Saldazo Card: Find out everything you need to know

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You’ve probably heard about the Saldazo card offered by OXXO, if you wish to obtain it in order to enjoy its benefits. If this is your case, here we will explain even what this consists of. card, how to obtain it and also what to do if you need to request a new one.

In addition to how useful it is at all times this card for your use, plus it can be used in stores other than OXXO.

What is the Saldazo Card

The well-known saldazo card It has a prepaid mode, what this means is that it is a plastic to which money deposits are made.

In addition to the fact that as I feel used, you will consume the funds that have deposited.

This type of card It has become popular because of the ease of acquiring it, since you do not have the need to open an account.

And not to have a previous credit history, it is also a bill which is linked together with Citibanamex.

In this way it is one of the provisions of bill of Transfer Banamex. In this account you will also have the option so that you can.

Make shipments and power receive your money through text messages which is only available for Telcel telephony.

Thanks to the fact that it is supported by the Visa, it can be accepted in many of the shops found in the world.

So that you can perform the Procedure It will only end up asking you for a minimum amount so that you can go to the branches to be able to request it.

In these cards You can easily make deposits of even $ 15,000 per month, to be made in stores or at their respective ATMs.

Whether they are from Citibanamex or in other banks, there you can also withdraw money in cash or in the cashiers from the other banks.

These commissions will vary based on the Bank in which the transaction is currently being carried out.

Among the advantages that can be highlighted to these cards are the ones that we place below:

  • Just so you can make the request for your respective Saldazo card, it will not be necessary that you have a credit history.
  • Still less to perform vouchers of income, the only thing that they are going to request is your personal data.
  • Be of legal age and be able to perform at least your Deposit which is initially $ 50.
  • You will have the possibility of being able to send money and receive them, to be able to carry out refills for your cell phone.
  • Perform alert services through text messages, but for this you have to join Transfer Citibanamex.
  • Thanks to the fact that it is backed by Visa, you will be able to perform services on your accounts with a wide range of possibilities.
  • You will receive permanent access to all discounts and the promotions that exist in the various branches.
  • As long as they are around the Republic of México and can cancel with the Saldazo card
  • It allows you to better control all the expenses to be made, due because it only has what it previously deposited.

How to use the Saldazo Card

For the use of your saldazo card you need to know:

You can only deposit a maximum amount on your card of $ 15,000 pesos each month to be used in the Saldazo card.

  • You can only use the money that you have previously deposited in the Saldazo card.
  • It does not have a minimum amount of balance to keep in the card.
  • It has requirements that are really minima without having the need to sign the contracts.
  • They are found in any of the branch offices at OXXO.

For reasons mentioned above, they are accepted in establishments that use VISA and at the same time in OXXO.

This Saldazo card It is one of the options so that you do not use cash since it can be used thanks to the fact that it is VISA.

Using the number on your card, you can make deposits at any of the branches in Citibanamex. U OXXO.

When you need to make withdrawals from cash You can do it at Citibanamex ATMs as well as at OXXO stores.

Also there they can give you a voucher so you can make claims in case of insufficient balance.

You can give him the number your card Saldazo to any friend, family member who is requesting you.

To send the money you can also receive your vouchers when necessary.

Once you know how to use it then We can go on to comment on what is necessary so that you can obtain it.

This way you will have few inconveniences in the moment of wanting to possess it, to carry out the procedures.


So you can get your Saldazo card and enjoy the benefits that it has, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • You have to go to any of the OXXO stores to be able to request your Saldazo card.
  • Submit your credential to vote that is in effect.
  • Your complete data such as Name and the surnames
  • The place where born and the date of this event.
  • The full address of your address
  • The number currently owned by your mobile regardless of the telephony.

With all these requirements, you will be able to make your respective request for the Saldazo card.

How to activate my Saldazo Card

Really by activating the Saldazo card you don’t have to worry, because after you have completed.

The corresponding process for your application With the product in OXXO, at the time of delivery the plastic must already be active.

In turn there is another possibility which is sign up turn and activate the account by Transfer before even starting the process.

Of the card since it can be requested from the Application of Transfer once you have the account.

In order to open the Transfer account and activate it immediately through the official website of Transfer Citibanamex

To make the request for the folio that has the Saldazo Card You can do it with the following options that we will communicate to you:

Entering your app transfer, there you can select the option to “Request physical card” and then select the “New Card”

Then you can put your NIP Transfer password, so you can receive again your folio number so you can pick up the card.

