Requirements to publish a scientific article: How the article should be

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The search for the truth and the origin of everything that surrounds us It is one of the things that characterizes the human being. As the years go by, have made scientific discoveries that have shaped the world as we know it today.

For the humanity science is represented as an important aspect to know many aspects of our lives. In addition to being one of the entities in charge of improving the quality of life and demonstrating why it should be improved.

At the same time explains many things that were previously unknown for the people. While it is true that this area is made up of people with a developed IQ, anyone can be part of this important area.

That is why today we will show you the most practical and easy way to publish your scientific article and not fail in the attempt. In addition to helping you so that you can make yourself known within this medium and be part of this great and necessary team.

Requirements to publish a scientific article

To start the subject in question, it is highly relevant that you know in depth all the general aspects that you must have to process it. Below we will detail the requirements that you must take into account when processing it:

  • Authors must be present at the time of Offering.
  • Copyright license duly processed.
  • The article must have a maximum of five authors.
  • This must contain good bases or support for the approval of the same.

The requirements just cited they are general aspects that are indispensable within a scientific article. However, there is currently no documentation necessary for an article other than the one requested to publish it and it will depend on the site you go to.

How the article should be

Like almost all texts, a scientific article must contain certain criteria required by the different existing methodologies to write them. These are very varied and are adapted to the criteria of the author who designed them, but there are certain characteristics that must be essential such as these:

  • It must be written in a transparent, clear and simple way.
  • All the results of the experiments that are carried out must be valid and reliable.
  • These must be completely original unless they follow the continuity of another article.
  • It must be a formal, public, controlled and firmly ordered article.
  • Maintain scientific rigor and logical character throughout the writing.
  • Establish a close relationship with Ethics.
  • It must be dedicated to a scientific problem.

This and other aspects should be taken into account when writing the scientific article. It should be noted that these are the main ones despite the fact that there is a very varied list of parameters.

How should the format be

On the other hand, the format to be presented is established within certain drafting parameters that it will maintain some fluidity and clarity within the article. It should be noted that these may vary depending on the format model chosen by the author.

Generally, the format of an article should be presented as follows:

  1. Title: has to be brief, exactly and perceptible. it must be brief, accurate and noticeable. We advise that the focus of the article be written later. This can be written in two ways: informative or indicative.
  2. Summary: this must make the reader may examine the content fundamental of the job. It must be approximately 250 words long and must be written in the past tense, unlike the latest paragraph which should be definitive.
  3. Introduction: is the exposition of a proposal, from reason for which the job and exposes the achievement what does he have in him text scientific. Jointly, has to contain previous jobs Referrer to the text and the arguments that constitute the idea of the investigation.
  4. Material and methods: on is part I know argues to proposal how has Elaborated the Article. Within this aspect, the design, population, environment, interventions and statistical analysis must be specified.
  5. Results: Here are the conclusions and tables and graphs that show the results of the investigation.
  6. Bibliography: This can be optional, it will depend on the publisher or where you want to publish your article.

UAA Research and Science Journal

The Research and Science Journal of the Aguascalientes Autonomous University is a printing company in charge of publishing various articles at the student level. In addition to containing various sections for various topics.

These are generally composed of different sciences such as: agricultural, natural and exact sciences, health, engineering and technologies, economic, social and humanities.

At the same time has a web portal where all the volumes that this magazine has published over the years are offered. In addition to offering it in a practical and digitized way for all the requirements of the readers who wish to acquire it.

Criteria for posting

Corroborating what has been mentioned above The publishing process for these articles is usually not that straightforward. If you have perseverance and perseverance, you will be able to carry out your procedure quickly and accurately.

Continuing with this we want to show you which are the criteria that you must follow to publish your article:

  • When doing so, you must bear in mind that it must go through different correction processes.
  • You must agree with the editors and reviewers to keep your position and ideas clear in the article.
  • The draft of this article must pass the processes of constructive criticism. As long as the subject and the objective of the article do not change, certain agreements must be reached.
  • The entire manuscript should be reviewed, not just the parts noted by the reviewers.

What should my training be to publish in scientific journals

To end It is important to emphasize that each profession opens a wide path of opportunities for you. It only remains for personal criteria is to be able to apply it in our daily lives to obtain the personal growth that we need or want to achieve.

We advise our readers that if they want to be part of this group of people they simply must have a training commensurate with this aspect. That is, to provide the user with the necessary knowledge and train him to carry out these types of activities.

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