Requirements to travel to Perú from México: Everything you need to know

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People who are from the countries of Spanish speaking They must meet certain requirements and submit regulatory documentation. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Requirements to travel to Perú

  • The passport It must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of entering the country and until the date on which the trip ends.
  • To have good health.
  • Present labor relations, family and / or financial partners in your country of origin, where it is demonstrated that you intend to return home.
  • Have enough money to stay in the stay in Perú, which is due to the place of lodging (either at the home of a family, hotel or friends) and the activities to be carried out in Perú.
  • The entry will be sealed by the immigration authorities At the time of entering Perú and the days of the stay will be noted, as well as it will be noted on the TAM (Andean card for Perúvian immigrants).
  • The Andean Perúvian Immigration Card It must be kept during the entire stay in the country as long as you do not reside as such and are considered a foreigner.

For travel to Perú as tourists, Mexicans do not need to have a visa.

Necessary documentation

The requirements that Spanish-speaking countries must meet they are very simple and easy to comply to enter Perú.

1.- Passport: If you are originally from these countries: Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela and Uruguay, you will not need a passport to enter Perú.

In these cases, you only need to have your identification document from your country of origin with you.

In the case of Cuba, México, Spain and the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries require a passport with a minimum of six (06) months as the validity period at the time of entering Perúvian territory.

2.- Tourist visa: If you are from Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti and Honduras, you require a visa to enter the country. The rest of the countries will only need a passport, except for those mentioned above.


Regarding the requirements to opt for the visaYou can consult them through the embassies or consulates, through the corresponding procedures.

If what you need is a visa for study, work, business, etc., in particular each one of them has its own specific rules and regulations in the corresponding diplomatic representations.

If you find yourself in the situation of have a car or motorcycle own and want to visit Perú from your vehicle, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have and maintain legal documents of the vehicle (either the motorcycle or the car).
  • Possess the driver’s license valid.
  • Yes you are not the owner of the vehicle You must have a notarized authorization from the same to enter the country with the vehicle.
  • In addition, authorization is required where it is indicated that the vehicle has tourist purposes.

I need a Visa to go to Perú

Specifically It will be detailed below Which countries require a visa and the typology in that case.

  • If you are a Mexican citizen and it is intended to travel as a tourist, a visa will not be required. In accordance with the provisions of Supreme Decree No. 31-2013-RE, where Mexicans are exonerated from processing it.
  • In another particular, if you are Venezuelan with permanent residence in México They are also exempted from the visa process.
  • On the contrary it happens, if you are Venezuelan and have temporary residence In México, the procedure must be carried out to request the tourist visa to enter Perú, adding the requirements already indicated above.
  • To request a criminal record, Venezuelans they should enter this link. After obtaining it, they must apostille it through the following portal: Click here
  • Tourist visa will be exonerated to citizens who have Permanent Residence in the Republics of Colombia, Chile and in the United States of México according to Supreme Decree No. 061-2016-RE.
  • Citizens of the People’s Republic of China, Permanent residents of: Canada, the United States of America or any state belonging to the Schengen area are exempted from processing the business or tourist visa.

Clarifications regarding visas

If it is the case of students will need to apply for a 90 day visa in the DIGEMIN (extendable) and valid for six (06) months after delivery.

If he The trip is for business, the maximum validity is 183 days It is mandatory for all countries except Brazil, the European Union and Indonesia.

The rest of the visas (religion, work, diplomatic, journalist and artist) that are granted are for a maximum of ninety (90) days and are valid for six months from the date of delivery.

The cost of the visa varies between 15 and 30 dollars, Depending on what is required and the processing will be done at the Consulate of each country.

Airlines that travel to Perú

The airlines that offer their flights to Lima from México They are: Flights Aeromexico, LATAM Airlines Group, Interjet, Avianca,


No vaccination is mandatory to enter the country. However, it is recommended to get the chickenpox vaccine in the case of not having suffered it before and the Hepatitis A vaccine.

Although it is not mandatory getting one or the other vaccine In case of wanting to go to the Amazon jungle, the tourist at the time of entering the country would already have to be vaccinated with yellow fever (said vaccine is given 10 days before the trip).

In the same way they should be forecasts regarding mosquito bites, and to avoid altitude sickness, you should eat lightly and drink plenty of fluids.

Destinations to know in Perú

There are many places we can see and visit in Perú In it we will find cities with a lot of history, Inca cities, landscapes of incredible valleys, deserts and beaches, and the wild nature of the Amazon, to say the least.

Next we will show the places What you should not miss if you come to Perú:

1.- Macchu Picchu: It is one of the 7 wonders of the world, the lost city of the Incas. It is located 130 kilometers from Cusco at 2500 meters of altitude. It was discovered in 1911 by the American Hiram Bingham.

2.- The Paracas National Reserve: It is a reserve that forms an ecosystem that combines a perfect mix between marine diversity motivated by the abundance of food (plankton) and a desert area.

For being a nature reserve it is a protected areaTherefore, it is recommended to visit it with a tour guide and listen to the history of the Archaeological remains of the Ancient Paracas Culture from the expert.

They should also not forget to visit places such as the Fossil Deposits and the Fauna and, in addition, the Red Beach, places that you should not miss.

Other very beautiful destinations

3.- Huacachina Oasis: Located 5 kilometers from the city of Ica, it is one of the few that exist in all of America.

In the middle of the coastal desert surrounded by palm trees, with emerald green waters. It has a hotel infrastructure which will allow you to enjoy the night there and during the day the enjoyment of activities.

You access the Huacachina Oasis from Santa Cruz del Sur station in Lima to the city of Ica, and there you take a taxi to the oasis.

4.- Arequipa: It was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it is a city built mostly of white volcanic stone.

In this city you should not miss the Plaza de Armas, the Mirador de Carmen Alto, the Monastery of Santa Catalina, the Casa del Moral, the Church of the Company and its cloisters, among others.

Among others destinations to visit we have the Colca Valley, Iquitos, Lake Titicaca, the Ballestas Islands, Nazca and the Sacred Valley.

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