Soft Skills: Definition, How They Are Developed, Importance, and MORE

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The Soft skills (Soft Skills) they are a very important element of a company. You’ve probably heard of these before. In a simplified way, they are all those social skills, intelligence, attitudes, professional attributes, etc., that help to have a pleasant development in a work environment.

Today we will be telling you everything about these skills. Specifically, we will explain what soft and hard skills are, which ones are the most sought after by companies, how they develop and what their importance is exactly. If you are interested in all this, then we urge you to Keep reading!

What are Soft Skills?

Let’s start by talking about the Definition of Soft Skills. These are all the skills that the workers of a company have or are expected to have. It refers to social skills, emotional and social intelligence, attitudes, professional attributes, communication skills, and many other inherent personality traits.

These achieve that the workers unfold in a pleasant and respectful work environment. It is not necessary that they enter with all of them either, only that they can develop them by interacting with other people and in day-to-day practice. These skills, along with the hard ones, can achieve the achievement of the objectives of each of the people who implement them.

These skills are desired for any job that exists. After all, at some point it corresponds to attend or work with someone else, for which it is sought that there is camaraderie, support and respect. However, if there is that some jobs require them even more, especially those related to sales.

Other skills can be time management, responsibility, attitude, leadership, empathy, organization, teamwork, and personal habits. Basically all skills related to lto personality.

Studies carried out have determined that the achievement of professional success is due in much greater proportion to soft skills than to hard ones. Specifically, it was the Carnegie Mello Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute that conducted this study, in a proportion 75% -25%. Harvard found one of 90% -20%.

What are Hard Skills?

The Hard Skills (Hard Skills) They are the companions of the previous ones. These you should also know them, as they are the ones that decorate the Curriculum vitae. Here all the technical skills are framed, related to the scientific knowledge acquired.

To be more specifically, the hard skills are software management, Office programs (Word, Excel), web programming, in different languages, written expression techniques, logistics, among others. As we told you before, they are acquired through courses, qualifications, training, technicians and everything that involves a study and an internship.

As we told you before, these complement each other perfectly with soft skills. A person who possesses a set of both is more likely to achieve his professional goals in the short, medium and long term.

In general, the hard skills They allow the worker to carry out their tasks or technical tasks. Meanwhile, the soft skills They allow the worker to carry out these tasks and others of a social nature efficiently, with a positive attitude and other expressions of personality. The combination of both gives the best possible result.

We take the opportunity to tell you the hard skills most in demand:

  • Analysis and interpretation of data. Statistical methods are used to interpret a series of data and extract information from it. It is especially necessary in the technological area, clinical studies, etc.
  • Knowledge management. Keeping up-to-date with scientific and field work is always helpful. Especially when this information is transmitted in the company and achieves positive results.
  • Project management. There are jobs that require leadership when carrying out projects successfully.
  • Management of social networks, as well as digital skills.
  • Programming knowledge.
  • Languages.
  • Writing skills.

Of course, they will also depend on each job. Perhaps an office job requires writing, social media and language skills more than programming and statistics skills.

Most Wanted Soft Skills in Companies

Let’s talk about Most Wanted Soft Skills in Companies. Now that you know what soft and hard skills are, as well as the most demanded hard skills, we can move on to talk about this. This way you will know some of the skills you have to have to get the job you want. Let’s see!

  • Teamwork. It is not worth just putting it on the resume, but you must have real skills when working with one or more people.
  • Communication. It is important to know how to communicate, make public speeches, and express yourself clearly. Of course, both writing and speaking.
  • Responsibility. You also have to be disciplined, willing to do your job well, and get it done on time. Having initiative, being punctual and not missing work are also elements that are framed here.
  • The positive attitude it can make a difference in many cases. Not only is it contagious, but it allows you to achieve all the goals of the day if you are positive.
  • Creativity, a key factor when innovating.
  • Problem resolution. This skill is not only indispensable in work but in life. Seeing solutions to problems is always a plus.
  • Integrity and interpersonal skills, as well as courtesy. Key point to have values, good manners and get along with others.
  • Leadership. When carrying out projects it is important to adopt a leadership position as well, so that it is carried out successfully,
  • Negotiation. This is a skill that not only bosses need: the ability to negotiate can be used for absolutely everything. You can get what you want if you know how to negotiate.
  • Decision-making work. Always but always you will have to make decisions; doing it in a short time and efficiently is a very profitable skill.
  • Flexibility when adapting to any change that may occur, be it in the work dynamics, the environment or anything else.
  • Stress management. Jobs are often very mentally demanding, causing stress. It is very useful if the person knows how to manage that stress.
  • Finally, the skill in the Customer service it is very important. If you will be serving people it is a skill that you have to have in your repertoire.

Obviously, if you have all these there is no doubt that you will achieve incredible results in your work environment. Soft skills can be presented on your resume. Especially now that you know that 75% to 80% of career success is based on these.

How are they developed?

How to develop them? This is a very frequently asked question. It may be difficult for you to manage stress, work as a team, make decisions, solve problems … The important thing is that you keep in mind that you can acquire these skills if you set your mind to it, as well as any other. If you propose it, then you can take a series of actions that will lead you to achieve it.

Acquiring such a skill takes time, conscious effort and experience. In fact, most develop with continued practice. How do you expect to learn to manage stress if you don’t put yourself through it over and over again? First you need to live it and from the experience find a way to make it enjoyable.

Thus, in times of high stress, you can try taking a twenty-minute nap, drinking coffee, meditating, going for a walk, or talking to somebody. To make decisions, you only have to make mistakes and learn, as long as you have to make decisions once and once.

To solve problems, you need problems! That is when you will stop and think that by stressing you will not achieve anything. You can shift your focus to finding a solution, rather than stressing out because there is a problem in the first place. Doing this over and over will allow that when you have a problem, your focus is to automatically solve it.

The same for teamwork, being responsible, social …It all takes practice. If you don’t like talking to others and are shy, you should step out of your comfort zone and step into a conversation with someone. Only then can you develop soft skills.

Finally, you should know that there are even courses for some of these skills. For instance, oratory.

Importance of Soft Skills

To finish, you must know the Importance of Soft Skills. The truth is that this not only falls on the work level, but also on the personal level. Having these skills will allow you to function better in your day to day, both at home and at work and in your social environment.

Specifically in the company, having these skills will allow the worker to perform in their work in a effective and efficient. Not only this, but the company will have a person who is responsible, capable of carrying out his tasks in the best way, and who can communicate and work with his colleagues when needed.

Imagine having a worker in your company who is always late, does not deliver the jobs on time and, if he does, they are not of quality. Not only that, but he doesn’t like working with his co-workers, nor they with him. Also, it appears to have a black cloud over its head. He seems like a person who is impossible to work with, doesn’t he?

On your side, if you are this person, imagine working while bitter, not wanting to deliver anything, much less something of high quality. You do not talk to anyone, you are always stressed … does it seem that you are going to grow in your work area, to be professionally successful? No! Well, right there lies the importance of soft skills.

We hope we have helped you. Until next time!

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