Requirements to Study Criminology: Duration, Costs and MORE

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This article presents the Requirements to Study Criminology. In this way, you consciously know if you are ready to continue with the process.

Also, you will find information about what Criminology is about, the universities that teach this career. The available field of work, and some suggestions that will help you to know if you are on the right track.

What are the Requirements to Study Criminology?

To study this career it is necessary to comply with the Requirements to Study Criminology. The requirements change according to some elements involved in the admission process. One of these refers to the university or institute where you want to study. Below are the Requirements to Study Criminology:

  • Possess basic knowledge in Law.
  • Have knowledge in the field of Psychology.
  • Know about the Computer Science area.
  • Possess knowledge in Anthropology and Medicine.

Duration of the race

The duration of the Criminology career is 4 years. In said career, 240 credit units or ECTS credits must be approved. Additionally, students will be given multidisciplinary learning. Therefore, it is suggested to complete these studies, specializing in another area of ​​the career.

This will give criminology professionals greater opportunities for job openings. Apart from this, it will place them on a privileged and more technical level within society.

Universities to Study Criminology in Mexico

There are a variety of academic institutes in Mexico to study Criminology. Below is a list to choose the one that best suits you. According to the place of residence and even economic capacity, and of course comply with the Requirements to Study Criminology:

  • Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla. Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology.
  • UNAM. Here you can study a Master’s Degree in Criminal Policy.
  • Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí. It has in its curriculum the Bachelor of Criminology for eight semesters.
  • The Autonomous University of Querétaro. This center teaches the Criminology career in four years.
  • University of the Valley of Mexico. It offers the Master’s Degree in Legal and Criminological Psychology.
  • Institute of University Studies. It offers the career of Criminology, Criminal Policy and Victimology.
  • Insurgentes University. Include in your study plans the career in Criminalistics.
  • La Salle University. It offers studies in Criminalistics and Criminology.
  • The Autonomous University of Tlaxcala. He has a degree in Criminology and lasts nine semesters.
  • University of Sonora. Provides a Specialization in Criminology and Criminal Law.
  • Pedregal University. The curriculum is a Master of Public Safety Criminal Policy.
  • ICEL University. This institute offers a Master of Criminology.
  • The Valle del Grijalva University. He has a Master’s Degree in Criminology that lasts for five semesters.

Costs of Studying Criminology

The costs of studying Criminology will depend on the university institute where you decide to study. And also of the economic capacity that is had at the moment. Or in the case of studying at a public university. It is suggested to review the list of universities provided in this article.

Recommendations for Studying Criminology

At this point we will leave you some suggestions that you can take into consideration to study the Criminology career:

Cultivate the Reading Habit

It is essential to read daily. Criminology is a science that involves to read as much as possible about scientific matters. Being careful with pseudoscience. Therefore, it is important that as a Criminology student you do your own research regarding human behavior.

Do analysis about everything related to it, and to know how it can be done it is essential that the brain works. This in order to provide new knowledge and research. Since as you know the current books with a repeated copy of old books. So, go ahead and read.

Go beyond Social Sciences

Get out of your comfort zone and do research on natural sciences, since not everything has to do with social sciences. Research can be done on psychobiology, genetics, biology, and neuroscience. These areas have objectivity when analyzing the behavior of homo sapiens.

Create your Digital Library

This library should be tailored to your needs as a Criminology student. It must contain books in different formats (word, pdf, epub, etc.). Also videos, magazines, articles and presentations, among others. All the information you have is necessary and valuable.

A good way to create this digital library is cooperatively. With friends, classmates, family, teachers, professionals in Criminology. The most important thing is to store all the information in the cloud. It is also suggested to use the Google Drive tool.

Do you want to earn a lot of money?

If the plans are to earn a lot of money with this profession, then it is not like that. Since this will depend on the place where you work and the way you work. The fundamental thing is to have professional ethics. It should be noted that the field of Criminology in Mexico must be developed scientifically. This with the aim of producing sources of work.

However, this will not be achieved if people who study Criminology insist on being followers of serial killers. Or bloody crimes, which only exist in fantasy. And that they only aspire to carry a weapon and a uniform believing that they are the protagonists of an action movie.

Explore the Labor Field

This science is a novel area in many countries, especially in Latin America. Therefore, it is little known by most citizens, which means that few job opportunities have been generated so far.

Criminology has a large number of utilities, especially in the field of crime prevention. As well as violent acts, antisocial behaviors and thus achieve a better relationship in society. Criminology is cautious.

Understand the Characteristics of the Race

This point refers to the fact that it must be clear, in which Criminology is not the same as Criminalistics. We cannot be guided by television series, since they exaggerately decontextualize real life. Therefore, it is best to continue reading about it.

Grades are not important all the time

The grade is not the most valuable, especially if it is based on theoretical tests. What these exams do is measure the ability to memorize or store data. In the case of getting a negative rating, it is not a reason for sadness, because that factor does not define the physical or cognitive abilities. It is also not good to get bad grades, you have to be careful with that.

Stay Updated

Attend congresses, diplomas, courses, conferences, etc., no matter what it is about. The more you know the better, regardless of a certification or to fill spaces in the curriculum. The idea is to know more about the race every day.

The idea is to prepare professionally every day. However, caution should be exercised, as all courses are unsuitable and may run into the well-known pseudosciences. Therefore, falling into pseudo-knowledge, which is more harmful than good.

Clarify doubts

You have to use all the tools you have, such as benefiting from the teachers as much as possible, especially through experience. All suggestions received must be noted in a specific notebook. These resources will serve you well later.

Recognize Errors

Making mistakes as many times as possible is fine, the important thing is to learn from these situations. It is not something negative, since when you are studying, mistakes are allowed. When you face the labor field, it is not possible to make mistakes. This is because your stability, level and security depend to a large extent on performance.

Investigate More and More

The information received from the teachers should not stop there. It is necessary to know more about the subject, through books, blogs, magazines, theses and if it is from other countries much better. It should not be forgotten that science is the same in all parts of the world.

However, the social sciences can change, since the cultural factors related to human behavior are totally different for each country. Sometimes we are taught knowledge that has already expired, hence the importance of research.

What is it?

Criminology is a science that is responsible for studying the person who committed a crime. The reasons and description of that antisocial behavior. It is also interdisciplinary, since it includes the areas of biology, psychology, anthropology and sociology.

This science focuses on crime, the perpetrator, the victim, and the social scope of inappropriate behavior. At present it is established as an area of ​​Criminal Law. In order to study the perpetrator to establish a system of prevention and execution against crime.

The action of Criminology covers the work of collective and institutional support, for example, penitentiary organizations, also community advising criminals and victims. It is important to note that this science works hand in hand with forensic psychology.

It is Criminology that fixes the connection and the procedures. This is in accordance with the suggestions and results provided by forensic psychology. Which reaches the hands of the judges and specialist to solve the cases that are presented.

To find out information about the origin of Criminology, and the progress it has been making over the years, go to this link and you will find what you need.

When deciding to study Criminology, it is important to know everything that refers to this science. However, the first thing is to know about the Requirements to Study Criminology.

This profession will serve you in the future, provide knowledge that will reveal the reason for the behavior of people who have committed some crimes. Which will be an advance in this field.

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