Requirements to Pay Property: Documents, Amounts and MORE

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Enjoying being a property owner is a right of Mexican citizens, therefore you must know the Requirements to Pay Property, where you will find the details about it.

Just as Mexicans have the right to acquire properties, they also have the duty to contribute to the municipality by honoring the payment of the taxes that correspond to them.

It is therefore that in this article you will find the information you need to keep the property obligation up to date and avoid penalties for ignorance.

What are the requirements to pay for property?

The Requirements to Pay Property are the ones mentioned below.

Taxpayers pensioners, retirees ISSSTE or the elderly:

  • They must present identification.
  • Pensioner credential.
  • The last receipt of the property payment.

To have a 50% discount should have the following:

  • Identification in original and copy.
  • Have proof of address.
  • Present the Curp.

If you are a spouse, attach the following:

  • A copy of the Marriage Certificate.

To have a 40% discount being a Trade must have the following:

  • Photocopy of the Treasury.
  • The photocopy of the last payment of the Income Tax.
  • Present proof of address.
  • Deliver the identification in original and in copy.

If it is a lease must also attach:

  • Photocopy of the contract.
  • Also the copy of the electronic invoice.
  • Identification of the tenant and the landlord in original and copy.

For people with social housing (IVEG, INFONAVIT, ISSEG, FOVISSSTE):

  • Certified proof of ownership granted at the Directorate.
  • Completed application form.
  • Present voter credential.
  • Also the last property receipt.
  • Deliver a water bill.
  • Likewise, a proof of electricity.
  • Also, the mortgage document.

Important: all documentation must be delivered in original and copy.

Documents Requested to Pay Property

Following with the Requirements to pay Property, This procedure does not require any documentation, as it is a procedure that is generally done online.

However, the following documents must be submitted online, in case of being a pensioner, retired or elderly:

  • Identification of the payer.
  • Credential in case of being a pensioner.
  • Last receipt of property payment.

Likewise, for each particular case, attach the documentation mentioned above in the requirements to pay property.

Where is the procedure done?

Following the Requirements to pay Property, These are the ways to carry out the procedure.

If you are located in municipalities that carried out the Collaborative Administration Agreement in relation to Public Finance, which is also an agreement with the Government of the State of Mexico. This agreement was made to carry out the inspection and collection of the Property Tax.

You can then make the corresponding payment of the property tax, directly by entering the web page Taxpayer Services: property payment.

Subsequently, a payment form is generated and from there you go to the authorized collection sites or continue doing it online with your credit card. There are three thousand authorized collection sites, thus facilitating the process.

Now if you are located in a municipality that does not have a collaborative administration and finance agreement, to be able to make the payment of the property tax. Then you can go to Treasury and Cadastre Offices of the city.

Likewise, in self-service stores, in some pharmacy chains, at the bank box office, by bank transfer, in department stores or on the portal of the City Council of your municipality. It is up to you to review the options available on the site you live in.

How is the Amount to Pay Property Calculated?

Following the Requirements to pay Property, the calculation for the property tax meets the aforementioned conditions:

  • According to the location of the property.
  • According to the value of the soil.
  • Also, the amount of construction.
  • The type of property.
  • The surface area of ​​the land.
  • Also, the surface of the construction.

As you can see, the property tax is calculated taking into account the cadastral value of the property, which takes some aspects such as location, type and size of land.

To do the Land Value calculation three types are considered:

  • The so-called Value Area, which are a group of houses in the same area and have similar characteristics in their infrastructure or also in public services. These groups can be single-family houses, condominiums, commercial premises, among others.
  • Then there is the Enclave of Valor, which are groups of properties with identical location, but with different characteristics and different value.
  • And the so-called Value Broker, which are located either on a main avenue or busy thoroughfare.

To perform the Construction Value calculation:

After making the calculation of the value of the land, the appraisal of the construction is required to calculate the property tax of a property and the following aspects are taken into consideration:

  • Depending on the type of property, whether it is a residential, industrial or residential home.
  • According to the number of floors that the construction and the property have.
  • The area of ​​the land.
  • Because of the size of the construction.
  • Also, according to the age of the property or property.

Once you have the data from the previous calculations, the Revenue Law of the municipality where it is located is reviewed, since there is a list of rates to make the payment depending on the square meters of the area, property, type of construction, topography conditions, public services and equipment.

Regarding the establishment of rates, they are not always adequate, because the fact that these are high, the tax may not necessarily be as well. Because it depends on the cadastral value, if this value is similar to that of the market or rather far from it.

This is due to various anomalies in the determination of property valuations by the appraisal method used, which is not the most appropriate and therefore does not yield an amount adjusted to reality.

This approach is important because the collection of the property tax is an additional inflow of resources to municipal finances. Therefore, the municipality must make the necessary adjustment to collect more resources for the municipalities and their citizens.

The property tax belongs to the municipality, what happens is that in certain cases the collection is concentrated in federal entities or also in the political and economic centers of the states, losing part of the benefits that the tax should bring to the municipality.

Web page

The taxpayer can use the state government portal for the payment of services to the municipality and the payment of taxes. The available page is as follows: property payment

What is it?

The Property Payment is basically a tax that has to be paid to the municipality every year, in the first two months of the year.

It is a payment that must be made by all property owners, either an apartment, house, land or building. In other words, it is a tax applicable to all the properties that are owned, this may vary according to the location and size.

The so-called property tax is as significant as other taxes, which for the calculation consider certain particularities of the land, of the house, among other external characteristics that will be determined by a cadastral appraisal.

This property tax seeks to raise resources for Invest in the community, providing better living conditions with the resources collected. It is a payment that can be made in the service modules that are stationed in different parts of the city.

The property tax is used to repair and build roads, parks, condition, expand electrical systems, install lighting, also in aid programs, remodeling of properties belonging to the cultural heritage and promoting culture.

Likewise, these resources are used for urban development, to optimize the conditions of the municipality’s services. Likewise, the washing and installation of the sewage system, in short, the remodeling of public spaces.

In many municipalities to legalize the acquisition of a property and then be able to pay the corresponding taxes, the owner must register the property with the Public Registry of Property and Commerce, better if it does so in the presence of a Notary Public.

Subsequently, you must go with the property document, the construction plan and sketch of the land to the Cadastral Directorate of the municipality where the property is located.

You are already aware of what is required to pay this property tax, after having read the Requirements to pay Property. If you have not done so, get up to date with the municipality and avoid fines and penalties, also take advantage of discounts by being up to date with payments.

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