Requirements to Open a Restaurant: Permits, Costs and MORE

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The requirements to open a restaurant, the permits, the operating notice, the start-up costs and other details, will be described in this article. So if you are looking for information to start your business with a gastronomic establishment, keep reading.

For all those people who want to start and start a new business plan, there are many ideas to start an interesting and emotional project. For example, food establishments or restaurants are one of the most innovative options, since they allow working with different options for the public.

In addition, current restaurants must be versatile, strategic, profitable and, if possible, be throughout the Mexican territory, through the franchise model.

What are the Requirements to Open a Restaurant?

The requirements to open a restaurant in Mexico there are basically seven (7), in the same way it is recommended to validate with the civil authorities of the municipality in each region. Each of the requirements are mentioned and described below:

Land use permit.

This requirement is one of the more important for the start of the restaurant. This permit is requested in the municipal offices of each region. But with regard to Mexico City, it is processed in the delegations or in the office of the secretariat of urban development.

The costs associated with this permit and other requirements, will be subject to the regulations of each state. In this sense, it is very necessary to find out about this information before requesting the appointment for the procedure.

Likewise, it is important to know that this procedure is delayed approximately 5 business days. This permit is valid for 2 years but the renewal process is simple.

Announcement or declaration of commencement of commercial establishment.

East opening announcement it occupies the second place of importance in the entire process, before the establishment’s activities begin and it is also free. The procedure is carried out at the one-stop shop for delegations or at the municipal offices of the region.

The best thing about this process is that do not have to wait long time for delivery, as it is immediate.

Licenses for operation.

This requirement is mandatory for restaurants that wish to have a permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages. So if one of the objectives of the establishment is to offer alcoholic beverages, it is definitely essential that this license be obtained as soon as possible.

It is important to know that the cost associated with this permit may change depending on the state where the establishment is located. The cost is estimated between six thousand pesos ($ 6,000) and twelve thousand pesos ($ 12,000). This permit will be valid for three years.

Exterior notice

Disclosure or restaurant promotion It will be subject to the advertising campaign carried out in the locality and its surroundings. That is why the importance of promoting the establishment.

As well as other permissions, this can be done in offices of the municipality of each region or state. Likewise, the price and the delay to obtain this authorization will depend on each state.

A detail to consider when advertising the restaurant is that in some regions ban glossy ads and in several cities they classify some as indecent.

Registration in the federal taxpayer registry

This requirement is mandatory for any establishment. It consists of informing the Secretary of the Treasury of the registration of the restaurant or establishment.

It is suggested in many cases, perform before this step the registration of the company in the secretariat of economy of the region. However, the finance department can be notified up to a month after the restaurant opens.

Fire plan.

This permit contemplates having all components Essential in the event of a catastrophe, for example: an earthquake, a fire or a blackout. That is why the authority requires that the owners of the establishment have:

  • A fire extinguisher.
  • Indications of routes or emergency exits for a possible evacuation of the premises.
  • Emergency lights, among others.

It is because of that possibly the authority request to the manager a plan or instruction manuals so that the personnel are informed of what to do in cases of emergency. For example, how to evacuate the restaurant if a natural disaster or fire occurs.

Health measures.

In this case government delegates they review well the hygiene conditions of establishments of this type, especially the kitchen and bathroom areas. It is part of the healthiness that the service must provide to customers and restaurant staff.

In this sense it is important to take in Note that when dealing with food sales, the demands increase. That is why the importance of having a smoke extractor or kitchen hood in a restaurant, for example.

Requirements to Open a Restaurant. Permissions to Open a Restaurant

Permits to open a restaurant in Mexico are part of the requirements to open a restaurant. They are mentioned below:

  1. Land use permit.
  2. Announcement or declaration of commercial commencement.
  3. License to operate.
  4. Exterior notice.
  5. Enrollment in the federal taxpayer registry.
  6. Contingency plan in the event of a claim.
  7. Health provisions.

