These are the Requirements for INAPAM

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Are you an elderly person? Are you 60 years or older? Do you have elderly people in your house? They must then process the card of the elderly. These are the Requirements for INAPAM, You will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits offered by the Institute.

What is INAPAM?

INAPAM is the abbreviation for National Institute for Older Adults. It is a public body that seeks support, coordinate and monitor the rights of the elderly.

With the new INAPAM card, older adults can achieve benefits and discounts in comprehensive care centers nationwide. If you are over 60 years old, follow the requirements and enjoy your rights.

Requirements for INAPAM

If you have identified with what we have shown above, it is probably because you are an elderly person or because you have one at home. If so, and you need to register with INAPAM, follow these instructions:

What do I need for my INAPAM credential?

With this card you can enjoy certain discounts. For example, those offered by various establishments distributed throughout the Mexican Republic.

What do these discounts include? Tourism, food, recreation and health services.

The main requirements to obtain the INAPAM credential are:

  • Verify the identity of the applicant

To verify that the identity of the applicant is true, you must present:

  • voter proof o Valid driver’s license.
  • Updated passport.
  • Proof of residence.
  • In the cases where it applies, the certificate or testimony of the official indigenous authority.
  • License from PEMEX, Credential from IMSS or Certificate from ISSSTE that contains the necessary information on the date of birth, photograph and stamp on it.

  • check the age

Aside from identity, age must also be verified.

To enjoy the INAPAM card benefits You must be 60 years of age or older.

To do this, you must show the original and a copy of one of the following documents:

  • Voting lisense either IMSS certificate.
  • Also, you can choose the ISSSTE credential or valid passport.
  • Identification card.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Inapam Card for replacement due to damage, if required.
  • Birth Certificate or Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).

In case you do not have some of the aforementioned documents, you can present:

  • Birth certificate of a child.
  • Proof of residence issued by an authority in the locality where the applicant resides or the testimony of a certain indigenous, municipal or local delegation authority.


Do you not know what some of the documents mentioned are and are essential in the INAPAM application? We explain:

  • What is the voter ID?

The INE credentialnamely, National Electoral Institute, it is necessary to be able to participate in the voting in Mexico.

This credential, however, is used to carry out other important procedures. Therefore, you must have the valid document or renew it as soon as possible, since if it has expired, it cannot be used.

The first thing you must do to renew your voter ID is:

  • Know what type of management you are going to carry out. In this case it is Replacement of the credential by validity. The data held by the INE will not be changed, only the date of issue of the document will be changed.
  • Then you must know and bring the documents needed to carry out the renewal of the document, these must be original and in optimal conditions.

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  • As a third step, go to one of the centers. You deliver the requirements that are demanded and confirm your appointment. Then they will tell you where you will be attended, if you do not have an appointment they will indicate the steps you must follow.
  • Lastly, you must remove the document. When completing your procedure, you will be given a voucher with the date on which you must collect your credential

  • What is the IMSS credential? Where do I get it?

As it happens with social security, it happens with the economy, everyone should have a economic security. As age increases, it becomes more comforting to have such security.

Most countries in the world have devised social security systems such as the largest social security institution in Latin America: the IMSS.

The IMSS has several functions:

  • Provide services that ensure the comprehensive health of the working population and their families, students and pensioners.
  • Protect the means of maintenance.
  • Efficiently and transparently manage and collect economic resources and contributions.
  • Individual and collective social services.
  • Corresponding pension, to everyone who meets the required guidelines.
To have more information about the IMSS and its credential, we leave you this link: «Requirements to Register with the IMSS»

  • What is the ISSTE? How to register?

It is an organization that provides both workers and pensioners and retirees, medical services, preventive medicine, social benefits and unemployment insuranceproviding coverage between 55% and 60% of the population.

To register you must be worker, pensioner or former worker in voluntary continuation.

  • Check the Address

Apart, for certify the address You can present any of the following documents in original and copy:

  • Voting lisense.
  • account statement or payment receipt for a service such as electricity, water, telephone, predial, among others.
REMEMBER: These must contain the updated and complete home address, as well as not be older than 3 months.

  • Photographs

You must submit two child-sized photos in any of the modalities: Color or black and white. These must be taken without glasses, hats, with a white background and that the face of the interested party be correctly distinguished.

How to process the INAPAM card

Now, once you have all the documents requested to verify the information, you can proceed to process the card.

How to do it? What steps should I follow? What are the INAPAM requirements?

To obtain the INAPAM card it is mandatory that you attend the affiliation modules of this organism according to the locality where you reside.

Don’t you know where you belong?

You can access the page of INAPAM modules at the national level. Then, locate the nearest headquarters.

REMEMBER: When attending the Affiliation modules, you must bring the documents mentioned above, depending on your case.

Benefits of INAPAM

We all know and agree that grandparents are the best there is. They love us, they please us, they cover us, they make us fat.

For that reason, they deserve the best. The National Institute for Older Adults knows it too. Therefore, it makes available advantages of obtaining the INAPAM card.

  • multiple service discounts health, transportation, food, clothing, recreation, home and culture. These discounts arise from the collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development or SEDESOL, municipal and state entities.
  • Enjoy services provided by the institution in each of the centers of comprehensive care available in the country. In addition, access to senior citizens’ clubs and cultural centers for a healthy distraction.
  • It can be used as an identification document.
  • Best of all, your application is free and easy to manage in any of the 110 modules or state and municipal centers, from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 2 pm.

To explain it in more detail:

These are the areas where they apply discounts and benefits:

  • In the food area

  • Restaurants
  • supermarkets
  • supply centers
  • Coffee shops
  • water purifiers
  • Bakeries
  • tortilla shops
  • Health area

  • Dental clinics
  • clinical laboratories
  • Nursing homes and nursing homes
  • Medical consultants
  • opticians
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • orthopedic services
  • Transportation

  • tourist buses
  • airlines
  • radio taxi
  • Education, recreation and culture area

  • Stationery
  • Hotels
  • museums
  • photo studios
  • bookstores
  • courses
  • tours
  • Other services

  • funeral services
  • real estate services
  • Notaries
  • Law firms

On the other hand, if the case of a foreign elderly person that you want to request your credential, what you must do is:

Foreign older adults

Foreign older adults can also manage their INAPAM card, to enjoy its benefits, by consigning:

  • Identification Proof issued by the National Migration Institute (INM) or by the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (COMAR).
  • Two child size photos, black and white or color. Without glasses, without hat, front, recent, the same, on photographic paper and with a white background.
  • Passportdocument or letter of Naturalization, temporary residence permit.
These documents must be accompanied by proof or certification of residence in Mexican territory.

You know, older people give everything for us and that’s why they deserve the best. They deserve financial and health stability. Manage this process through Requirements for INAPAM and continue to give them a better quality of life.

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