Requirements to Set up an IMSS Nursery

A nursery or nursery school is an establishment with an educational nature that has the purpose of training children from 0 to 3 years of age, these schools are useful for learning, entertainment and social development of children, in addition, it represents an effective solution for mothers who have joined the workplace to generate income that benefits the economic situation of their children.

Currently, the daycare business has been considerably in demand, which is why it represents a great opportunity when starting a business. Take advantage of this opportunity and read below the different Requirements to set up an IMSS Nursery.

Legal Requirements to Open an IMSS Nursery

Based on the constant need and demand for this service, the Mexican government has made child care available at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) for the comprehensive development of the country’s children.

To open a nursery in said institute, it is necessary to comply with a series of legal requirementssince, providing this type of services requires a great responsibility with respect to the social security of children.

Between the legal requirements to open an IMSS nursery most frequent are:

  • Consign the equity records that make up the benefit in case the business conditions establish that it is a benefit provided by the employers through the IMSS.
  • Fill the Unique Authorization Request Format to implement the activities that correspond to a nursery school, including the principles governed by the IMSS to provide services (Transparency and Non-Discrimination).
  • have in possession of Certificate of compliance with fiscal commitments and social security, in addition, the payment of fees for each child enrolled in the nursery.

  • If you are a legal entity, you must submit a notarial authorization that validates the legal representative of the business and in the case of natural persons, the valid identification document.
  • Present the act that designates the person who will carry out the procedures and procedures in the IMSS to formalize the nursery school.
  • Have the land use license.
  • Confirm the legal ownership of the property through the corresponding act or certificate for the disposition of the succession of the service provided, composed of: Purchase-sale agreement, lease, loan of use, among others.
  • must meet a inspection, which is carried out by a civil construction agency in order to review the nursery facilities.

All the requirements stated must be submitted to the IMSS to confirm and validate technically the establishment, the validation is carried out by the coordination of the Child Development Service. Finally, the succession agreement is executed (in force for 5 years).

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Steps to Open an IMSS Nursery

  • File with the IMSS the necessary documents to formally register your nursery school.
  • Make sure you have the right facilities, equipment and personnel to carry out the services safely, guaranteeing a quality service for the well-being of children.
  • It complies with the policies established by the IMSS at the time of carrying out the activities.
  • Take care of and entertain each of the children as if they were your children, a quality service guarantees satisfied customers and an economic benefit from the hand of an outstanding position in the business.

Other Requirements to Put an IMSS Nursery

In addition to the legal requirements, a nursery school must present adequate conditions for training and entertainment activities to optimize the development of each child.

Among the characteristics or structural requirements that a nursery in the IMSS must have, the following stand out:

  • Installations

It is of great importance that nursery school facilities are close to sufficiently traveled streets and avenues.

These must comply with the current regulations of the Construction, Civil Protection and Safety Regulations of the locality in all the place where the nursery will be located, said regulations include aspects such as:

  • Water service.
  • Electricity protected away from the reach of children, specifically at a height above 1.20 meters to ensure their protection.
  • Gas service removed from the area where children carry out their activities.
  • Artificial climate system for the well-being of children.
  • Outdoor spaces free of toxic plants, pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic elements.
  • The facilities must be appropriate and adequate for the number of children that will be part of the nursery school.
  • Ventilation in the area where children are located must be sufficient and adequate.
  • The establishment must have signs and security measures that guarantee the development of the child under optimal conditions.

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  • equipment

each nursery must have the necessary resources and materials to meet the needs and recreation of children, they have certain characteristics that are highlighted below:

  • They must be precise and distinguished with respect to the ages of each of the children.
  • Conditioning of rooms and spaces depending on the ages of each group of children, guaranteeing the appropriate elements for their training and proper care.
  • In the case of baby care, guarantee items such as: cribs, baby carriers, blankets, games, etc.
  • If the facilities have a kindergarten, it must have adequate equipment, for example: tables, chairs, materials and educational games.
  • It is recommended to have at least one closed circuit camera that facilitates surveillance for greater safety of children.
  • The kitchen must have the minimum suggested equipment: microwave oven, stove, refrigerator, etc; and these must be proportional to the number of children attending the establishment.
  • In the facilities there must be a private office for the administration of the business.
  • Staff

the staff is the main resource for the businesssince, they will provide the care service in the nursery and they will be the main responsible for the training and development of the children.

Requirements that must be met by the staff that will work in the nursery:

  • Have pedagogical skills, physical education, knowledge related to safety and first aid.
  • The number of children cannot exceed eight (8) for each teacher or facilitator in charge.
  • The hiring of personnel must be regulated by the IMSS.
  • Keep a record that contains all the data of the children who are under the care of the establishment, in this record the following information must be presented: data of parents, special care, diets, allergies, etc.
  • The staff must properly handle the preparation of food, these must be consumed at the moment to avoid degradation and cannot be kept refrigerated for a long time.
  • Have a proven and endorsed preparation to guarantee the care of children.
  • You must prepare a nutrition plan in accordance with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-008-SSA2-1993.
  • Staff must keep the kitchen area clean and disinfected.
  • Schedules

The hours to work in the nursery is agreed upon between the business owner and Social Securityin most cases it is customary to provide service around ten (10) hours a day.

The process to have all the necessary requirements to open a daycare can be complicated by the number of paperwork and documents that must be submitted, however, this serves as a guarantee with regarding the shelter and protection of children, responding to the care of future generations.

If you follow each of the points highlighted above, you will be able to form your team to start your nursery school, the fulfillment of the Requirements to Set up an IMSS Nursery guarantees the safety of children and generates confidence in society so that the business is attractive and demanded by mothers.

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