Requirements to Open a Restaurant. Operation Notice

As well as other permissions, this can be done in offices of the municipality of each region or state. Likewise, the price and the delay to obtain this authorization will depend on each state.

A detail to consider when advertising the restaurant is that in some regions ban glossy ads and in several cities they classify some as indecent.

Once permission is obtained, the disclosure or restaurant promotion, It will be subject to the advertising campaign carried out in the locality and its surroundings. That is why the importance of promoting the establishment.

Requirements to Open a Restaurant. Costs of Opening a Restaurant

The investment necessary for Starting a business is another requirement to open a restaurant, since it will be subject to several additional factors to the legal requirements, which are detailed below:

Identification of the Brand or name of the Restaurant

This factor involves the creation of techniques and activities that produce a location offline or on-line of the business. The investment in this regard goes according to some elements such as: The graphic, technical, creative quality, quantity of proposals. In addition, the amount of elements to be generated, capacity of the market to which the service or product is directed.

Legal procedures

The costs for obtaining The permits to open a restaurant in Mexico, as well as the procedures for registering the company, are subject to the laws of each state.

Legal advice

Possibly necessary hiring an advisor legal to carry out the proceedings of permits and registrations. Especially if it is the first business and you do not know the necessary procedures very well. In this sense, the list of costs should include the payment of a lawyer. Therefore, when hiring this service, the following should be considered: The time, experience and professional fees of the advisor.

Personal expenses

According to statistical data issued by specialists in the field, about 53% of entrepreneurs state that having a well-trained and quality staff is the main concern when the business grows. These expenses must include statutory labor benefits, such as salary, social security, and vacations and others.

General expenses

Refers to permanent expenses that the restaurant will have, regardless of the number of sales they have. You should know that not all costs are functional. The following should be taken into account: Water, gas, maintenance costs, electricity, advertising expenses, repairs, telecommunications, insurance, among others.


This service is a essential requirement for any company. For this reason, it is an expense apart from the fixed ones. Especially if a lot of the restaurant’s activities are done online. Therefore, some aspects must be taken into account: Functions that require an internet connection, the number of computers that will be connected at the same time and the activity of the company.

In addition to this, HD television can be included to promote advertising or entertain customers in waiting moments.

Different Telecommunications Services

It is essential to have a Telephone service, with the aim of staying in contact with suppliers and customers.

Restaurant management software or application

They are services that provide tools to manage in the cloud, they are key to the administrative and accounting management of companies today. They contribute to reducing expenses, hiring plans by use and free online presentations.

Digitized Marketing

Refers to based instruments in the study and use of information, for the online and offline positioning of the trademark.

Requirements to Open a Restaurant. Tips for Opening a Restaurant in Mexico

  1. If the goal is to open a successful restaurant, it is necessary to carry out a market study. This will allow to define the viability of the project through: The characteristics of the area, the tastes of the diners, evaluation of the competition, economic availability, the logistics of supplies, among other things.
  2. It is also necessary to determine the customer characteristics objective: The type of diner, which will allow to establish strategies to impress the target customer. It is not the same to serve a gourmet type food consumer than to serve a fast food consumer.
  3. The cost estimate to open the restaurant and start it up. This implies the furniture, kitchen equipment and the preparation of the premises, the rental or purchase of the premises, inputs for the preparation of the menu, among other things.
  4. It’s very important estimate expenses for: staff, of communication services (telephone, internet) to be in contact with suppliers and clients; of the application to control orders, payments and accounting, among other things.
  5. It is also necessary determine where they will be sourced from the resources to start the business: with own resources or by financing ?.
  6. The profitability of the business is a key estimate and necessary, as it will define the success of the restaurant.
  7. Having all this information, the investor must sit down to do accounts. However, if you are not ready to open the restaurant yet, you can validate that you have all the clear points regarding the expenses and the requirements to open a restaurant.

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