Requirements to Register for the SAT: Documents. Steps and MORE

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In Mexico there is a federal organization that is in charge of legislating and carrying out the tax registration process. This institution is called the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and it is an office that is repeatedly registering. That is why here in Manage it we will tell you the requirements to register for the SAT.

On the other hand, we are talking about an institution that takes care of carry out different legal procedures in order to bring a court order to the needs of the Mexican people. Likewise, they carry out a leadership function assuming their commitment and their values ​​with the politics of the Latin American country.

We can include your tax services as a single state service. In addition to being the only federal agency authorized by the state government to develop and carry out fiscal missions and tasks to complete the needs of any state. We could even say that it is the fiscal organization most important in Mexico.

Now, once all the information corresponding to the SAT has been said. We will detail you the requirements, documentation and where to carry out the registration process. We will be accompanying you in this informative guide to learn about the different processes that can be done in the Tax Administration Service belonging to Mexico.

What are the Requirements to Register for the SAT?

People who want to register for the SAT are those who plan to create a business and for this they need to be clear of legal procedures with the SAT. The same happens with enterprises, if you plan to create one you must comply with the SAT and submit procedures that we will mention below:

  • First of all, be the sole owner of your business and have the corresponding papers
  • Have on hand the invoices of any capital in your name
  • Own the capital format
  • Manage a team with its corresponding identification
  • Validate the CFDI with your seal and certification

As I mentioned in the previous segment, the first thing is to reconcile all the papers of your business and validate them all with the capital civil registry agency. Besides, have a form with your personal data to keep a list of the processes carried out in the business. In this way, the SAT will be able to write down your service and start the process.

Secondly, if you have companions of work at their disposal, they will have to send in the same way their personal papers and deliver them to the court service. If you want to know more about the process that your employees or family members must carry out, click here and find out in detail.

It is necessary and essential to have invoices of any capital in your name

What does this mean? Well, it’s simple. If you plan to create a business to offer a predetermined service. You must have a financial capital in progress in a state bank. That is, you will have to request invoices, certificates, and account statements to verify the legitimacy of your business. So finally, the SAT will be able to validate your registration.

However, to deliver these documents. You will need to request previously an appointment to make the conciliation of the same. Something similar happens with the documentation of the civil registry, for this there is a meeting process.

Validating the CFDI is mandatory to meet the requirements to register for the SAT

You may be wondering what the CFDI is. This is a document that validates and record all civil action that you have committed in a tax environment. They can be noted as penalties, loans, due payments, and even duty taxes. In one way or another, you will have to certify said role to advance in the process and register.

Although in another sense, if you have not committed any tax act and are up to date with your civil registry. Will have no problem one with the tax service and you only have to print said paper, seal it and take it to the SAT.

It should be noted that the main purpose of civil registration is to establish legal documents required by law. The civil registry generates documentation that supports the right of an individual to recognition as a person before the law and recognizes their formal relationship with the state. The same happens with the legislation of the requirements of the SAT.

People can have their existence, identity and life events legally recognized and obtain proof of legal and civil status through valid certificates. The absence of civil registration has been described as an “invisibility scandal”. This is why your responsibility is of vital importance in this process.

Necessary documents

There are a series of documents that you must process if you want sign up for the SAT. On the other hand, these are different and each one has importance within the registration process in the tax agency. With nothing more to say, here are the documents necessary to complete the registration and registration process:

  • Pre-register the RFC
  • Certificate of domicile or tax residence
  • Identity card with photograph included.
  • Birth certificate with a validated copy
  • A disk or USB memory to save the invoice or proof of completion

Finally, if you gathered all the documents mentioned, you can register your form and register with the tax service of your state. However, it is important to mention that sometimes registration problems occur, in the event that this occurs in your process, we recommend that you call the civil registry customer service center.

Although, the process is usually quick and effective. People who register their company and go to the SAT in order to pay what is due. They finish the process in less than two weeks, the important thing is that you collect all the requirements and papers quickly. In this way you will have no future problems with your application and registration.

We can include that the documentary evidence and permanent records established through the civil registry of the SAT allow people to make claims of legal identity, marital status and family relationships, therefore there are Additional functions when completing the documents. These are:

  • Protect a variety of social, economic, cultural, political and human rights
  • Facilitate access to essential services such as health care, education and social protection
  • Allow political participation, property, recourse to justice, formal employment, inheritance, and the use of banking and financial services
  • Offer the basis for identity documents such as a passport or identity card
  • Reduce the risk of statelessness, child marriage and human trafficking

Since you completed the necessary documentation and managed to compile all the corresponding annexes, you can now continue with the article and follow the instructions. Later we will mention how to request an appointment to deliver the collections.

Steps to Register for the SAT

Manage it wrote a guide for you. This will mention the steps to follow to carry out the process to register for the SAT. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that to follow these steps, you have to have all your papers up to date, including those mentioned. Here are the steps:

  1. The first thing to do is make an appointment at the service. That is, in the SAT. You can do this by entering the corresponding web portal or by clicking here.
  2. Once inside, go to the «request an appointment» section
  3. Fill in the box with your personal information
  4. Then click on choose the option to enroll in the RFC
  5. Select your nearest civil registry or tax service
  6. Select a date
  7. Attend the chosen day with all the documents collected

Notably you can change the day of your appointment in case you have problems on the scheduled day. For this, you must access the SAT website with your account, once there select an appointment and change the chosen day.

Where is the procedure done?

The procedure can only be carried out in the Administration Service Tax. You can select any headquarters in different states, but the process can only be done at the tax institute, without excuses. However, there are different methods to do the procedure, you do not have to worry about your location or place of residence.

Thus, you have several options to carry out the documentation of the process. On the one hand, you can choose the method via online; you will need to register and follow some instructions. Or make a call to the civil contact center and comment on your situation, that way you will have an exception and can carry out your procedure without any inconvenience.

Appointment to Sign Up for the SAT

The appointment lasts one hour. It takes into account all the documents that you collected and also your tax records. In the event of a debt to be paid, you must pay this tax if you wish to register. However, below We will tell you what you will get at the appointment:

  • A format with your data and the previous request
  • You will be given a tax identification card for the validation of your business
  • Certification of your RFC

What is it?

The Tax Administration Service is a process by which the main vital events that occur in a population are officially registered. The United Nations defines it as «the continuous, permanent, mandatory and universal record of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events in a population», in accordance with the country’s legal requirements.

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