Requirements to Put a Modelorama: Documents, Web and MORE

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Great companies start by taking small steps to become what they are. However, we are all afraid of investing in something, therefore placing a Modelorama is a great opportunity to start a profitable business and thus undertake. To achieve this, it is necessary to know the requirements to put a model branch.

In this article, you will be able to inform yourself and know each of the necessary documents, how the process is carried out and much more about this store.

You can also have some tips and recommendations so that the process of put a model frame be a success. Stay to read this content and learn how to do it.

What are the Requirements to Put a Modelorama?

Put a Modelrama, It is an easy and simple process, in order to do it, it is necessary to meet some requirements, which consist of a series of documents.

There are also some requirements that must be met, with respect to the characteristics of the premises, which are: Use of commercial land, be up to date with service payments, and that it is well located, with easy access.

Documentation Needed to put a Modelorama

Below in the following list, each of the documents necessary for the process are presented:

  • The applicant must issue their official identification document. It must be presented both in original and in copy. You can present the valid INE credential.
  • You must present a document that proves the address and location of the domicile of the transferring person. To do this, you must present a proof of address, which can be a letter of residence, a receipt for services, such as electricity or water.
  • Another requirement is to present a document clearly stating the bank account statement with CLABE Interbancaria. Submit a copy of the document.
  • You must issue the title deed of the premises you own.
  • Present the current lease receipt.
  • A copy of the commercial land use document is required.
  • Present a copy of the property payment, which must be in current status.
  • You must also supply a copy of the water payment and a copy of the electricity payment voucher.
  • Present a simple sketch of the location of the premises.
  • It is necessary to supply the size of the land, in square meters.
  • Last but not least, the amount of the rent must be issued.

Each of these requirements are important and necessary, that is why all of them must be met, thus avoiding problems and delays in the process of putting a model framework.

Modelorama Website

All the information about the process to assemble and operate a model frame is found within the Modelorama web system, which is a site where you can find much more useful and necessary information.

To enter this official site, you can enter here. When accessing, the system will ask you to enter your date of birth, to verify that it is a person of legal age.

You will also find the news, new information about the services and products that are offered. In the menu you will see many options, which are:

  • Beginning.
  • We: In this part you will find all the information about the entity, who they are, their workers, their history, their beginnings, progress, how it works, mission and vision. All with the aim that people can get to know the entity in depth.
  • Catalog: This section presents the wide range of products offered, such as beer, soft drink, snacks, cookies and water. There is detailed information of each product.
  • Premium: In this part you will learn what is a premium model, which is an offer to customers, providing a unique and differential design both inside and outside the establishment.
  • Find us: You will be able to know the location of each of the modelramas.
  • Work with us: This part is divided into three sections, which are: Operate your model drama, rent your premises and sell your product. It is explained in detail how the process is carried out, the requirements and everything for work with modelrama.
  • Entrepreneurs: This section presents two categories, which are: Entrepreneur portal and registration.
  • Contact us: In this part the person can leave comments and send messages to Modelorama, to be contacted.

What information do they ask you to post a model drama?

To put a modelrama, the system requests the issuance of certain data and information, which are presented in the following list:

  • Applicant’s full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Gender.
  • Telephone numbers, both landline and cell phone.
  • Email address.
  • Location data, such as state, municipality, neighborhood, and street.
  • Requested rent, license data, among others.

All these data are necessary, that is why it is important that the information issued is valid and can be verified.

Recommendations for Putting a Modelorama

In this section we are going to give you some tips, advice or recommendations, so that you can put your model with abundant success and prosperity. Each of them is presented below:

  1. To begin it is necessary that you comply with the characteristics of the premises that are required. Only then can you put your model drama.
  2. Another tip, to take into account, is to gather the requested documents, without omitting any. In this way, problems and delays in the process will be avoided.
  3. Find out well about what it means to put a model, responsibility, obligations, benefits, before starting the process.
  4. It is also important to comply with each of the legal requirements and with the necessary permits and authorizations.
  5. Keep in mind the offers, products and services that are offered, so that you can choose the one that best suits you.
  6. It is very important that the premises have a good location, as this ensures most of the success of the business.
  7. An important aspect to consider is to have an ideal equipment for the attention in the store. Remember that to attract customers, it is important to provide quality care.

If you comply with and follow the recommendations expressed, you can ensure that you are successful in your role model. As you can see, it is an easy and simple process.

What is it?

Modelrama It is an entity that functions as a store, which is responsible for selling beer. The store offers a variety of beer, and by many it is considered the best.

This entity considers and offers beer, as a product that can get along with every occasion and taste, so it offers a wide range of this drink, always standing out with the flavor they have.

It is recognized for apart from providing a great quality of beer, offering a pleasant attention to each of the customers. Modelorama believes in the importance of sharing with others, whether they are friends or family and nothing better than enjoying it with what is offered by this store.

Modelrama consists of a retail store, in charge of selling beer and its peripherals connected to Model group, directly with the final consumer. Its function is based on developing and expanding a distribution network, through local entrepreneurs and franchises, providing the opportunity to those who join, the opportunity to undertake.

Modelorama History

The beer shop or brewery Modelrama It was founded in 1924 in Mexico, and since then it has been in charge of exporting beer to various countries around the world. Among the brands that are exported are Corona, Modelo and Pacífico.

Due to its great attention and performance over the years, the entity has been recognized as one of the best in the world, also highlighting the quality of beer they offer.

Currently, Modelrama continues to expand and improve every day to offer the best to its customers. With the innovation of «Grupo Modelo Foundation», an adequate and responsible consumption is promoted through various programs and campaigns.

Grupo Modelo Foundation

This foundation since 1998 has been dedicated to working focusing on always generating a favorable impact, through the appropriate and responsible consumption of alcohol, caring for the environment and the actions carried out in community.

Thanks to this wonderful initiative, a positive advance has been noticed in Mexican society, being a great contribution to the development of the country.

Among the programs within this foundation, there is the Model Volunteer Program, which is responsible for creating ties to promote volunteer work among various collaborators.

Follow the advice and meet the requirements to put a model frame and be successful in your process.

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