Requirements to Open an Account in Banamex: Types, What is it and MORE

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The National Bank of Mexico, that is to say, Banamex, It is one of the most important entities in America. It offers the best services and in this article you will know the Requirements to Open an Account in Banamex As this entity is, the banamex accounts are detailed among other information of interest.

Have a banamex account brings many benefits and also Banamex has different types of accounts, allowing you to choose the ideal one for you. Do not stay without reading this content, know everything you need to know to open your banamex account and discover more about this prestigious institution.

What are the Requirements to Open an Account at Banamex?

Banco Banamex offers its clients the best way to open an account, providing an easy and simple process, in which it is necessary to comply with a certain amount of RRequirements to Open an Account in Banamex. In this section of this article you will know the necessary requirements, which are expressed in the following list:

  • The applicant must present the personal identification document, which must be valid. Submit original and copy.
  • Present a document that proves the domicile address. Said voucher must be issued for a maximum of three months.
  • It is necessary that the person to process the opening of the account be at least 18 years old, that is, that he or she is of legal age.
  • Bank and personal references.

These are the essential requirements for all Banamex accounts, however depending on the type of account to be opened, they may have other additional requirements.

Banamex accounts

The Banamex accounts They are the best option, because this financial institution is one of the most solid banks in the American continent and the procedures to be carried out are very simple. It offers a variety of products and services, different types of accounts that are perfectly adapted to the requirement of each client.

Banamex Account Types

In this part of the content, we are going to explain more about the accounts offered by Banco Banamex, so that you can find out and thus choose the best option for you.

Master account

The Banamex Master AccountIt is a type of savings account offered by this financial institution, which allows you to ensure and dispose of your paid capital when the account holder requires and wishes. In order to apply to this account, the applicant must have reached the age of majority, that is, be at least 18 years old.

It will also be necessary to supply a series of documents, which are:

  • Requirements to Open an Account in Banamex
  • It does not have a minimum opening amount, it charges a commission of $ 500 Mexican pesos per month. If the client maintains an average of $ 100,000 Mexican pesos per month, the aforementioned commission is exonerated.

The holder will be able to obtain several benefits, such as preferential attention, reimbursement in case of purchases abroad, can receive bonuses of $ 2 dollars for using ATMs that are outside the citi network, among other benefits.

Checking Account in Dollars

This account offered by Banamex, is intended for those who live on the border of the country and works by issuing checks. In order to have one, the following requirements must be supplied:

  • Requirements to Open an Account in Banamex.
  • Issue the Federal Taxpayers Registry.
  • The account must be opened with a minimum opening, the amount of which is $ 70 US dollars.

Base Account

The Banamex Base AccountIt is a type of savings account, which is aimed at the general public, offers the client to obtain total disposition of the money at any time, and has no commission of any kind.

This account is managed with a debit card, and can be used as a payroll account. To apply to the base Banamex Account, the Requirements for the Banamex Account must be issued.

Payroll Account

This account is intended for those people who want their monthly income to be received in Banamex. It should be noted that this account does not charge commissions, it can be requested through Bancanet or also by going to one of the bank’s offices or headquarters.

You have the option to withdraw money in cash, check your account statement and keep abreast of your finances at Banamex.

The card corresponding to this account is international, allowing the customer to buy inside and outside the country. Payroll Account, Requirements for Banamex Account must be provided.

Professional Master Account

This Banamex account is for those who wish to manage and direct their company, it is a great instrument for entrepreneurs. It is an account that has high security, has an electronic signature, checks handling without limits, among more benefits.

To apply to this account, the following requirements must be met:

  • Essential requirements for opening a Banamex account.
  • In case of being a foreigner, present the immigration document.
  • Issue two personal references.
  • Be registered as a natural person with business activity.
  • Cancel the minimum amount to open the account, the amount of which is $ 5,000 Mexican pesos

My Banamex Account

My banamex account It consists of an instrument aimed at children under 12 years of age. Its objective is that parents can save for the future of their children.

The following requirements must be met for this account:

  • The child must be 12 years of age or older.
  • Identification document of both parents or representatives.
  • Proof of address.
  • Present the child’s birth certificate.
  • Issue the minimum opening amount, which is $ 300 American pesos.

Basic Account

The basic Banamex account It is intended for young people, so that they can begin to manage their finances. This account has a debit card, which can be used in many establishments and many benefits can be obtained.

In case you want to apply to this banamex account option, it is necessary to issue the requirements that are presented below:

  • The allowed age for this account is 12 and 13 years old.
  • Parent identification.
  • Issue some proof of address. In this case you can use utility bills for electricity, water, etc.
  • Immigration document, if applicable.
  • Minors’ birth certificate.

Banco Banamex page

The page of Banco Banamex It is a very useful tool for the banamex client and user. This web medium allows access to all the information that the financial institution directs to its clients, in addition to being able to carry out numerous operations and procedures easily and simply.

In its menu of options, you will be able to access banamex products, its services, learn more about the promotions offered by this bank, as well as browse online banking and apply for a credit card.

In this sense, it is a great help for the user. If you have an account within this system, that is, you already have a username and password, then you will be able to check your account statement, make operations in your banamex account and much more. And in the case of not having it, you can still have access to favorable options that can benefit your life.

To access the Banco Banamex page, you can click here.

Benefits of Opening an Account at Banamex

In this section we will learn more about the benefits and advantages of having a Banamex account. It is important to note that this institution is recognized for its stability and excellent management throughout its history, because it guarantees the best results and great benefits for the client.

Banamax, offers a wide coverage, excellent attention and service, security in all procedures and processes. Among its benefits we can mention the following:

  • You can apply to some of the Banamex promotions, and to the pre-sales of tickets with the card.
  • Through your banamex account you can make the payments corresponding to the services of water, electricity, and telephone.
  • You can manage through Online Banking 24 hours a day.
  • You can choose the banamex account that best suits your needs.
  • Backup and security offered by the financial institution.

What is Banamex?

The National Bank of Mexico, better known as Banamex, is a financial institution of multiple banking, which has its main headquarters in the Mexican capital, that is, Mexico City. This institution belongs to the Grupo Financiero Banamex.

It was founded on June 2, 1984, today it is recognized as the third largest Mexican bank, it stands out for its good management throughout its history.

Bnamex focuses on providing the best services and products in order to promote the development and growth of the country, favoring Mexican citizens and society.


Banamez focuses on being the most reliable institution for the client in financial matters, so it always aims to improve and innovate to favor the user.


To become the financial intermediary with the most commitment to the Mexican people, innovating in investment plans, advancing and growing to offer the best to the client.


Banamex works day by day to be and continue to be a pillar and a source of trust, security and stability in each of the operations and procedures of Banamex clients.

Meet the Requirements to Open an Account in Banamex and be successful in your opening process.

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