Steps and Requirements for Infonavit Credit

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If you are interested in improving your economic and patrimonial situation, you just have to follow each of the Requirements for Infonavit Credit.

The Institute of the National Workers’ Housing Fund (INFONAVIT) grants more and more credits over the years so that Mexican citizens have the possibility of improving their quality of life.

Keep in mind that this represents a solution to economic problems and a path to progress. Before knowing the steps to request it, it is necessary to know what it consists of. ¡This is your chance!

What are Infonavit Credits?

Consists in mortgage credits that have the purpose of allowing citizens to have the possibility of acquiring a home. In addition, the construction, remodeling or rental of a house can be carried out when acquiring this credit.

The credit applies to all salary levels, with an annual interest rate of 12% and affordable monthly installments.

To take advantage of this golden opportunity we present you the Fonacit credit requirements. The acquisition, repair or construction of your house is essential for your personal development, It’s time to create your home! .

What are the Requirements to Request an Infonavit Credit?

To opt for the Infonavit credit, it is essential to meet a series of requirements, among which the following stand out:

  • The applicant must be active in your job At the time of requesting the credit from Infonavit, you cannot be unemployed.
  • have a minimum of 116 points with Infonavit.
  • To apply for a loan you need to make a budget planning that covers the costs, expenses and income of the family group, so that Infonavit has an estimate of the behavior of its finances.
  • Are needed two (2) personal references that they express the relationship they present with the applicant; together with your personal data so that Infonavit can contact them (address, mail and telephone).
  • complete the credit form with the required personal data and deliver it to Infonavit with their respective original signature.
  • At the time of acquiring any credit in Infonavit, the so-called “Green Mortgage”.

The Green Mortgage constitutes a program created so that people are obliged to implement ecotechnology.

For him calculation of Infonavit points, your age is taken into account; your salary; your Infonavit savings and the period of time that the company or entity where you work has made contributions for your benefit.

Steps to Process Infonavit Credit

Below we will highlight the steps you must follow to process and complete the Infonavit credit application.

  • Infonavit credit application
  • Review compliance with each of the Requirements to apply for an Infonavit credit exposed above.
  • Infonavit prequalification: To apply for the Infonavit credit, you must comply with the prequalification of the institute carried out in its Web page. At the end of the prequalification you will know if you have the minimum 116 necessary points.

The amount of Infonavit credit that corresponds to you; the amount of savings corresponding to the Housing Subaccount (the amount is added to the credit); amount required to make payments of a financial, operational and titling nature; Finally, the page will indicate the amount that will be deducted by your employer each month.

  • Necessary documents: Then, you must manage all the necessary documents and present them at one of the Infonavit offices.
  • Introduce: The completed credit enrollment application; the original birth certificate and a certified copy; Official identification document in original and copy (voting card, passport, military service card or professional ID).
  • Social Security Number (SSN): This document is essential for Infonavit; You get it through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).
  • Registration and Delivery of Files
  • Then proceed to Register the Infonavit credit application; by going to a public service office in Infonavit and confirming your credit application.
  • Deliver Documents to the Notary: To formalize the credit application process you must go to a notary public; so that the applicant has legal certainty during the same.
  • Print the Withholding Discount notice: In this step you must access Web way to your Infonavit electronic account, print the discount withholding notice and deliver it to your workplace for signature and seal.
  • Deliver the Discount Withholding notice to the Notary: Finally, you must deliver the notice to your notary so that he or she can complete the application process.

  • Documents for Spousal Credit
  • Marriage certificate in original and simple copy.
  • Official identification document of the spouse in original and copy.
  • Birth certificate of the spouse in original format and simple copy.
  • Documents for home purchase
  • Submit a copy of the seller’s bank account statement with the Standardized Bank Key (CLABE).
  • Proof of the electronic appraisal of the home to be purchased and the Technical Opinion of Housing Quality with a validity of no more than 6 months.
  • Submit a copy of the title deed to the applicant’s home.

To carry out the appraisal opinion, you can consult the Directory of Evaluation Units.

Benefits of Infonavit Credits

Infonavit credits produce significant benefits that highlight the institute as one of the most requested and positioned credit entities in the market.