At the OXXO store that corresponds to you, assist with your ID official in force, you must pay for this card $ 50.00 pesos

Also from this app Transfer You will have the option of consulting the balance in addition to the movements so that you can send and receive the money.

It is important that you know that once your folio has been generated, you will only have 48 hours to collect the card if you exceed the time you must request another.

If you do the application from your own cell phone you must be able to follow the following steps to complete the application:

Make a call to following number (01 55) 4631 2669, make the respective request of the folio.

After this you can go to an OXXO store at claim your card or at one of the branches owned by Citibanamex.

Likewise, the total cost of the card it will be $ 50.00 pesos

It is important that you know that once you have already been generated Your folio will only have 48 hours to collect the card if it exceeds the time you must request another.

And if you want to request it directly in OXXO stores, you should also wait for the Invoice that corresponds.

In addition to presenting the respective Credential To vote in force (INE), the card has a cost of at least $ 50.00 pesos.

How to check the balance of my Saldazo Card

If you want to know what is the balance you have in your Saldazo card You just have to follow the steps that suit you best:

Through the via in SMS:

Send a message to number 4040 having the word that says Balance, after that number another will arrive requesting your NIP Transfer.

After sending your NIP Transfer you can then obtain the current balance that the account has Saldazo, is usually one of the most used methods.

You can also check it online, through the application Transfer or through the Transfer portal:

You have to download the application from Transfer, you can start the session with your cell phone number and your own password.

You will see a section that tells you “Check Balance”. After select it you can see the money available in your account there.

If instead you want to check the balance of the Saldazo card You can also call by phone:

You have to send the call to the Center Attention Telefónica Transfer Banamex, to the following phone number 55 46 31 26 69 or * 444

You will have to select the option number 2, then option number 3 and finally option number 1 to continue.

You can provide the data of the bill at that time for the balance to be disclosed.

In any of the methods that you use will end up being charged a specific commission that will be discounted quickly.

Usually it is only $ 5 pesos.

How much does my Saldazo Card cost?

In general for its saldazo card You only have to pay $ 50.00 pesos. Which will be really just because of the plastic.

A minimum amount will not be necessary to to deposit at that time only to cancel your plastic.

What are the commissions of my Saldazo Card

We will present you with a table where you can place the commissions that the Saldazo Card which is part of Citibanamex.

To make it easy for you to operate benefiting also to OXXO:

Concept Amount
What is the cost of the Saldazo card of OXXO? $ 50 To cancel only with the application of plastic.
The commission you request Saldazo for money withdrawal $ 12
The commission you request Saldazo for the deposit of money $ 10
The commission you request Saldazo to check your balance $ 0 to $ 5
The commission you request Saldazo for the consultation of all movements $ 5 + VAT
The commission you request Saldazo to be able to carry out the replacement of the plastic. $ 50

I forgot the PIN of my Saldazo Card, what do I do?

We have all forgotten the PIN for at least one chance, if you do not know how to do it in this case it is really only necessary.

That it is modified or recovered very quickly, what you have to do is go to the area of ​​Attention to Customers from a Citibanamex branch.

As long as it is a schedule from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., thus presenting the official identification and your Saldazo card.

If by chance it is the day Sunday in which you forgot your PIN then you can contact the customer service number of Transfer.

The schedule there is from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., then you just have to follow the process that indicates that advisor, in charge of assisting you.

Is it possible to transfer a balance to my Card from another bank?

There are many users who tend to think that it is really impossible to make transfers from others banks.

For any of the Saldazos cards, but it turns out that it is much simpler than it seems to be, is what we will explain.

You will only need for this the 16 digits that can be found on the front that has the Saldazo card.

So that you can transfer from any of the banksIn addition, if you prefer, you can also take care of the request.

The respective interbank CLABE of its plastic to attend the branch office Citibanamex, with the Saldazo card.

With their IDs officers, therefore summarizing.

May to transfer from Bancomer to Saldazo Yes

Can you choose to transfer from Banorte to Saldazo? Yes

You can transfer from Citibanamex to Saldazo Yes

It can choose transfer from Santander to Saldazo? Yes

You can transfer from Scotiabank to Saldazo Yes

It can choose transfer from Bancomer to Saldazo? Yes

What do I do if I lost my Saldazo Card

There are many general problems which can also include cards that are debit, credit or services.

