Requirements to Open a School: Steps, Investment and MORE

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If you are considering self-education here are the Requirements to Open a School in Mexico.

Starting an educational venture is a great task, which implies a series of sacrifices and total commitment to achieve good results. For this reason, here you will be able to know everything related to the academic field.

Although it is a long road, it will always be wonderful to achieve it and be able to be useful to the country and the world. Stay with us and we will explain what you need to start practicing in this great and respected work.

What are the Requirements to Open a School in Mexico?

After you have made the final decision and want to get on with that purpose, you should review what are the Requirements to open a School in Mexico.

You should take into account what is presented below:

  • In principle you must get the permission to teach studies, by means of a request in original and a copy. The request must include the identification data of the person making the request and the address.
  • Indicate the shifts for the study program.
  • You must also indicate the gender of who will be the students of the school.
  • It must present a shortlist of possible names that the educational establishment will carry, which are not registered as trademarks and commercial names.
  • It must also indicate a motto, historical fact or famous phrase in Spanish. Avoid everything related to religious creeds, neither place the title or degree to the characters.

The request must be signed by those legally responsible and must incorporate the annexes following:

Management and teaching staff

The corresponding authorities are required to review and verify the professional and academic profile of the management and teaching staff of the new school. The following should be indicated in the annex:

  • Name, nationality, sex, position to be held.
  • Evidence of the studies carried out.
  • Show the professional card number or any document that serves to prove the preparation of the same.
  • Experience as a managerial or teaching staff.
  • Also, indicate name, address, monthly income, working hours, the birth certificate of each one.

Requirements for the technical director, teaching staff and physical education:

If they are foreigners, they must verify that they have the immigration status to perform functions in the country. The technical director must be a normalista teacher graduated from an official normal school or also a graduate in primary education.

In the case of the physical education teacher, they must have a bachelor’s degree or have the sports coach certificate issued by the National Sports Commission (CONADE). Also have a three-year experience.

Likewise, it must be recorded that there are the means to provide first aid.


The facilities must be suitable for providing primary education, It must facilitate the learning and teaching process and that it has the conditions required in the annex.

These spaces and environments must have good lighting and adequate ventilation to the environment, with sanitary services and drinking water.

Data that must be indicated regarding the facilities:

  • The location, phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • The legal document occupation of the property and the accreditation document with structural security.
  • Indicate the square meters of construction.
  • Also indicate the number of classrooms, the capacity, the dimensions of the classrooms, the ventilation and lighting.
  • Likewise, indicate the number of cubicles, function, dimensions, capacity, lighting and ventilation.
  • Demonstrate the number of administrative areas, the type of sports facilities and the medical facility and equipment available.
  • Expose the number of sanitary areas and specifications.
  • Likewise, present the structural safety certification, indicate if it meets the minimum standards.
  • Indicate all the data according to the type of property owned, leased, in loan, and all the corresponding documentation.

On the other hand, all the dimensions of the classrooms, the number of doors, data of the auditoriums, libraries, stairs, corridors, corridors, toilets, drinking fountains, patios, lighting, ventilation must be indicated.

According to the regulations, the Plans and study programs must be presented.

Steps to Open a School

Reviewing the Requirements to open a School The steps to establish an educational institution can be seen here.

The educational system in Mexico has declared to be in crisis due to structural problems, many students, few classrooms, lack of teachers, among others. That is why starting a primary education institution can be a business currently considered profitable and become a possible solution for many families. Steps to consider:

Basic steps


A institution record As if it is a company, this must be done before the state agencies responsible for the educational area. You must go to these entities in charge and determine the procedures and processes to be carried out.


The corresponding public entity such as the Ministry of Education, will grant the authorization for the school to function according to the norms and Mexican laws. They are long and somewhat cumbersome procedures due to the amount of documents and certifications that must be presented, but otherwise they are impossible to continue.


Without a doubt, it is something essential when it comes to undertaking with an educational institution. It counts the location, the space, the number of classrooms, spaces for recreation and the entire sanitary aspect.


To obtain the due authorization, one of the requirements mentioned above is to present the team that will make up the educational institution and therefore those who make up the management team.

Likewise, it must be demonstrated that they possess the skills, competencies and training conducive to the project they are undertaking.

Additional steps

Institutional Project

Even when it is a primary school and whose north is education and they must train, instruct and educate, it is important to have an institutional project.

So they have to address any global, environmental, regional issue. That is, after starting school, it must become an institution that promotes the development of the community and that families join as well.


To form the team of teachers, those who, in addition to their basic training, can give training in other areas such as dance, theater, cooking, languages, in short, extra subjects that improve the school’s curricular program must be selected.


