Steps and Requirements to Start a SEDESOL Day Care Center

Knowing the great need for support in local Mexican families, and knowing that they do not have the facility to care for their children while they work, perhaps it is time to start contributing your grain of sand and helping society.

A good start is to know the Requirements to set up a SEDESOL nursery; In this way you will know the documents that you must gather to materialize that goal.

The SEDESOL organization has thought about this project for approximately two years before the opening of this program; in 2007 the first SEDESOL nursery center was opened and until then this program has been very successful and has helped countless Mexican families throughout the Mexican national territory.

Requirements to set up a SEDESOL Nursery

  • Be of age.
  • official identification
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree as a minimum
  • Support request form to be part of the aid program.
  • Ownership documents to grant the benefit.
  • CURP. (Original and Copy)
  • Appoint a person responsible before the SEDESOL organization for the child instance, he must present: Certified copy of the Constitutive Act, Official identification.
  • Document that certifies schooling, and present 3 letters of recommendation from different people and without criminal records. (Original and Copy)
  • Evidence of having submitted and passed a psychometric test at SEDESOL, and having completed the training courses required by SEDESOL.
  • Documents that certify the use of the property, whether owned or rented.
  • RFC and bank account statements where the Standardized Bank Code (CLABE) is observed

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Steps to set up a SEDESOL Nursery

Beginning a long and hard work to help the community we must take into account that knowing the previous Requirements to set up a SEDESOL nursery, now come the steps to materialize the goal of the society; are only 25 steps:

  • First of all we must identify the groups in your community that need this help.

This is a program that is dedicated to mothers, fathers, guardians or legal representatives, since they do not have enough time to care for their children because they must be looking for a job, working, studying or in other circumstances.

  • Second, take a quick pollJust like politicians, you should walk the streets and talk to the community, neighbors and friends, and study the priorities and who you could help, you should evaluate where the Children’s Institution would be best located for the greatest benefit of each of the inhabitants.

This could have a very positive impact on your town.

  • Evaluate and understand their needs.
  • you shall find adequate and suitable personnel for the Children’s Institution.

Remember that taking care of children is a very delicate and complete job; You will need all the help possible, however, SEDESOL provides support to the new instances that are being inaugurated and want to be members of this organization.

  • Find the people you know. Once they have joined the system, they will have training that will train them for any type of related circumstances.
  • You should meet the minimum number of members to request help.
  • Create a start-up expense guide. The Children’s Stays program can grant up to $70,000 in initial support. Create a guide knowing that you must cover, adequacy of the property, purchase of furniture and equipment.

Materials for child care and its respective operation, insurance policy, development of internal Civil Protection program.

  • set priorities food, basic services of the establishment and hygiene supplies.
  • monthly spending plan based on the support that will be received.
  • Find a spacious place. Children must have their area according to their ages.

The establishment must have a kitchen, dining room, rest room for staff, office, playground, bathrooms (for children and adults).

  • Reduce risksnot taking into account premises such as sheds, warehouses, warehouses, buildings, or near buildings, can put the lives of children at risk in any circumstance.

Big houses are good places to fit.

  • comfortable locationSince, as mentioned above, the location is important for the ease of the representatives who will benefit from this Instance.
  • demands the Format that allows you the correct affiliation to the Children’s Stay ProgramYes, it is Annex D.

It is a request for support to join the program. It can be obtained at the offices of the SEDESOL delegation.

  • Submit that application accompanied by a photocopy at the SEDESOL office.
  • Bring proof of residence accompanied by the tax receipt to the municipality of the property where the Estancia will be located.
  • The responsible person must have at least a baccalaureate completed in its entiretytraining in the Care of Girls and Boys in the Child Care Center, Certification of Provision of Services for the Attention, Care and Comprehensive Development of Girls and Boys in Child Care Centers.

If you are part of the project, but you do not want to be responsible to SEDESOL, choose a person you trust, since the person you designate will receive financial support.