Below we highlight the different benefits that you will obtain when you receive your Infonavit credit:

  • Infonavit provides you with a Housing Subaccountwhich offers various benefits and allows the limit amount placed to increase over time.
  • The interest rates they represent the most competitive in the market in loans, this makes the payment after the loan accessible and flexible.
  • When you get the credit, you will receive a complementary contribution in the monthly paymentthat is, a part is paid by you as a borrower and another part is paid by the employer.
  • When you apply for the Infonavit credit, the institute offers you various products that you can choose depending on your interests.
  • You have the benefit of choosing a Sales Promoter, which will help you to choose the service of your choice.
  • Infonavit offers personalized advice applicants in relation to the loans acquired by the person.
  • credit has a warrantyin which the borrower is protected in an emergency moment during the payment of the credit.

If you are looking to increase your income, you may be interested in our article on:“What are the Requirements to Pawn in Mexico?”

Types of Infonavit Credits

  • Infonavit Credit
  • Infonavit Total
  • Cofinavit
  • Cofinavit Additional Income
  • Infonavit Support
  • Secure Credit
  • Mejoravit
  • lease
  • Lease and Purchase
  • Tailor-made home
  • Infonavit – FOVISSSTE
  • Your 2nd Infonavit Credit
  • Personal credit
  • Spousal Credit

Characteristics of each Credit

  • Infonavit Credit
  • The maximum amount granted is $1,604,132 pesos.
  • Coverage: purchase of property (new or used), construction of own land, repair, improvement of own home, payment of a mortgage with another financial institution.
  • Applies to all salary levels.
  • Annual interest rate of 12%.
  • The monthly installment of the mortgage loan ranges from 20% to 30% of the integral salary.
  • Infonavit Total
  • Maximum amount of $1,831,327 pesos.
  • Coverage: purchase of a property (new or used).
  • Applies only for salaries equal to or greater than 3.9 Unit of Measurement and Update (UMA) per month.
  • Salaries greater than 11 UMA per month can request a spousal credit.
  • Annual interest rate is 12%.
  • The sum of age and term must be less than 65 years.
  • The monthly fee ranges from 27% to 32% of the full salary.
  • Cofinavit
  • Maximum amount of $413,081 pesos.
  • Coverage: purchase of a property.
  • The sum of age and term must not exceed 65 years.
  • Annual interest rate of 12%.
  • Applies to all salary levels.
  • The monthly installment of the mortgage loan is between 2.5% and 12%.
  • Cofinavit Additional Income
  • Maximum amount of $392,427 pesos.
  • Applies only for salaries less than 4 UMA per month.
  • Annual fixed rate of 12%.
  • Coverage: purchase of a property (new or used).
  • The sum of the age and the term must not be greater than 65 years.
  • The monthly installment of the mortgage loan ranges from 20% to 30% of the integral salary.
  • Infonavit Support
  • Coverage: purchase of a property (new or used) and construction of own land.
  • The balance of the Housing Subaccount will be used in case of losing your job.
  • It is applied to all salary levels.
  • It can be requested if an Infonavit credit has already been obtained and has been liquidated.
  • If this is the first option, once settled you can access an Infonavit Credit.
  • Secure Credit
  • Maximum amount of $1,604,132 pesos.
  • A base savings is needed to obtain the credit.
  • The savings range from 5% to 15% of the total amount of credit that you can access.
  • The savings term is from 4 to 24 months.
  • An account must be created at the National Savings and Financial Services Bank (BANSEFI) to start saving.
  • Mejoravit
  • Maximum amount of $51,405 pesos.
  • The terms to pay the credit are 12, 18, 24 and 30 months.
  • It cannot exceed 85% of the balance of the Housing Subaccount.
  • Fixed annual rate of 16.5%.
  • It offers a “ Mejoravit ” card to make purchases at authorized stores.
  • The monthly payment of each installment does not exceed 25% of the monthly salary.
  • It can be requested if an Infonavit credit has already been obtained and has been settled.
  • lease
  • The balance of the Housing Subaccount must be greater than 6 months of rent.
  • The amount of the rent cannot be greater than 25% of the monthly salary.
  • The lease is for 12 months.
  • lease and purchase
  • The rent payment is deducted from the salary.
  • The property is chosen from the Infonavit catalog.
  • The balance of the Housing Subaccount must be greater than six (6) months of guaranteed rent in case of default.
  • The amount of the rent cannot be higher than 25% of the monthly salary.
  • The lease is for 12 months with the possibility of renewal.
  • The value of the rent and the property remain fixed until you execute the purchase.
  • Tailor-made home
  • Applies to all salary levels.
  • It must be requested when processing any Infonavit credit.
  • Requires a certificate proving disability.
  • The resource is delivered by means of a voucher redeemable for material for adjustments.

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