Requirements to teach in high school

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Among the most fundamental things for the human being this education in all senses. This area represents a large part of the training as citizens in front of society. This allows us to develop as rational, thinking and critical people. That is why it is essential for a person to be given a good education.

What leads us to have some good professionals in this area, that is, professors or teachers. For this reason, these people must have prior and special preparation.

However, educational campuses have been created focused on in the preparation of these professionals. Likewise, these people must meet certain traits or skills to choose this profession.

Today we want to bring you an article with all the information so that you can teach in a high school. In addition to providing you with information of interest on this important topic.

Requirements to obtain authorization to teach secondary education

According to what we will describe below, the requirements to obtain an authorization of this type You must meet certain criteria. Which will allow us to do the necessary procedures to obtain our authorization.

Given this, we have brought you a wide variety of information on this subject. That in turn will allow us to understand what skills and characteristics the person who formalizes your request should have.

Legal base

To begin with, it is important that we legally justify the activity to be carried out. Since it will allow us to know and confirm the legality status of this request.

Notwithstanding the conformity of this request lies in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States. As well as in the State Education Law within the articles pertinent to this topic.

It is worth mentioning that part of the operation of this is governed according to Official Journal of the Federation. In the reforms of the 1998, 1999 and 2002 according to the regulations there compliant and detailed.

General instructions

Next we will mention the parameters and basic conditions that the applicant must comply with when carrying out the process. Which are based on Mexican laws for better processing:

  • All required documentation must be consigned to the Secretariat of Education of the Mexican Government.
  • The requirements to be submitted must be accredited by the signatures of the applicant or legal representative.
  • The petition from approval and documents supplementary it will be deliver in view of the Department from Record and Certification of the Secretary from Education of the government Mexican.
  • The interested will present the documents complete in the same moment organizing and separating the original of the copy.
  • The requirements will be presented in accordance with the order established by the managing body.
  • The request must be made at least 90 days before the initiation of courses.

How do I get authorization

In order for a person to obtain authorization to provide education at the secondary level, they must submit an application with the following information:

  • The delivery date.
  • Authority or educational facility to whom it is addressed.
  • Identification documents of the applicant or legal representative.
  • The details of the articles of incorporation in case the applicant is a legal entity.
  • Applicant’s address to receive notifications.
  • Planning of the or the shift where the study plan and program will be taught.
  • The gender that students will have to enter the campus.

It is worth mentioning that the specifications and conditions for the appointment of the venue are specified in the following link: School opening guide. Inside you can find more useful information about the nomenclature of the school grounds.

Next it is worth mentioning the request must be governed and presented under the strict regime of annexes. Where, in turn, the declaration of telling the truth under oath and before Mexican law will be certified.

The annexes should refer to the following topics:

  • The staff rector and pedagogical (annexed 1).
  • Facilities in which the studies of training high school (Appendix 2).

What should be the facilities of the Educational System

As well specified within the legal framework of this issue, to achieve the incentive to impart educational training, certain guidelines must be followed. Within which the approval of the request for said acquisition will be made.

However to start the installations They must provide the student with spaces dedicated to the delivery of academic training. In addition to facilitating progress teaching and learning.

Therefore he himself must be under rigorous optimal conditions for the fulfillment of it. Such as a environment hygienic, safe and with pedagogical tools.

In turn, the environment must count on brightness and ventilation adapted to the environment where it is. As well as having essential services for the well-being of students, such as drinking water, sanitary services and medical attention.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that said institution must be in constant maintenance. In addition to complying with the faculties legal and administrative in reference to the state of the educational establishment.


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