What are the Requirements to Hire Izzi?

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Nowadays people are usually very technological. They use smartphones for everything and there are even Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Centennials categories to describe people based on their relationship with technology and the world of work.

There are also others who are TV lovers, they watch movies in HD or 4D, they cannot miss a program, an interview, a series. If your personality is like that, you like to watch television and follow the technological boom, keep reading our article about the Requirements to hire izzi.

What is Izzy?

First of all, what is izzy? What is she for? Not everyone knows what this company is all about, that’s why in this article we explain it to you.

Basically, This company is an operator of telecommunications services in Mexico. It is owned by the Televisa group and has the Izzi telecom trademark.

Being affiliated with television group, provides telecommunications services such as Cablevisión, Cablecom, Telecable and Cablemás. The task of running this important company falls to Jean Paul Broc Haro, General Director, and Adolfo Lagos, Corporate Vice President of Telecommunications.

What services does Izzi offer?

What is Izzi’s function? What is it for?

Izzi offers services of telephony, cable television and internetboth for companies and individuals, with complete coverage in Mexico City and its metropolitan area.

Izzi Plans and Rates


Now, being a company like DirecTV, it has a series of plans and rates to offer the consumer a better service and a better experience.

IZZI packages are designed to provide a single service, whether telephony, TV or internet. However, it is possible to contract the IZZI plan service that includes all 3.

Also, the commercial portfolio of izzi is divided into solutions for residential and business users, to whom it offers, as we said before: telephony, Internet, pay television and the combination of two or three services in packages.

Below we show you the details of each one.

  • Residential


izzi offers Unlimited telephone service to landlines and cell phones throughout Mexico, America and Europe. Includes digital services such as: voicemail, caller ID, private number, call waiting, three-way conference and call forwarding. This package includes Internet.


  • It does not include Cuba, satellite destinations such as ships or maritime platforms.
  • World Long Distance calls not included that are made through the 090 operator service generate a cost per minute.
  • For $100 a month you can add an additional line to your service.
  • Business


So that your business is not left incommunicado, Izzi offers for $520 Unlimited calls to landlines and cell phones from all over Mexico, USA and Canada in two telephone lines. By paying an additional $200 per month you can extend your service to four lines with the same benefits.

You offerspecial services as dialing codes.

  • 050 Customer service Help izzi
  • 055 Customer service Help izzi
  • 070 Information
  • 911 Emergency service
  • 020 National Long Distance Operator
  • 030 Lets know the exact time
  • 031 Alarm Service
  • 040 It allows to obtain telephone numbers of businesses and government offices throughout Mexico
  • 090 International or worldwide long distance calls charged to your account statement.

internet packages

If what you are looking for is to have a good internet, either because you work on the computer, study and need to do work or simply like to surf the web, there are the IZZI internet plans.


You should check first the speed you need to navigate on the network, define the number of people who require an internet connection and the time in which they can perform the actions simultaneously.

Then to find out how much does the Internet TV package cost at Izzi you can select some of the following three packages:

  • Internet izzi telcom 10 Mbps: Cfixed connection, with a $300 monthly rent and with a download speed of 10 Mbps. It has a type of wireless modem.
  • Internet izzi telcom 20 Mbps: Also includes ceitherfixed connection, with a $500 monthly rent and with a download speed of 20 Mbps. It also includes the wireless modem.
  • Internet izzi telcom 50 Mbps: Has a $700 monthly rent and a speed of 50 Mbps. It includes the modem.

television packages

  • IZZI TV Package

IZZI TV Packages are recommended in the case that want to enjoy streaming programs without any interruptions and with access to movie and series premieres.

It is a service that includes on live Tvwith channels on demand and the app izzi go at a low cost. It includes about 220 pay television channels, of which about 60 channels are in high definition with an additional installation cost and internet and telephone services can be added.

The TV IZZI packages they are basic and have almost the same characteristics:

  • izzi telcom TV pack (61 to 67 channels): pbasic package, with a $180 monthly rent and with the option to add up to 12 more TVs with an increase of $65 for each additional TV.
  • Izzi telcom (170 to 190 channels): ands an intermediate package, with a $360 monthly rent and with the option to add up to 12 more TVs with an increase of $90 for each additional TV.

Accepted forms of payment

To cancel the Izzi service you can do it in 4 ways, You choose the one that suits you best and suits you.

  • You can make the payment online: If you make the payment online, your payment will be reflected immediately.

Making click here you can pay online.

The first thing you should do is register. If you already have an account, enter your username and password and do what the system asks you to do.

  • you can also pay Via telephone: All you have to do is call 01 800 120 5000.
  • pay for the Izzi app: You can download the App free of charge and your payment will be reflected immediately. It is the safest way to cancel.

  • Bank or establishments: Use your izzi phone number or your payment reference. Your payment will be reflected according to the place where you make it:
  • izzi stores: immediately.
  • Banks and establishments: 1 hour later.
  • Walmart Group Stores (Walmart, Bodega Aurrera, Superama, SAM’s, Suburia): 1 day
    skillful after.
  • Online Banking during non-business hours: 1 business day later.

NOTE: Some establishments may charge commission.

In the next click You can check the banks and establishments in your area.

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To benefit users, Izzi does not penalize the cancellation of the service as long as you settle the total debts and return the equipment that was delivered to you in perfect condition. conditions.

  • In case of not returning the equipment or delivering it in poor condition, you will have to pay $1,300 per equipment and $2,000 if it is a video recorder (DVR).
  • There is a one-time installation charge for the Triple Play packages (Telephony plus Internet and Pay TV) of $225.

However, if you prefer the payment to be made by direct debit, the installation is free.

Izzi Branches

Do you know what the Izzi Branches are? Because they are manysince we are talking about all the towns in Mexico, we leave you the following link so that you can find your address more easily: Izzi Branches

However, here are a few:

  • acapulco
  • Campeche
  • cancun
  • chihuahua
  • Chilpancingo
  • Mexico City
  • Juarez City
  • Coatzacoalcos
  • Cuernavaca
  • Cove
  • Irapuato
  • Lakes of Moreno
  • Matamoros
  • Merida
  • Mexicali
  • Monterey
  • oaxaca
  • grapevine
  • rich pool
  • Vallarta Port
  • Saltillo
  • Tijuana
  • Zapopan

Requirements to hire Izzi

Now, if these descriptions convinced you, if you like the plans and services they offer, we recommend that you start looking for the requirements to hire Izzi. You will not regret!

What I need?

In case it is face-to-face in some of the branches:

  • official identification
  • Proof of address
  • Credit or debit card in case you want to pay for the service with a recurring charge

Procedure to hire Izzi

To be able to contract some of the services offered by this telecommunications company, what you must do is go to the website Of the same: link here.

Later, select some of the categories that were mentioned in the previous section. You must bear in mind that, if you are already a client of this company, you must enter your account. Otherwise, you must create one.

There you can discover all the available services and the steps to contract the service of your choice.

In case it is by phone:

Contact customer service through this number: 01 800 120 5000.

If you want to change your company, you move to a new residence or you lost your TV signal with the analog blackout, here you will find useful information to choose an alternative in order to stay connected and enjoy the best entertainment. Don’t wait any longer and follow the steps and Requirements to hire Izzi.

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