Strategic Planning: What it is, Why it is done, Benefits, Models and MORE

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If you are in Mexico and need information about the Strategic planning, You have reached the item you were waiting for. In this sense, if you are a student of the social and economic sciences and you want to seek ways for the success of an enterprise, then you must know how to plan.

Indeed, the consolidation of an organization in an environment requires good management. For that, you must formulate clear objectives and goals. Thus, it is necessary to have a administrative instrument important as is the planning. Keep reading, you will be interested!

What is the strategic planification

To learn about Strategic planning It is a fundamental exercise to develop good Business Management. Therefore, this activity comprises a continuous process from formulation of tasks for the achievement of organizational goals.

Now, the strategic aspect of this tool has to do with the need to adjust the phases of the process to the complexity of the changing reality where the entity moves. Therefore, planning should take into account the internal benefits and difficulties in the organization.

Additionally, the Strategic planning cannot be formulated leaving aside the organizational changes in the environment. This means that a business system is not isolated, it must adapt or adapt to the emerging conditions of the environment. This situation behaves like:

  • Possible Threats and Risks that can affect the company.
  • Scenario favorable opportunity or conditions that the organization can take advantage of.

Also, we think it is convenient to point out some definitions of Strategic planning that have been formulated by various scholars on the subject over the years. Therefore, we invite you to continue in the article so that you know how interesting this point is.

According to Harold Koontz (1994) this type of Planning it contrasts the current conditions of a company and projects what is desired prospectively. That means, aligning resources, means and decision-making to achieve the objective. The process is complex because the organization must be studied within a internal and external environment.

The expert Guillermo Sierra (1999) focuses his definition of the Strategic planning as a reflective process of the mission and business vision present, to improve it in the future. For which, you need to create a path of actions and decisions within a internal and external environment.

There are some digital links, where other avant-garde authors conceive the Strategic planning as a process that anticipates first of all, environmental conditions inside and outside the organization, then different types of information are analyzed. Finally, decisions are foreseen and made to ensure a better future.

Why is Strategic Planning Done?

If you have been wondering why it is necessary to do Strategic planning in companies, do not worryThen we are going to point out some interesting tics. Remember, the need to plan comes from the need to survive in the organizational environment:

  • You need to use this management tool to design the current situation of an organization and what you want to achieve to make it more successful.
  • With the Strategic planning they seek to analyze the knots of difficulty in each unit of the company, involving all its members, according to the role they fulfill.
  • It seeks to standardize the same lexicon so that all operators and bosses understand and analyze what to formulate and anticipate.
  • With this process, options are established so that the smarter decisions, based on their valuation and their advantages for the organizational strengthening.
  • With the Strategic planning must be done formulation and design of plans at all levels and by all members of the company, with the same goal or future vision.
  • This instrument has the necessary elements to intervene in the business environment. Thus, simulations can be made with different changing scenarios inside and outside the organization and at all its levels. The intention is to maintain a process of continuous improvement.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

In another vein, with the Strategic planning, A range of benefits is opened to analyze the present situation of an organization and direct it to a future successful position. If you do not know the advantages of this instrument, we are going to tell you about them:

  • Incentivize foresight work in the organization to face and anticipate the difficulties.
  • It’s a directionality instrument, applicable to all members of the company.
  • Your actions are directed at the profit maximization and business consolidation.
  • The Strategic planning continuous, guarantees the permanence of an organization in the market.
  • Encourages the staff motivation, since all must be incorporated into the plans and programs for the same purpose.
  • Facilitates differentiation of roles and tasks of each operator.
  • Offers different options to evaluate and take the decisions more according to each situation.
  • It is an instrument to measure the efficiency in each work unit in the company.
  • It allows to develop brainstorming and prioritize both problems as possible solutions.
  • Generates the conditions to design a unit that coordinates and controls the activities of planning.
  • The tool confronts reality or organizational environment, be it adverse or favorable.
  • It facilitates managerially that decisions respond to the organizational goals.
  • Lets study the process efficiency for reasonable handling of means, even if wrong actions occur.
  • Work with the time management.
  • Stimulates and invigorates comunication system In the organization.
  • Its design allows to establish the roles of each worker in the structure of the company.
  • It is a tool moldable and simulable to analyze complex situations internal and external to the entity.
  • Create the right elements to face a organizational change if necessary.
  • Incentivize sense of responsibility in the managerial functions for the success of the company.
  • It allows to support current trends in the management field such as Emergent Direction and the Resilience or ability to adapt to adverse events.

Most Used Strategic Planning Models

On the other hand, in the Strategic planning various models or structures are used to implement it. All this in order to undertake the most appropriate actions and tasks to achieve the objectives of the company. Some models used not only in Mexican corporations but also in companies from other countries are:

Integral Command Structure

It comprises a process analysis under a single direction of command. This implies encompassing plans and projects financially, the company’s clients, the market, the production processes, the product, the services provided, the motivation of the human factor, the information systems, among other criteria.

The strategy map method

With this structure of planning, the entire system of plans and programs throughout the company. In this sense, it seeks to expand the organizational communication at all levels and to all staff. In this way the maximum participation in the action plan.

Using the SWOT matrix model

This model submits the Strategic planning yet situational analysis where the organization moves. In other words, courses of action are established based on the strengths or weaknesses internal.

Likewise, environmental conditions are evaluated to consider whether there are opportunities or threats to be estimated.

In addition, there are other technical methodologies of Strategic planning used by experts and management consultants. This is how you have the PESTAL analysis, which focuses on the study of Business environment.

How to carry out strategic planning?

Then, in a process of Strategic planning, Analysts must first of all, shape a situational scenario or make a diagnosis of the company. This will involve formulating a series of questions to focus the planning work:

  • Where is the organization right now?
  • Let’s look for the position of the company within the market
  • What direction do we want with the company?
  • How can we reach that goal?
  • Let’s think and look for the necessary resources to meet that goal.

Then, to answer the questions, this process of planning generally resorts to management tools to explore and create the schematic business identity. If you still do not know, do not worry, we already tell you:

  • Define the organization mission, that is, to indicate the sense of existence of the entity in an environment.
  • Set a organizational vision to direct a course of action towards the future, towards what we want our organization to be.
  • To establish a value system and principles as part of the company culture that guides its conduct.
  • Perform the SWOT matrix already mentioned above, as a methodology of planning and situational analysis.
  • Define the objectives that are aspired in the organization, to know where we are going and thus guide the plans and actions.


  • Evaluate the organization’s cultural system, to know the set of values, principles, habits, styles, rites, where the organization operates.
  • This includes inquiring about how operators view the company.
  • Activate the action plan at all levels, using management tools like the SWOT matrix. Thus, a situational study and structural of the company and the environment.
  • They are prioritized goals and objectives to maintain a process of Process improvement.
  • Socialization of the plan in order to incorporate all work teams in executing tasks according to plan. That way, there will be greater participation and motivation.
  • Finally, the plan is put in place and a control and evaluation process to adjust for deviations as programmed.

Strategic Planning, a tool that guarantees

business success in Mexico!

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