Requirements to Study Psychology: Universities, Costs and MORE

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If you want to develop in the area of ​​Psychology, it is essential that you know the Requirements to Study Psychology. Since this career offers the opportunity to train in a comprehensive way.

Being a Psychologist is much more than suggesting solutions to conflicts. A competent psychologist is one who offers his patients the necessary means to face difficult situations and emerge strengthened from them. If you consider that you are a person who can carry out this work, find out all the details in this article.

What are the Requirements to Study Psychology?

To study this career it is necessary to comply with the Requirements to Study Psychology. Which are:

  • Be Willing to Listen: A psychologist must listen much more than he must speak. Your job is to study the changes that occur in the mind from the patients. By means of the information that is received from the communication, some illnesses, problems or traumas are specified. Starting from there, actions are taken through appropriate instruments to improve these conflicts.
  • Be Empathetic: The patient should not be judged. Respect for the thoughts and feelings of patients can be one of the Requirements to Study Psychology more fundamental.
  • Have Mental and Emotional Balance: You must be an emotionally strong person, since sometimes cases that can affect personally will be attended. And the intention is to support patients to overcome those situations that cause them emotional and mental conflicts.

These are the Requirements to Study Psychology, are general elements that serve to consider if this is the career you really want to study.

Universities in Mexico to Study Psychology

Below is a list of the universities where you can study Psychology in Mexico:

  1. University for Educational Professionalization SC
  2. The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.
  3. University Institute of the State of Mexico, SC
  4. La Salle University, AC Nezahualcoyotl.
  5. Siglo XXI University Campus, SC
  6. The Digital University of the State of Mexico.
  7. Albert Einstein University.
  8. The University of Contemporary Mexico.
  9. UNIN University Center of Mexico.
  10. University of the Valley of Mexico.
  11. The Mexican University of Business Innovation.
  12. UNAM (The National Autonomous University of Mexico).
  13. The Center for Higher University Studies, SC
  14. Ken Wilber University Institute.
  15. Latin American University, SC
  16. The Azteca Center for Higher Studies.
  17. The Higher School of Humanistic Studies.
  18. University College of the Valley of Mexico.
  19. The Inter-American University for Development.
  20. The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies.

Through the next link You can consult the other universities where you can study Psychology, according to your home address.

How long is the race?

The career of Psychology in Mexico has a duration of 4 and a half years, which is equivalent to 9 semesters. During this period, a minimum of 416 credits must be completed to achieve the degree, and pass Level B1 in the knowledge of a second language (preferably English). Other than pertinent community service.

Costs of Studying Psychology in Mexico

The cost of a Psychology degree in Mexican territory depends on whether it is studied at a private or public university. In the case of private universities, the costs are from $ 130,000 pesos up to $ 950,000 pesos, and possibly much more.

On the other hand, public universities can have a total cost for the entire career of $ 30,000 pesos. This amount includes the price of books and work materials. Therefore, the university will also be chosen according to the economic capacity of each person.

Labor Field: Requirements to Study Psychology

Psychology is made up of different fields of study. Which create different profiles to provide services in the workplace, and while progressing in the studies in Psychology, it will be discovered in which area the person can specialize. Within the specializations are the following:

Work and Organizational Psychology

It is responsible for observing the labor context, to disseminate the internal relationship of the companies. Its objective is to promote a pleasant work space, where the employees who work there can have optimal conditions to perform their functions.

Social Psychology

This refers to the way the social context influences the way people think. And how the particular mentality, contributes to community thinking. When choosing this field, analyzes will be made from the collective social point of view.

Educational psychology

This area focuses on educational contexts. In other words, how is the behavior of people and groups in academic spaces. Through this field you can be an educational or vocational counselor, assessment of the development of particular skills, etc.

Clinical Psychology

The workspace is condensed into hospitals, private and public entities and clinics. If you are interested in giving support in the processes of other people, and that they can achieve mental and emotional stability, this race is a good opportunity to develop.

Recommendations to Study Psychology

At this point, we will leave some recommendations if you are going to study the Bachelor of Psychology:

Know the Characteristics to Enter

Not all people have the qualities to study this career. One of the requirements is to have a taste for constantly acquire knowledge. From the beginning of the degree, the principles of science, theories, currents and historical data are considered. These elements are internalized if you really want to learn.

One of the skills you must have to be in tune with your career is the ability to analyze and synthesize. As well as deciphering a large amount of data and separating the important factors. All this to take them to everyday life on different occasions.

Characteristics such as the ability to work in a team, empathy and emotional intelligence, are elements that make up the profile to study this career. However, the most important factor in pursuing these studies is based on a vocation for service.

Explore about the Study Plan

The Bachelor of Psychology study program must have the RVOE (Recognition of Official Validity of Studies). This certification is issued by the Ministry of Public Education and endorses your university studies. Likewise, it will be distinguished by all the relevant authorities, and above all it will promote employment opportunities.

It is essential to investigate the subjects and organization of the study plan, because in this way you will be more qualified when you start university. Within the basic area are some subjects such as:

  • Development Theories.
  • The History of Psychology.
  • The Psychopedagogical Foundations.
  • Dynamic Psychology.
  • Development Theories.
  • The Operative Intervention Techniques.

On the other hand, the major area teaches the subjects that define this career. Among which are:

  • The Psychopedagogical Evaluation.
  • Personality Assessment.
  • Clinical Psychology.
  • Qualitative research.
  • Social Psychology.
  • Technique and Theory of the Interview.
  • Educational Guidance.

And finally, there is the axiological area that considers the subjects that will increase the level of having a job and skills as a leader. These are the following:

  • Project management.
  • Management Skills.
  • Digital Competences and Management.

Evaluate the Convenient Study Mode

Psychology is an attractive and well-known career in the country. Therefore, the most prestigious universities teach it through different modalities. In the event that you are about to finish high school, and you want to continue learning through a school and online structure, there is the option of studying in a conventional way.

But if your time is limited, since it includes going to work and family care, there is the online and executive modality designed to fit the needs of each person. You should also know about the duration period. The most important thing of all, is to keep in mind that you can study Psychology.

Cultivate Emotional Stability

This does not mean that the professionals and students of this career do not have personal conflicts or mood swings. We all go through these situations. However, it is essential work on emotional balance. Apart from strengthening self-control, because this profession focuses on the therapeutic.

Obviously, if you are in a good state of mind and spirit, you have a better chance of caring for the patient in a better way.

Study Job Opportunities

This factor is fundamental, since in this way a career structure and antecedents in the field of Psychology can be defined. Knowing in which area you can work after graduation helps to determine if it is convenient to study Psychology, and how to manage performance within the professional area.

By knowing the career options that psychologists have, the career will be more attractive. It should be noted that these professionals they have many employment options. And above all, to have the opportunity to train and run your own practice.

Psychology opens possibilities in universities, companies of different branches and communication agencies. Even the training offered by this degree allows performance within advertising and marketing offices.

If you think that Psychology is the career you want to study, take advantage of the information provided in this article about the Requirements to Study Psychology. Surely you have a reason why you want to enter this field.

It is time for you to grow as a professional and what better than helping people who need emotional balance, to have a better quality of life, so do not think twice and check the Requirements to Study Psychology.

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