Requirements to Put a Pharmacy: Documents, Costs and MORE

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In this article we will show you what are the requirements to set up a pharmacy. However, if there is an inescapable and indispensable space for the well-being of human health, it is the pharmacy, since numerous accidents or conditions that require health care occur in everyday life.

This is why this establishment is appreciated as one of the most popular in the world. However, to open it, certain elements must be taken into account. For this reason, we will explain and develop the requirements, documents, benefits and costs necessary to set up a pharmacy.

What are the Requirements to Set Up a Pharmacy in Mexico?

Entering the world of the pharmacy business is complex, as there is a lot of competition. But, in turn, the financial advantages outweigh it. So, to kick off your opening, a detailed list of requirements is required:

  • Territory: To begin with, this should be the first requirement to consider. Since it has been the location in which you want to place the pharmacy. According to Mexican law, the space where you locate the pharmacy must be 200 meters or more around any facility of the same nature.
  • Pharmacy professional title: TYou have to be trained. This means that you must complete professional studies in the pharmacy area. But, in case you don’t have the necessary knowledge, you are obliged to hire a team that does have them.
  • Local: ANDThis requirement is essential, because both the medicines and the trained personnel, for the exercise that this business demands, will be protected. This area must have places that have competent space, so that there is a good development in terms of activities related to the functions of the pharmacy.
  • Operation Notice: The notice of operation provided by health has been one of the fundamental requirements for the opening of a pharmacy in Mexico. To get it you will need the following:

  • An application for notice of opening.
  • The proof of the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC)
  • A photocopy of the official identification of the owner or representative of the pharmacy.
  • Notarized power of attorney in case the owner is not the one who carries out the procedure.
  • If for any reason a change has to be made, whether of owner or address, the method for change of form can be carried out.

  • Sanitary license: This license is also considered as one of the most important requirements to set up a pharmacy in Mexico. This is about a permit that is responsible for supporting that the marketing of drugs is being carried out correctly.

To request this document you must register:

  • Form of permits, inspections and titles, duly completed.
  • Receipts for license payments.
  • Articles of incorporation of the pharmacy, or notarized power of attorney that certifies an attorney-in-fact.
  • Valid identification of the owner of the company or of those people who are authorized to carry out the procedure.
  • Federal taxpayer registration.
  • If the case is presented where you need to revalidate the license, you must provide the documents named above, accompanied by the old license.

In order for you to request this document, you will have to present yourself at the State Commission for Protection with Sanitary Risks. And then, you must cancel a fee in order to move forward with the process. Read on and find out what else you need!

Necessary documents

Also, among the fundamental requirements To set up a pharmacy in Mexico, the documents are also included. In addition to sending all those previously named, you must include and register the following:

  • A license to use the land.
  • Authorizations for the realization of advertisements and for the installation of advertisements.
  • Industry patent registration.
  • Tax and public credit registry.
  • In the case where the commercialization is oriented only to the general public, you must certify that you are registered in the general registry of small taxpayers.

If you are considering the possibility of selling miscellaneous items, such as beauty or personal hygiene items, you must specify it in the application. We recommend that you carry out all these procedures well in advance.

If you already have all the requirements to open a pharmacy in Mexico, you can start your process without any inconvenience. In the same way, this is a business that will provide you with a good economic income. In the same way, here we will include which are those necessary requirements, so that you are up to date with the basic and essential guidelines in this business:

  • Health authorization or operating notice for the drug trade.
  • Consignment of the industry patent.
  • High in the Treasury.
  • If the sales will be destined to the general public, you will need to register in the small taxpayers regime.
  • Title and professional license of a pharmacist, pharmacobiologist, chemist.

Costs of Starting a Pharmacy

To set up a pharmacy anywhere in the world you must bear in mind that the cost is usually abundant. This means that you must make a large investment. However, it is not a secret that today many professionals make the decision to acquire a «franchise». But…why? Well, simple, because it facilitates some steps and turns out to be much cheaper.

On the other hand, one of the costs that you must bear in mind when taking the first step and wanting to open a pharmacy is the local and location. Because this is where the amounts to be invested, either for the construction of the premises, or for the purchase of a building to carry it out, are usually high.

We will give you numbers … you will need to invert the sum of 1 million dollars(or more), solely for the purchase of land in a privileged area. Now, if you prefer to rent a place, you will have to invest a sum that will go from $ 2,000 until $ 10,000 monthly.

Of course, this all depends on the area you choose. You can not forget that, you also have to invest in the products or items that you want to offer in your premises, and in the amounts related to the salary of the staff.

Benefits of Starting a Pharmacy

You must take into account that there are numerous benefitsWhen it comes to setting up a pharmacy, not only economically, but also personally and emotionally, here we will show you a couple of them:

  • Free time: Indispensable to enjoy life. When you feel that your team or staff is trustworthy, and in turn show that they are trained in this area of ​​health, you will have the opportunity to take all the free time you want.
  • You will be your own boss: Who wouldn’t want it? Having your pharmacy you won’t have to practice or follow the rules of third parties, since you will be the boss.
  • You will fulfill the role of «leader» And this will not only allow you to generate employment, but also to choose the best personnel for your pharmacy.
  • Tranquility: If you consider that this area of ​​health is your passion and day by day it generates enthusiasm, then you will feel at peace.

Tips for Opening a Pharmacy

It is common knowledge that delicate which are the pharmaceutical establishments. And this is because this, as it is dealing with patients (sometimes in critical conditions and circumstances) must have the necessary permits and strict hygiene standards.

Next, we will present some tips that can be very helpful for the professional in this area of ​​health who is willing and prepared to set up a pharmacy:

Read carefully!

  • Do not feel limited to selling only medicinal pharmacy products, take the risk of marketing different items such as: beauty and hygiene products, food, drinks, among others.
  • It continuously revolutionizes and modernizes in the commercial area.
  • Control and take care of operational costs.
  • Also, you should consider joining associations or organizations that prove to be professionals.
  • Provides convenience to customers in terms of purchasing services through, for example: home deliveries, discounts, consultations via the Internet or by telephone, personalized attention, among others.
  • Last but not least, you should think about hiring agencies that facilitate the process of choosing your staff.

What is it?

Let’s start with the etymological origin of the word «pharmacy», which is «pharmakia» and this comes from «pharmakon». These two words translate as «poison», and in some cases, like «spell».

Now, we understand a pharmacy as that space or establishment where not only medicines are dispensed for the well-being of human beings, but also where various products or items are offered and sold, such as: beauty products, food, beverages, among others.

We mentioned earlier that the pharmacy is a facility primordial and important in the life of the human being, because without it we would not have the vital instruments to partially or totally improve the life of a patient.

While it is true that requirements to set up a pharmacy they are abundant, and that the process also turns out to be extensive, but the importance that this establishment has in society cannot be denied, and that it is thanks to the established rules and laws, there is a better quality of service in this business.

Do you want to establish a pharmacy in your community? Meets all requirements and helps patients!

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