It should be noted what the school offers in terms of additional chairs, schedule, prices, extracurricular activities. All of this is part of the appeal of a family selecting a school.

Fees to pay

Consideration should be given to what the school offers, location, school safety, as well as knowing what kind of community it has to attract and how much they may be willing to pay.

Obstacles to consider

The delay in the procedures and the collection of all the documentation to be presented to the authorities.

Also to take into account the investment to carry out, is generally high and it is recommended to have an adequate business plan that allows knowing the capital required initially. Take into account the conditioning that must be carried out in the area where the school will operate.

Authorization to Teach Primary Studies

According to the Requirements to open a School authorization required to open basic education schools in Mexico, the process requires the delivery of the following documents:

  • Deliver the authorization request with annexes mentioned above in original and copy.
  • Make the delivery of the proof of payment of the rights to join the system educational.
  • Likewise, deliver the certification or proof of the soil, where the school will operate and the current Structural Safety certificate with the safety and operation approval.
  • Also deliver the document of accreditation of legal occupation of the property, either through ownership, lease or loan.
  • Also, deliver the documentation of those responsible for the educational project.

Pay the cost of the procedure of the application for authorization to start a primary school, is an approximate amount of 1,195.00 Mexican pesos.

To carry out the authorization request process, you have two forms:


You must go to the official site that corresponds to you. The General Directorate of Educational Services Operations, Directorate of Incorporation of Private Schools and Specific Projects. These offices are located in Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City. To communicate by phone at 36018799 extension 49450.

Likewise, in the General Directorate of Technical Secondary Education in the Subdirectorate of Technical Secondary Schools in the Federal District, in the Cuauhtémoc Center, Mexico City. The telephones are 36011000 extension 43309.

Likewise, you can go to the General Directorate of Educational Services Iztapalapa in the Subdirectorate of Incorporation of Private Schools, Barrio San Pedro, Mexico City. The telephone numbers are: 36017100 extension 46542.


The virtual procedure is much easier. Therefore, for your comfort here we leave you a link so you can do it on your own.

Investment to Open a School

According to Requirements to open a School, what is indicated is to have an established budget for the school. Expenses, rents, licenses, permits, hiring of teachers, staff, and business consultant should be planned. In addition to marketing, promoting the school.

Research other schools in the area to review budgets, to get some idea of ​​the annual costs of the school.

Starting a school is an expensive project, the average investment is approximately 800,000 Mexican pesos.

If the school is to be operated with the intention of profit, the income must mostly come from student payments. In other words, this point is important and be very cautious when establishing enrollment and monthly payments, taking into account the area, the competition with other schools, and the contributions it may offer to students.

If you plan to apply for financing, you must demonstrate the business plan to potential investors. Likewise, in the event that it is not for profit, it will be required to seek contributions and donations for the operation of the school.

Legal Aspects to Take into Account to Open a School

According to Requirements to open a School, the legal aspects of undertaking with an educational institution of primary education, in principle we find that the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico, Article 3 after the Reform of November 12, 2002.

Likewise, the State Education Law, Article I, Section XI, number 77, 78, 81, 82. Likewise, the Internal Regulations of the Secretary of State Education in its Article 10 and Sections XXVI, XXVII, XXX.

We must also include the Agreement 243, which establishes the general basis for the authorization or license of validity of the studies, published in the Federal Official Gazette dated March 26, 1999.

The Agreement 254, where the procedures, steps and procedures related to the authorization to teach primary education, published in the Federal Official Gazette dated May 26, 1998 are determined and established.


Having reviewed all the important aspects of complying to start a school in this article, now it is time to attend to some tips.

Starting a primary school in Mexico, even though it is a difficult and time-consuming project. It must be done with passion and enthusiasm, remembering that the reward will be those children who will change their lives for the better.

  • It is a money-making business, but don’t expect too much, as the most important thing is the education the school will provide.
  • It is a project to which you have to dedicate everything for everything, they must be committed and focused on educational work.
  • You must be aware of all legal matters.
  • You should hire staff approximately 18 months before opening.
  • Make presentations to community groups and promote the school.
  • Create a school website and put up promotions and an email where suggestions can come.
  • Stick to the budget and seek investors.
  • You must have a clarity for the mission of the educational institution.
  • Private schools have a good academic record, it is recommended to expand the chairs that will be offered, including art, dance, theater, music, among others.

Now that you’ve met all the Requirements to open a school In Mexico, be encouraged to carry out a mission as beautiful and commendable as starting a school.

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