Sura Insured Death Form: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The Sura Insured Death Form allows the corresponding person to make the death notice of the insured, as indicated by his name. This is thanks to the services provided by the doctor who issued the death certificate and / or who treated him during his diagnosis, since this is the one who must fill it out.

We are talking about a very important document, so you should know everything about it. Today we will be talking about how you can access it, what data it includes, what aspects should be taken into account when filling it out and what it is for exactly. Also, we will talk to you about Sura, so that you do not lack anything. Stay with us!

How to access the Insured Death Form Sura?

Let’s start by explaining to you How to Access the Sura Insured Death Form. In this way, you can have it on hand as you learn about the document, throughout the article.

The form can be download, print and fill. Then we proceed to present it, as it corresponds, to be able to register the death in the insurance company correctly. It can also be requested in the office of this, so that it can be taken to the doctor so that he can fill it out.

The truth is that with the emergence of technologies, many insurers have chosen to design web portals that are not only informative, but also useful. As a result, the interested party will not only be up to date with the services it offers and the day-to-day news. No! You can also access tools to answer your questions and complete the necessary paperwork.

One of these tools allows you to get the forms you must submit to make certain returns. One of these is the Medical Form on the Causes of Death of the Insured, which is the official name with which this document is located.

This is provided by all insurers that have a certain history in the country and can provide this service, as is the case with SURA. The truth is that it is very easy to obtain and much more to fill out.

To specifically access SURA’s, you just have to go to this link. The form is number 51 and must be printed in color. If you fill it out, you have to know some guidelines, so you should be very attentive to the next two sections of this article.

For now, just click on the link that we have left you. So you can get to know the form as we explain it to you.

What is the Sura Insured Death Form like?

Now that you’ve got it, let’s proceed to talk about How is the SURA Insured Death Form. Exactly, of the data that it includes and of how it is constituted in itself. This is a very important aspect, as it will serve as a guide to know how to fill it in and what information to provide.

First of all, keep in mind that this form it must be completed by the doctor who was in charge of the process of issuing the death certificate and, if applicable, who cared for the insured just before his death or at his diagnosis. The same is reflected in the document, being the only instruction it gives.

The form is made up of two pages, all of which must be filled out. The data that the medical professional must include are those that we will list below:

  • First, the following must be entered Basic Data of the Procedure:
    • Policy number.
    • Type of insurance: individual, group, debtor.
    • Certificate number.
  • Below you will find the Insured data. This will include the basic data of the insured and the relationship between the doctor and him. Consequently, you will be able to get the full name, address and gender of the insured, and a series of questions referring to the death itself. Date, where it happened, etc.
  • Once this section is complete, the section corresponding to the Data from Other Doctors who have cared for the insured. You simply have to enter the full name, address, telephone and professional identification of these, if they exist.
  • Then we proceed to fill in the section for the Causes of Death. The diagnosis, causes, antecedents, among other relevant things, must be specified.
  • And to finish, go the Data of the Treating Physician. Only basic and professional data are requested.
  • Finally, this must sign for certify that you take responsibility for the information provided. This is true, which means that no part has been omitted or falsified, something that is expressly prohibited. The truth is that the document works like an Affidavit.

As you can see, the form contains the insured’s data and the context surrounding his death. It must be completed by the doctor because this is the one who knows this same context and is the one who can give certainty of what happened from a professional perspective.

Of course, it is not the only document that must be presented to register the death. There are other documents that the beneficiary or authorized person must consign to present it to SURA.

Completion of the Death Form

Now we can tell you about the Completion of the Death Form, to almost finish talking about this document. There are a number of aspects that must be taken into account when filling out the form.

These will allow a more efficient procedure, since SURA will not be obliged to reject the document if the doctor takes precautions and avoids mistakes.

In essence, when filling out the document, it must be borne in mind that:

  • It is filled with a black ink pen.
  • As a recommendation, you have to use block letter to fill out the form. This will allow more legible information and will prevent the person in charge of carrying out the procedure from having the difficulty of directing the information.
  • Again, the form must be completed by the treating physician. Likewise, it is this who must sign it. Nobody more nor less.
  • You should know that NO The declarant is allowed to change what is reported in the document once it is delivered. Consequently, keep it as clear as possible and limit yourself to report.
  • At the same time, this document can not contain amendments or deletions. If it is presented with these characteristics, it will not be received.
  • It should be filled out completely as soon as possible and provide all the information Of course, clearly and concisely, always to the point.
  • Finally, we recommend reading it in its entirety before filling it out. Not only will it be known in advance exactly what needs to be placed, but the doctor will do it in an organized way. You will avoid mistakes.

If you follow all of this, there should be no room for trouble in presenting this document to SURA insurance and complete the process to register the death and receive the benefits of the policy.

Again, and just because it is vital that you take it into account, you cannot omit or falsify information. This must be completely true, as it is a type of affidavit from the doctor to the insurer.

Usefulness of the Sura Insured Death Form

The Medical Form on the Causes of Death of the Insured it is used precisely to inform that an insured has died. This is something very important to do, to request the death benefit established in the Life Insurance.

The compensation can be complete, corresponding to the insurer to pay all the funeral data and also giving a certain amount to the family or beneficiary, if this was established in the insurance contract.

However, in a more basic definition, it is simply the transfer of the agreed amount in the contract, since it has been resolved that the insured died before the term of the policy.

Of course, this is not the only document that must be submitted. Others will be requested at along with the form, such as the death certificate and, if applicable, the claim for benefits. It is a whole process that must be done when this event occurs.

In conclusion, the form is used to make the medical notice that a insured by SURA has died. This must be filled out as indicated in the previous sections and presented by a beneficiary.

Who should process it?

As we have told you repeatedly, the form must be filled out by the doctor who issued the death certificate and / or by the one who witnessed the events prior to the death of the insured.

We are talking about the person who may have diagnosed, treated and witnessed the death. This occurs when it is a disease and not a sudden death, in which the death takes everyone by surprise.

What is Sura?

SOUTH AMERICAN is a company in charge of supplying and administering insurance. This entails a study of risks and trends that allow the insurer to determine the policy and the premium of the insured.

There is a problem of asymmetric information in this service area. Insurers will never be completely sure of the risk posed by an insured, as it may not offer complete information about their aversion to risk.

As a result, the company has to undertake to make an assessment of probabilities regarding the risk and tendency of this person, in order to offer him a insurance contract that satisfies both parties as much as possible, despite not being what it would be if complete information were available.

When an insured person dies in the Life insurance offered by Sura, it must comply with what is agreed in the insurance contract.

Likewise, you can find out about all the services that SURA offers from its website. You will find information about the company, the services it offers, the procedures you can carry out online, and so on.

What is the Sura Insured Death Form?

The Insured Death Form It is a document that, as its name indicates, is used to give notice or proof of the death of a SURA insured. This must be completed by the doctor who diagnosed, treated or witnessed the death and / or issued the death certificate.

It consists of only three pages. It must be filled out with a black ink pen and a document with studs or amendments will not be accepted. In addition, once delivered, the provisions cannot be modified.

This form contains the Insured data, in addition to those of the doctor or doctors who treated you. Explain the cause of death and allow the doctor to certify the situation, as it happened.

This form falls within the Life insurance offered by SURA. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for and we wish you good luck.

Until next time!

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