  • Register the person in charge of the Stay; You must submit legible photocopies, official identification, CURP, RFC and bank account statement which must have the CLABE.
  • You must prepare the other requirements, accompanied by requested copies. You will comply with the conditions of: Under oath to tell the truth at all times, fill out a form issued by the local office stating that you do not have a criminal record.
  • Letter of recommendation signed by three people who are not relatives. In case you have a functional Stay and you want to Affiliate it to SEDESOL, you must deliver in addition to the aforementioned: certified copy of the Constitutive Act of the company or cooperative and Official Identification of the legal representative (Copy).

It can be a lawyer, since it is not necessary that he be the person in charge of the stay.

  • In that case you need a Official letter signed and sealed by the legal representative where it is recognized who will serve as responsible.
  • You must carry out a socioeconomic study. You must also fill out the Single Socioeconomic Information Questionnaire and the Complementary Questionnaire of the Program for the Modality of Promotion of Child Care and Attention Services.
  • You must pass the psychometric evaluation. You can present it at any SEDESOL branch and it will be applied to you by the staff that work in this organization.
  • Take some training that are offered by SEDESOL and by the national DIF, the person in charge must complete all the training.
  • You must prove the use of the property; Deliver a copy of the documents that confirm that the place where the Estancia will be installed is yours, loaned or rented, in any of the cases you must be notified, present the property contracts and their respective authorizations.
  • Verify the Civil Protection permit. Deliver the document issued by the pertinent authorities, and that the PC guarantees that this Instance is not located less than 50 meters from high-risk buildings, premises or establishments.

What is SEDESOL?

It is the Organization of the Secretariat of Social Development that is in charge of managing and developing the programs to support the people according to what they need, such as resources, goods, special services, the basic pantry, among others, helping the people to combat the poverty.

It is an aid program for the Mexican citizen going through difficult times.

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What are Nurseries SEDESOL?

It is a program that helps working mothers or fathers, or whether they are looking for a job or studying, who do not have enough time in the day to take care of their children, but rather have to stop working or studying to be able to care for them.

This program helps them have a better quality of life in relation to caring for their children.

What are the SEDESOL Children’s Rooms?

Are institutions where highly qualified and prepared people work for the care of children, whether they are special children or from another circumstance.

Through its extensions, SEDESOL offers help to the Mexican people where they struggle every day to get ahead. This is a project that takes years of study and today is an Organization that has Farms throughout the nation.

Support modality for working mothers and single parents

It consists of helping single mothers or single fathers who are looking for a job or studying, and who alone are in charge of their children, your requirements are:

  • Fill out the application and deliver it to the nearest SEDESOL office, or go directly to the Child Care Center of your choice and convenience affiliated with the SEDESOL program.
  • Deliver the applicant’s documents with the respective data of each of the children to be registered. You may need the updated Birth Certificate.
  • Inform of the data required to complete all the socioeconomic and complementary information questionnaires that are requested at the SEDESOL delegation, or the Children’s Residence.

Modality Promotion of Child Care and Attention Services

This modality offers support to mothers to obtain ease of employment, it also guarantees their children’s access to the Child Care and Attention service.

It should be noted that a subsidy of up to $35,000 is granted to individuals, groups of people and/or people who wish to be part of a Child Care Center and serve to adapt and equip them.


  • Fill out the application at the SEDESOL offices, accompanied by a copy proving the address of the space for the Children’s Stay.
  • official identification.
  • Document proving ownership (Minimum of having completed high school).
  • ECo435 certified.
  • Proof of ownership of the property or authorization from the owner, if it is a rented establishment.
  • Letter of recommendation from the person in charge.
  • Data that is required to complete necessary information such as socioeconomic and for the complementary.
  • Approved psychometric test.
  • Training of skills and abilities offered by SEDESOL and DIF, which determine if you are suitable.
  • R.F.C. (Copy)
  • Bank account statement, accompanied by the CLABE
  • PC document, stating that the property is in a completely secure area.

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