist to begin marketing and admissions. Depending on your starting capital, you may also want to hire a business manager, director of admissions, director of development, director of marketing, and department heads.

Affiliate partners and founders

Create your vision and mission statement, guiding core values, and educational philosophy for your preschool. This will drive decision making and will be your beacon. Identify the type of school your market needs and will support, as well as what you as parents want. Ask parents and community leaders for their opinions.

Take your time to put this together because it will guide everything you do, from the School Director and the staff you hire to the facilities you build. Even go out and visit other schools to analyze their programs and buildings. If possible, conduct a feasibility study to support the process of identifying statistical demand, grade by grade, etc.

Documents Needed to Open a Preschool

The school infrastructure can be completed within a period of 6 to 7 months after which school authorities must submit applications for recognition. However, you need to take some time in reconciling the documents which we will mention below, otherwise you will not be able to open your preschool:

  • Admission document
  • Admission form
  • Form of transport
  • Medical template
  • School brochure
  • Fee structure
  • Appointment of staff admission on an invoice
  • Date of admission on paper

Costs of Opening a Preschool in Mexico

The cost of opening a preschool in Mexico varies depending on the location of the preschool. That is, if it is planned to create a preschool or educational agency in the capital of the country, the cost will rise. However, in general terms the amount is $ 2,500 to $ 3,500. In some cases, it reaches $ 7,000 for having many benefits and advantages.

In any case, you will need to find a home for your preschool. Please review your city’s zoning laws and preschool licensing guidelines when making this decision to make sure your location is compatible with your capital or financial status.

What children can Study in a Preschool?

This will depend on the regulations or establishments implemented by the director or founder of the preschool. In most early educational institutions there are no limitations regarding children. However, to begin preschool the child must be 3 or 4 years old.

Still, in general lines there are no requirements or impairments that target specific characteristics for a child’s enrollment in any preschool.

Recommendations for Opening a Preschool

Your success in opening a preschool it will depend on careful management of the startup process. Here are some tips that will explain exactly how to start your own preschool, from writing a business plan and choosing a location, to marketing, hiring, and managing your day-to-day operations:

  • Write a preschool business plan
  • Find a location for your preschool
  • Get insurance for your preschool
  • Prepare your preschool facility
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Prepare your preschool curriculum
  • Search accreditation
  • Market your preschool and search for candidates

What is it?

The preschool is a public or private institution established for the purpose of providing instruction to students in programs for preschool-age children with disabilities, kindergarten programs, or any combination of grades one through twelve.

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