Requirements to Register a Baby: Documents, Costs and MORE

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There are some Requirements to Register a Baby that you must take into account when carrying out this procedure, which is very important when a new baby is born. These, together with the relevant documents, will allow you to complete the registration without any problem, so you should keep reading to find out more.

Register a baby It is mandatory because it allows the baby to be legally recognized, which gives him access to medical assistance and the ability to acquire permits and carry out procedures that will be necessary throughout his life, not only as an infant, but also as a child. adult.

Nevertheless, today we will be talking to you not only of the necessary requirements, but also of the possible costs, procedure, benefits, duration, where you should do it and much, much more.

What is Needed to Register a Baby in Mexico?

First of all, let’s see what do you need to register the baby. The truth is that these requirements are very short and easy to carry out, so don’t worry about that. Remember that a baby born in Mexico automatically acquires nationality, as is the case in most other countries, so let’s see what you need to formalize this right.

These are the Requirements to Register a Baby:

  • Birth certificate, which will be issued by the person or establishment that performed labor, either the Registered Midwife, the Hospital or the Secretary of Health, in such case.
  • Baby must be present and accompanied by both parents if possible. If not, the mother can come forward and register as single.
  • Document that allows verifying the nationality of one of the parents, be it the mother or the father. These can be the Birth Certificate (preferably), Passport, Naturalization Letter, etc., and it must be a copy of the original.
  • Certified copy of the Local Birth Certificate of the parents. This must be apostilled and legalized if it was issued in another country other than Mexico.
  • Two (2) persons serving as witnesses and that they are of legal age.
  • Identification document of people who need to be at the time of registration: parents, witnesses, etc.
  • Document that allows the verification of address: It can be the bill for a service (electricity, water, property payment), the declaration of address, and so on. It must be a maximum of two (2) months old.
  • If there is a legal union involved, the Marriage certificate so that the absent parent’s name can appear in the record.
  • The same documents are necessary in the event that the baby has died without being registered.
  • Proof of payment of fine for extemporaneity, in the case of having exceeded the limit to register the baby, along with two (2) Certificates of Non-Existence of Birth Certificate. The first must be from the State Directorate of the Civil Registry, the second from the municipality where you were born.

And that’s it! As you can see, they are basic documents and easy to acquire. However, we recommend that you keep a few points in mind.


  • All documents must be submitted in its original format and legible copy.
  • In case of not having the Birth Certificate, a complaint where the situation that led to the absence of the document and the development of the baby’s birth is explained. This must be done at the Attorney General’s Office of the capital, before a Civil Registry Judge.
  • A power of attorney will be required if both parents cannot attend or if one of them wishes to appear in the registry after the mother has attended. In the first case, it must be a relative and must also present the identity document.

How long do you have to register a baby?

To register a baby you have a time limit before you have to carry out other procedures to be able to be registered late. This is 180 days, counting from the birth of the baby. That is, you have 6 months to register the baby only by presenting the requirements that we mentioned above.

After that time has elapsed, there are a series of additional requirements that you will need to do in order to successfully enroll the baby. First, you must pay the fine corresponding to late registration, this according to the website of the General Secretariat of Government. Next, you must acquire the proof of non-existence of birth certificate.

There are two (2) that must be acquired and both are issued by different places: the first must be acquired in the municipality where the baby was born, the second in the Civil Registry. Other requirements may be required depending on the time that has elapsed after the six months, which is very important to take into account.

Costs to Register a Baby

Registration of a baby has no associated costIt is completely free and is issued by the Civil Registry of your city. However, the certified copy could have a separate cost, which for 2020 is 390.50 Mexican pesos.

It is also important to note that, once registered, if you wish to consult and / or acquire the certified Birth Certificate you can do it online. You just have to enter this link, click on Check and print your certified copy of the birth certificate, fill in the information that will be asked below and voila! If you want to print it, you will be directed to the payment page directly so that you can pay the cost of the document.

Finally, if you don’t do the birth registration on time, you may have to pay a late fine, so take your forecasts and do it as soon as possible. Given this, we can only tell you what are the benefits and consequences of not carrying out the registration of your baby.

Benefits and consequences

You will wonder if it is mandatory to register your baby or does not have consequences. In this section we will explain why you should do it, although we will start by saying that it is mandatory to register your baby. Currently, very few people do not register their babies, generally due to lack of availability, but they understand that at some point they must.

The amount of inconvenience that you will find by not registering a child are many. As we said at the beginning of this article, the birth certificate allows you to obtain your identity document, which you will need to work, do paperwork, study, and so on. In itself, this is a requirement to start primary school, travel to another country or apply for another nationality.

If you do not acquire it, the baby will not have a legal personality, so it will not have citizenship. Basically, it will be as if it does not exist. Nor will you be able to acquire quick medical assistance in case you get sick; or at least not a complete one. On the other hand, if he obtains it, he can access medical assistance, parents will be able to request permits and many, many other things.

Knowing these things might even consider one of the Requirements to Register a Baby, it is very important to keep it in mind.

How and where is the procedure done?

Finally, so that you have all the information you need to register your baby (or your babies, who knows), we can tell you how and where is the procedure done, which is extremely simple and does not have much protocol.

  1. Gather the necessary requirements and documents. We recommend making a list of items, so that you cross out all the ones you need as you get them.
  2. Enter this link so that you can see the offices that you have closer to your home or the one of your preference, so that you know where you should go.
  3. Go to the Civil Registry office. Parents must be accompanied by witnesses and the baby, for the correct execution of the Procedure. We recommend you go early, as there are often queues that may make you have to go again. Take the necessary precautions and go one day when you have time.
  4. Follow the instructions when your turn comes, and voila! They will ask you to check that all the data has been entered into the system properly and they will proceed to take the fingerprints of your baby, you and your partner, as well as that of the witnesses. Finally, the registration will have been done successfully and you will be able to acquire your baby’s Birth Certificate whenever you want.

Now that you know what the Requirements to Register a Baby, Would you like to add something? Otherwise, we recommend that you start with step 1 and collect the documents that you will need to register your baby.

Many successes!

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