TOEFL Certificate: How to Get It, Test and MORE

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The TOEFL certificate (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the proof that results from having presented and passed a standardized English test. Likewise, this test is mainly carried out by foreign students who wish to study within the United States; however, there are other countries that accept this certification to allow people from other countries to enter their universities.

Studying and graduating from a university in the United States is the dream of many people, who to achieve it must meet several requirements, including the TOEFL certificate to confirm your good command of the language. That is why, we decided to bring this article for you, where you can get everything you need to know about the TOELF certificate.

Don’t worry, keep reading and you will put an end to those doubts!

How to Get a TOEFL Certificate?

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The only way to obtain this document is to take the TOEFL test. Once you have done it, depending on the qualification you obtain, you will be given your TOEFL certificate with the level of English you obtained. The level of English mentioned above is based on the common levels of language learning established by the CEFR, which are:

  • A (Basic Level): It is comprised of A1 and A2.
    • A1: Beginner. You can understand and use very everyday phrases, you can give your basic information, and you can communicate with another person who speaks the language by speaking slowly and using simple words.
    • A2: You can do the same as A1, you can communicate to perform everyday tasks through a simple exchange of words and you can describe simple aspects of your past.
  • B (Intermediate Level): It is comprised of B1 and B2.
    • B1: Basic intermediate. He is able to understand clear texts, about everyday situations, can make coherent texts on familiar topics and has the ability to express himself briefly.
    • B2: Upper Intermediate. He is able to understand complex texts, can communicate fluently with Anglo-Saxons, and has the ability to produce texts on various topics.
  • C (Proficient User Level): It is comprised of C1 and C2.
    • C1: Can understand long texts and not so clear points, speak very fluently without noticeable effort, can use the language for academic and professional purposes, and can write texts on complex topics.
    • C2: Is able to understand all written and spoken information provided and can collect information from various sources and write and / or speak coherently on any topic.

Necessary score to be certified at each level:

After having presented the aforementioned exam, depending on the qualification you obtain, you will find yourself in one of the levels of the previous section. The qualification ranges in the exam that place you in each level, we will leave you below:

  • 34 points or less: You will be at basic level A. Depending on how much you serve, you will be in A1 or A2.
  • 35 to 45 points: You will reach the intermediate level B1.
  • 46 to 93 points: You will place yourself in the upper intermediate level B2.
  • 94 to 104 points: You will place yourself at the proficient user level C1.
  • 105 to 120 points: You will be at the proficient user level C2.

After presenting the test and having obtained the relevant qualification to demonstrate that you speak English, you will be given your TOEFL certificate showing the level that suits your abilities You will be ready to embark on the study trip that you wanted so much!

TOEFL Certificate Exam

The TOELF certificate exam lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes, which is divided into several sections to ensure that you are fluent in English. These sections are nothing that you have not seen in the past, since they are present in the language tests of any educational institution. So the sections are:

  • Reading: Which is about reading comprehension. You will be given one or more readings and you will have to answer a series of questions about what you read.
  • Listening: Where you will test your listening comprehension of the language. They will put you a series of audios and later you will have to answer the questions that are given to you.
  • Writing: You will test your writing skills in English. You will be asked to do essays on a particular topic.
  • Speaking: Where you will demonstrate your handling when speaking. You will have to answer the questions that the person who took care of the exam asks you.

Exam templates

There are two different standardized exam models. However, one of them is no longer used very frequently as a result of technological advances. Then, most likely, you will not be able to choose, but will simply take the exam with the most modern model. These models are:

  • PBT: The model is called the Paper Based Test because it is carried out only on sheets of paper *.
  • IBT: The Internet Based Test is the most widely used since it is carried out in digital format. At the time of the test you will be provided with a computer and headphones **.
* This type of exam is the least used since currently most countries have the necessary technology to take the exam in digital format.

** In addition to the aforementioned, you will be allowed to take notes on a sheet of paper provided by the caregiver, which for security reasons must be delivered at the end of the evaluation. It is also important to point out that, in this case, the speaking section will be done on the computer, where you will have to record an audio answering the questions that are asked of you.

Where to take the TOEFL Certificate Exam?

Before preparing everything to get your TOEFL certificate Throughout the test, the first thing you should do is locate the center where you will present your test according to your location. To get the closest Test Center, or the one that best suits your needs, you must enter the following link , enter your location and choose from the various options.

It is important to note for your peace of mind that you should not worry about the conditions of the site where you are going to present the test, since each and every one of the test centers that appear on the page that we placed previously, are universities and / or academies properly qualified to carry out an examination of this nature.

How to Choose and Take the Exam?

After you have found the test center that best suits your needs, you can start reserving the date to carry out your TOEFL test. You should not worry about the requirements, since these are only your Unique Population Registration Code (CURP) or valid passport.

How to register to take the TOEFL test

There are two options to register and reserve the date on which you will take the exam with which you will obtain your certificate. We recommend that you use the first option, thanks to the fact that practically the procedure is done by someone else. The options are:

  • Be enrolled in an English course or academy that performs the procedure for you (this is the easiest option since you only have to worry about preparing for the test).
  • Make the reservation of the date on which you will take the exam on your own through the web portal (steps described below).

Register on your own

In case of choosing the second option, we leave you the step by step explained so that you can satisfactorily make the reservation of the test that will allow you to obtain your TOEFL certificate. The steps you must follow are the following:

  • Enter the ETS TOEFL website, enter your location and get the test center of your choice.
  • Then, you will get the dates available to take the test in the test center you selected, and you must reserve for the day of your preference *.
  • Enter your personal data and the requested identification document (Unique Population Registration Code CURP or passport).
  • Pay the relevant fee to take the exam **.
  • Check well if all the data entered is correct to avoid bad times (date, time and test center).
  • Print the registration file where your TOEFL candidate number is illustrated.
  • Present the previously printed file along with your CURP or passport, on the day scheduled to present the test.
* Keep in mind that the reservation must be made at least 7 days in advance.

** These rates vary depending on the city or the test center you choose, however, the change is not that significant since they are in the range of 185 to 200 US dollars.

Exam Tips

We know how stressful taking this exam can be, however, you should not worry, as this test will be no different than any of the tests you will have taken throughout your academic life. If you practice properly with textbooks dedicated to teaching the language you will not have any problem. Next, we leave you a series of tips or advice for you to be successful in your evaluation:

  • Check the location of the test center well and make sure you know how to get there, this way you will not be late for your exam.
  • Make sure to bring your CURP or passport (as entered in the registration).
  • Do not enter with your phone, watch, or any type of device, since the security implemented by the TOEFL caregivers is extremely strict.
  • Don’t worry if you are not very agile with computers. The TOEFL IBT test format is extremely user-friendly.
  • Don’t speak during the exam.
  • Make sure to go to the bathroom before the test, as you won’t be able to go until the 10 minute break that you will be allowed in the middle of the test.
  • Take the practice test available on the TOEFL website.

We hope that the data provided in the article “TOEFL certificate: How to Obtain it, Exam and MORE ”have been of your use and remember, if you have a certain command of English and have practiced, this exam does not have to worry you.

Thank you for reading!

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