Like the complications that some of these usually possess plastics either due to the lack of information provided by the institution.

That he will be in charge of issuing you, either for the collection of the commissions variants, or the acceptance of some unexplained things.

It is for this reason that really Citibanamex has been in charge of creating prepaid cards which in turn has been able to gain popularity.

But even so there are also some doubts about what should be done in order to cancel it, either due to theft, lost.

Or because they no longer want the cardThat is why those who have decided to cancel the card have found that it is not such a simple process.

How to cancel my Saldazo Card

If you have already decided to cancel at least your Saldazo card, you must follow a series of steps for this process to be successful.

Remember that you can cancel it in case you consider as necessary regardless of whether it’s just because you no longer want the account.

Or for various reasons that may involve a Stole, a loss or whatever you see as necessary to apply at least this cancellation.

Without further ado we will tell you a series of recommendations before I can tell you the steps you will need to complete.

First it is recommended that you withdraw as much cash as you can from the bill so that later it does not have major inconveniences.

If you want to know what the Steps that you have to follow, just keep reading to get to know them.

Step by Step

  1. You must make a call to number who has customer service for Transfer Banamex: at number 55 4631 2669.
  2. In this case, you can carry out the call also through Telcel to the following number * 4444
  3. In turn, mark option number 2 that the switch, then you continue with the number 0 and at the end of the number 1.
  4. A executive to which you must request that your film be canceled.

You have to take into account that when this is done you will only have canceled the plastic Until now.

If you want to do the cancellation You can also request it with the executive through the same call made.

How to change the phone number of my Saldazo Card

If you want to change the number The cell phone number that you have registered in your respective Transfer Account will be necessary.

That I can follow the 3 Steps that we will indicate below for your knowledge:

  • You can make the call to number that corresponds to customer service: 01 (55) 4631 2669.
  • Do not forget to unsubscribe the services that correspond for the Transfer application that are associated with the above number.
  • You have to go to your branch of Citibanamex, thus requesting the linking of your new phone number

Once these steps have been carried out, the number phone number that was associated and you can continue.

With the operations that seem necessary in these cases.

Differences between the Saldazo Card and the Transfer application

To know the differences between the Transfer application and the Saldazo Card you have to be able to consider the following aspects:

When we find ourselves talking about the respective Saldazo Card actually we mean is the plastic that allows us.

Access a deposit account, is this bill the one that has been called with the Transfer Banamex account.

Once you have this product, it may be possible to help improve the experience by making use of linking using the application. Transfer.

That you can allow all users to manage the accounts through their mobile, thus enabling him.

Be able to perform a multitude of operations among which we can name the following:

  • Send money to your accounts transfer in addition to the other banks.
  • Be able to do the inquiries of movements and balance.
  • You can make payments of service like electricity, water or even gas.
  • Perform the recharge of the balance for your phone.
  • Unlock and blocking of your account that you have active.
  • You have the possibility of making your retreats of cash without having the card in hand.
  • In addition to canceling when appropriate their cards credit for Citibanamex.

This is all the necessary information so that you can obtain your respective Saldazo card.

That is why in conclusion we can tell you that this card It is still jointly affiliated with Visa, so it can be accepted in many commercial establishments.

Even if I only have a limit to be able to deposit every month, and on cash withdrawals if you make them at OXXO stores.

You may have a cash limit to withdraw because the establishment you also can’t run out of cash for future purchases.

In addition to the collection of commissions it is not as high as in the other banks which is a benefit for this card.

However you have to tell that this will be discounted immediately and therefore you have to remember it before performing.

Any operation so that in this way does not result in your balance is totally insufficient, which is often difficult to remember.

This card is also beneficial since it can be obtained by anyone as long as they are a resident of México.

Since for this they will not ask for a credit history and no other collection to be able to obtain this Saldazo card.

These cards also have a date of expiration and you have to be very attentive to when that date arrives.

Since your money will end up looking like locked because you will not be able to use it through the card.

However, the procedure to request another is the same as if it were issued for the first time but you have to cancel the plastic.

It is recommended that you have annotated in a place where you cannot forget the PIN, as it can be an even more tedious process.

At the time of request a new one if you lose the card.

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