Requirements to Put a Store at Home: Investment, Permits and MORE

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If you are looking for what are the Requirements to Put a Store at Home, we bring it to you today. Along with these, which are very important, we will be talking about the permits, the investment, the furniture and the services necessary to be able to open your store at home, as well as some recommendations so that everything is in order

A Home store, grocery store or corner store, is a place where people go to buy all kinds of products for use at home. They are managed by the owner and usually by their relatives, and they are also small spaces because they are attached to their house.

This type of place is very common in Mexico and other countries, especially in small communities or towns. If you are interested in setting up an undertaking of this type, then you cannot leave: Here we will tell you everything you need to know!

What are the Requirements to Set Up a Home Store in Mexico?

The Requirements to Put a Store at Home they are very varied, but all equally important. This type of business can be very profitable if they are managed correctly and if they comply with these requirements that we will explain below. Let’s see:

  • First, investigate. When you are thinking of opening a business, the first thing you should do is research everything about it, something that you are already doing if you are here.
  • Once you have that information, you must study the viability of the business in your location. It is very important to analyze if there are many other stores that do the same thing in a very close radius, or just one or two. I mean, you must see profitability.
  • Third, you will have to see if your house can be enabled to create an annex where the store would be located. This undoubtedly entails a series of repairs and investment in real estate that you must take into account.
  • Suppliers are important. Usually these types of stores sell a variety of things; whatever it is you want to sell, you should look for the providers with the best prices in the market, so that you can see the profits of your products. If there are many, you should also consider the issue of transport and dispatch.
  • You must build a budget That includes investment in real estate and products, as well as extra expenses in procedures.
  • Once you have everything very planned and enabled, you can proceed to get the permissions, of which we will talk to you later.
  • Once you have the permits, you can proceed to complete the remaining steps to set up your home store.

In addition, you must:

  • Be a person in full use of their rights.
  • Be registered in the Treasury and in the Secretary of Health.
  • If you plan to use employees, you must go to the IMSS.
  • Register the store before a notary.
  • Have knowledge in business administration: knowing how to handle accounting is very important, as well as the percentage of profit and things of this type.
  • Come up with a plan so that everyone knows that now they can come to your house to buy the products you sell. This can be understood as advertising.

And that’s it! Let’s proceed to talk about money.

Investment to Put a Store at Home

Well, without a doubt and as in any other business, there is a investment to put up a store at home that you must take into account. This constitution investment in infrastructure, assets, real estate and some other necessary expenses to be able to open your business legally and safely.

In this way, the investment you will have to make to open your store it will depend on many factors. In the first place, the size of this and the amount of products that you are going to sell, and then, the machinery and buildings necessary to be able to house these products and work comfortably. The greater variety of products there is, the greater the investment, but also the profit.

Also, let’s not forget that if you get the best suppliers and second-hand property in good condition, the investment could be significantly reduced. In merchandise, you could easily need about $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 pesos, and for spaces greater than 35m2 about $ 90,000 or more.

Everything will depend on your availability of resources. You can start small and expand your range of products, if you wish. The important thing is that you keep in mind that the investment depends on many factors.


Yes now, the permits you will need to set up your home store legally. Keep in mind that all these must be done personally and also approved before starting the activities of the store. Let’s see what they are:

  • Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC). This procedure is done, first of all, in the virtual office of the SAT, in which you will have to clarify that it is a natural person with small commercial activity. Second, in person, when you have completed the previous step, with the necessary documentation.
  • Operating license. This is essential to carry out a commercial activity and it is carried out in the town hall closest to your home.
  • Land use license, again in the town hall.

And that’s it! Remember that you must be registered with the SSA to be able to terminate the permits you need to set up your shop at home. Also, keep in mind that if you are going to sell food, you will need other permits.

What Furniture is Needed to Put a Store at Home?

Almost to finish, let’s talk about furniture that you will need to put a store at home. This constitutes a very important part of the investment, as it is what will help you maintain order in your store, so that you can house all the products for the public and work comfortably in your space.

In general, these depend on the products you are going to sell. According to this, you will decide which one you need or not. Let’s see:

  • Shelves, to be able to put the products in an orderly way and in series. There are some products that can be offered as a sale, as is the case with some soda brands.
  • Refrigerators, if you are going to sell products that need to be at a certain temperature to be preserved.
  • Displays, especially in the case of trinkets.
  • Showcases, if you see fit. These allow you to handle the products only to you.
  • Slicer.
  • Counter scales.
  • Cash register. Very important, to generate invoices and save money.
  • Point of sale, so that customers can have options to pay, not just with cash. You can also enable a mobile payment.
  • Extinguisher.

You may also need bags for customers to carry their purchases. These can be included in the price or offered separately.

Necessary services

Almost to finish, there is no necessary services as such you need in your store. Being at home, you will have access to the bathroom and water sources. If we consider the point of sale as a service, this could be important. As we said before, it will grant your clients payment flexibility.

As for the service you are going to offer, if it is important that it is a quality one, with good customer service. Many times you will meet those who come, because they are your neighbors, so it is an opportunity to make friends. Remember, though, legit isn’t always a good deal. Before taking it as an option, establish your business safely

Recommendations to Put a Store at Home

To end with the Requirements to Put a Store at Home, we will give you some recommendations so that you can carry out the opening of your business without any inconvenience and with a greater probability of success. Let’s see:

  • See if it’s really a profitable business. Generally speaking, it is, but if there are many stores of this type where you live, you may not sell as much as you would if you were the only one in several blocks.
  • Try to put very good prices, so that you can attract new customers. That if, do not forget that it is never good give away your work. Prices must be competitive.
  • Sell ​​products that everyone consumes in your neighborhood.
  • Get suppliers that have low prices. For this you must search a lot, especially in areas where they sell merchandise to the largest. Talk to different people, do a price comparison.
  • You always can ask for a loan if you don’t have the money to open your store. You can look for the Bayport loan plan or others that you investigate.
  • Patience and perseverance. These are the keys to any successful business.
  • Offers a Quality service: treat your customers well.
  • Take management and accounting courses if you don’t have knowledge or experience in this area. If you are going to sell a lot of products, this could be very necessary to keep track of inventories and profits. You can do very cheap courses.
  • Keep the place clean and the products orderly. This will be beneficial for both you and clients, as you will be able to locate everything quickly and be comfortable in your work area.

We hope that with this information you can establish your own business, see you!

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