SAM Form for the Departure of Minors: How it is, Data and MORE

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The SAM Form for Departure of Minors is intended for all those minors or persons under legal guardianship who are going to leave Mexico with a third party or by themselves. It is a protection measure, so it is very important that you know all the aspects about this online application.

For this reason, we have brought this article for you. In Gestiónalo You will be able to know how to process the SAM form, what data it contains and what it is for. Likewise, we will answer some questions that arise about this document and much, much more. So stay with us!

How to fill out the SAM Form for the Departure of Minors?

Let’s start talking about How to fill out the SAM Form. Exactly, let’s talk about how is the procedure to get the form. It goes without saying that this will be of immense use to you, as it will help you enormously with the process.

The procedure is done in a semi-face-to-face way and the result of the procedure is to obtain the SAM format validated by the officers. For this, you must follow the steps that we will explain below:

  • To start, you must fill the Online Form with the data they ask for. Once you have completed it, you will need to download and print three copies.
  • With this in hand, you will have to approach the INM representative office that is closest to your home. Consult them here. You can also do the procedure at any airport or sea / land port that allows trips abroad.
  • Along with the format, you must present the following documents:
    • Passport of the person who will make the trip. Both the original and three (03) copies of the document.
    • Birth certificate. Only three (03) copies are required.
    • Identification document of the person who is going to travel with the minor. We are talking about a third party of legal age. The document must be current and, likewise, only three (03) copies are needed.
    • Finally, the same number of copies for the Identification document of the person who has guardianship or exercises parental authority.
  • Once you are in the place and indicate the procedure you want to carry out, an authorized agent will validate the format by placing the respective stamps.
  • As a result of the procedure, the minor or the person under legal guardianship you will be able to travel outside the United States of Mexico more safely.

This is how the SAM format process is done. As you can see, it is extremely simple. The truth is that it is a document for the benefit of all, to prevent the illegal extraction of minors from the country.

Now that you know all this, we can go on to explain other aspects that you should know about this form.

Data requested by the SAM Form for the Departure of Minors

Now let’s talk about Data Included in the SAM Form for the Departure of Minors. Knowing what information they will request will allow you to know how to fill out the form correctly, so we decided that we would explain everything about this. Keep in mind that it is an online application, so filling it out is even easier.

Let’s see!

  • To begin with, you will find the section corresponding to the Personal data of the person who will make the trip. You just have to indicate the full name, sex, date and country of birth, nationality, country of residence, state, municipality and city.
  • Once you complete this section, you must fill out the one corresponding to the Identification document. You must select the type of document (passport or identity and travel document), number, country of issue and date of issue and expiration. Of course, corresponding to the minor.
  • Almost finished, the section of the Data of the Responsible, that is, of the mother / father or of the person who exercises the legal representation of the minor and authorizes the trip. Likewise, the full name, sex, date and country of birth, country of residence, nationality, domicile are reported.
  • You will also have to fill out the section of the Identification document. Again, the type of document, number, country of issue, and date of issue and expiration must be selected.
  • Finally, go the Travel Data. Exactly, you will find the date of travel, means of transport, number, destination and if you will travel alone or accompanied.
    • If you will travel accompanied, another section will appear to enter the data of who will be accompanying you. The same data is requested as before.

The best thing about the process is that it is done online. This means that you can do it from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. When you finish entering the data, all that remains is to click on Keep and print the form.

What is the SAM Form for the Departure of Minors for?

The SAM Form for Departure of Minors It is a type of Notice / Authorization so that, precisely, the minor can travel abroad. It may be that you are going to do it alone or accompanied by a third party, but in any case it is necessary to fill out this form and present it for validation.

The form was designed as a protective measure. This is focused on preventing the illegal extraction of minors and persons under legal guardianship from the country. In addition, it is completely free.

As you already know, it is completed online and copies are printed right there. The person who carries out the procedure, who must be the mother, father or person with guardianship / parental authority, must validate it with the supporting documentation. With this in hand, you must save it and present it when the minor is going to leave the country.

its validity It has a duration of 180 days, which correspond to six (06) months. It starts counting from the day it is made, so take the necessary precautions. On the other hand, it is recommended that you do the diligence a few days before the travel date. In this way, you will avoid setbacks when the minor has to travel.

Finally, keep in mind that this form must be submitted by children and adolescents. Whether they are Mexican, with dual nationality or of another nationality but with residence (temporary / permanent).

When is it not necessary?

It is not necessary to fill out the SAM Form when the minor will travel with his mother, father, with both or with his legal guardian. Also, it is not necessary if they are to be repatriated to Mexico.

In addition, these are the same ones that must fill out this application.

Frequently asked questions

The most frequent questions people ask regarding this form are the following.

Why three copies of each document? What do I do with them?
Very simple! Each one has a different destination:

  • Federal Migration Agent.
  • Travel company.
  • For you.

It must be delivered to these people.

What if more than one son or daughter will travel?
Then you will have to fill out a SAM form for each one.
How long is its validity?
Exactly 180 days. These are counted from the day of preparation of the form.
Since when has this form been requested?
The measure came out in 2014. Specifically, it was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, on January 24.
Do minors who are as tourists need to process it?
No, no document of this type is necessary.
Does the procedure have any cost?
This is completely free. It has no cost.
Why does the form have to be stamped?
To confirm in person that the data provided correspond to reality. For this reason, copies of identity documents and other documents are requested.

Take them into account and act with caution. It is very important to answer these questions for a better management of the SAM form process.

What is the SAM Form for the Release of Minors?

The SAM Form for Departure of Minors It is an application that is filled out online and that is validated in person at the INM representative office, at the airport or at the ports of departure in Mexico.

As its name indicates, this must be processed by all parents or legal guardians of children or adolescents who go to travel abroad, either alone or with the presence of a third party of legal age. It also applies to people under legal guardianship who need to leave the country.

It only contains the data of the minor, of who carries out the procedure and, if he is traveling accompanied, of this person. Has a valid for six months, which correspond to the exact 180 days that begin to count once the form is issued.

The procedure has no cost. By filling up online, it can be done in the most comfortable way, from wherever you are. Then if you have to go to the nearest office to have the stamps placed. We speak in the plural because there are three copies that have to be validated.

The format will go to the issuer, the federal agent and the responsible travel company. The diligence must be done taking time forecasts and ensuring that it is accompanied by the necessary documents.

Finally, note that the form is aimed at minors. These can be Mexican, have dual nationality (one of them being Mexican) or of foreign nationality but with residence.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!

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