Steps and Requirements to Enter UNAM

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The National Autonomous University of Mexico is one of the most demanded universities in Mexico, and for this reason it is a dream for many Mexican high school graduates to study here.

Therefore, an efficient aspirant must know the Requirements to enter UNAM, in this way you will know each step you must take to meet the first phase of your goal.

Many Mexicans and foreigners who present each year to try to get together all the Requirements to enter UNAMare put to the test by demanding knowledge exams.

There the most complex subjects of the baccalaureate will be reflected; For this moment, most high school graduates prepare in their regular period at school, facing difficult questions and mathematical exercises.

What requirements do I need to enter UNAM?

  • To have fully completed his High School studies (Baccalaureate) with a minimum grade point average of 7.0 or its equivalent.
  • Pay the right to the exam of selection.
  • flockif the result of the examination is positive, to the signature and digitized fingerprint, in accordance with the date sent by the registration system, with the required documents.
  • Take the selection exam at the place, day and time indicated on your ticket and credential.
Surely among the documents you need to make your registration will be the Birth certificate without any errors in the data; document that they always ask for for any personal procedure. if you need to fix it consult here our related article.

Steps to enter UNAM

  • Have completed high school with an average above 7.0: Many young people ask what happens if this average is not met?

Unfortunately, UNAM is strict with its admission regulations and This is an essential requirement to enter.

  • Have the highest score in correct answers in the current year admission exam: It is important to note that UNAM does not require a number of hits as such, much less does it offer the necessary points to stay.

Here it works with the modality of successes that each applicant who presents achieves year by year; It will be governed by the academic preparation they have, that is, if an applicant remains to obtain 100 correct answers, those who have 99, 98 and so on, respectively, will remain.

  • Submit official stationery: This is a point that seems obvious, however sometimes there are those who forget to deliver a document on time; It is known that UNAM is a highly strict institution in its regulations and once you have been accepted you must submit all your documents within the time that corresponds to you.

UNAM Admission Test

The university offers students upon registration a study guidethus complying with all that is required in the Requirements to enter UNAM, so that they can prepare for the entrance examsand therefore, this guide contains reference topics and some exercises to keep up to date with any topic in question.

This prestigious University is listed as one of the best in training professionals since its foundation in 1910. That said, every year young people strive to have one of these precious quotas.

This not only depends on a certain score on the entrance exam, but also on meeting the requirements and, more importantly, having the space available for the career of choice.

How to get a better score in the Admission Test

If you are in high school and want to prepare now for the UNAM entrance exam, you must follow these recommendations that will be very useful:

  • Find out about the study program: Yes, the admission exams really are a mystery, each exam is a world, and for this same reason it is best to find out as much as possible, and if you have it available, you can consult UNAM students who have already been through this process.
  • Control your time: Breathe and relax, although it is true that the more you look at the clock the hours will pass slowly, when you realize it you will only have a few minutes left and you are not finished.

It is best to forget about time and concentrate on taking the exam calmly but at the same time as quickly as possible.

  • Get ready for the big day: The UNAM entrance exam is not an easy task, due to the large number of high school graduates who decide to study at UNAM.

It means that there is a lot of competition, not only preparing is studying, it is also psychologically preparing to take on this challenge, where it is possible to get all kinds of competitors.

  • Study: A very important recommendation is not to saturate yourself with a lot of information, since it can happen that at the most important moment you can block yourself.

It is best to take the time in advance to study as much as you can, and refresh your knowledge a week before until you reach the big day, but no hurry! all in order.

Remember that if you do not have the possibility to enter this prestigious university, there is no problem, you have many more options, among which we can recommend our article “Requirements to enter the Military College in Mexico”.

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