Requirements to travel to Chile from México: Documentation

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The reasons for traveling to chili they are a lot, and much more for the first time. chili is known as one of the countries of South America safer to make your trip for the first time, in addition to the security it has, it has a variety of natural attractions that you will love, since it is a very long strip of land.

You will be able to find arid deserts, high plateau lagoons with an immensity of colors, and so many wonderful things that will take your breath away, wanting more and more. Keep reading and know the requirements that are necessary to enter beautiful Chile.

Requirements to travel to Chile from México

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months (from entry to departure)
  • When you arrive in Chile you must pay $ 23 USD by reciprocity tax. This payment is made long before the immigration filters. Each Mexican visitor who enters Chile with a stamped visa does not have to pay this tax, we are talking about students, job offers, among others.
  • Have a very good health.
  • Having enough money for your stay in Chile, this will depend on the activities you plan to do, the places you will visit and where you will stay.
  • You must have a relative, friend, etc., with whom you can assure the migration persons that you are going to return to your country of origin.
  • You must have proof of accommodation, this can be from a hotel or an invitation letter from the person you know and reside in Chile.


According to the agreement you have chili with the México City, signed on October 8, 1991, citizens of Mexican nationality who have the desire to travel to the city of chili as sightseeing They should only have their passport with them with a validity of at least 6 months, in addition to the airboat driver entering and leaving this country.

It is only 90 days that you can stay in this country.

Holder student residence visa

1- Acceptance document from the university, or high school.

2- DThis sworn statement must be made before a notary public.

This must mention who is going to be responsible for the maintenance, the study payments and you are pending to buy the return plane ticket, it will be purchased as required, even if the round trip ticket is present on arrival.

3- You must carry a medical certificate that ensures that they do not have any infectious disease.

This certificate can be explained by any doctor and private, from a public institute or private institute.

Be careful, you have to specify that the traveler is totally healthy, explain in detail that he does not have any disease. The consulate only asks for the medical certificate, without any clinical study.

4- Criminal record.

5- Three black and white passport size photos.

For dependent student residence visa

1- Letter from the person requesting the visa for the dependents.

2- The student visa must be already processed and authorized as it is necessary.

3- Medical certificate. This must have the same terms as the headlines.

4- No criminal record.

5- A copy of the passport (only the sheet that shows the general data of the person, not the entire passport itself)

6- If the wife must have the marriage certificate, and the children’s certificate.

7- 10$ Dollars

Visa subject to employment contract

1- Contract previously signed by the employer before the notary

2- 5 dollars the value of the signature before the consul.

3- Signed contract, valid passport, and the antecedents, will allow the seriousness of the job offer to which you are going to attend.

4- Once your work visa is issued, approximately this will be in 20 days. You must be aware and call the consulate and check if the authorization of your life arrived.

5- When the answer is yes, you must go to the consulate with the documents mentioned below:

  • No criminal record.
  • Health certificate, which must specify that you do not suffer from any contagious disease.
  • Three (3) passport size photographs in black and white colors.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • $ 170

Temporary residence visa

This applies to consultants or advisers hired by a Mexican company, people with beliefs, spouses or children of Chileans.

The requirements are as follows:

  • From consultants or advisers:
  • Mexica company letter.
  • Letter from the Chilean company. Which must explain the functions performed during the time of permanence in Chile
  • Letter explaining the salary that the company will earn in México.
  • 10 dollars.

People with beliefs:

  • Endorsement letter with the Mexican congregation
  • Chilean letter indicating the invitation of this.
  • 10 dollars.

Spouses or children of Chileans:

  • Proof of marriage registration or birth consultant registration.
  • Letter verifying the link
  • Chilean birth certificate (father or spouse) in which it is confirmed that you will be responsible for the maintenance of the family during your stay.

What tourist sites can I visit in Chile

On chili there are many beautiful places you can visit, here we bring you some:

  • The Bicentennial Park in Santiago.
  • Valley of the moon
  • Cotacotani lagoons
  • Cavancha beach located in Iquique
  • Hills of Valparaíso
  • Hanging Glacier in Queulat National Park

How do I travel to Chile if I lost my passport

In the event of any theft or loss of your passport, the consular authorities may deliver a safe passage After making the respective inquiries if this is really true or not, this document will allow you to enter Chile.

To receive this document, you must make the declarations in advance of the loss or theft of the passport to an authority in the area or town, once this procedure has been carried out, they will give you a record of what happened.

This document must be returned to the Chilean authorities at the border on their respective arrival in Chile.

The value of the passport in this case is 40$ Dollars.

Success for always reading us!

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