What is a Researcher ?: Definition, Types, Importance and MORE

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“What is an investigator?”, It is likely that at some point in your life you have been presented with this question. Well, a investigator It is known as an individual who is dedicated to the exploration of knowledge regarding a certain topic or fact.

Clearly, it is not a concept that we handle on a daily basis, so if you want to know more about What is an investigator?, This article may interest you!, then we will mention what are its objectives and the qualities that define it. This topic is likely to be of interest to you.

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What is an Investigator?

Now a investigator is defined as a professional who is dedicated to the area of exploration based on the existing information. This is, with the sole purpose of deepening this information and iIncrease the knowledge of humanity.

Of course, this knowledge can be about nature, methodology, humanity, technology or science. In fact, if you notice, an investigator has the whole world to explore.

In this sense, said professional is in charge of developing a specific topic and delving into the existing knowledge on that particular topic. So that, the researcher can find solutions, answers or even new methods of expression. Thanks to this, researchers can be experts in any area and possess any profession.

On the other hand, researchers are of great importance to science, history and the arts. Sure you wonder … Why? Well, it is because these individuals play a fundamental role in the development of the areas mentioned above.

Indeed, they are the ones in charge of check the facts and theories that are generated on reality and on the human being himself. Therefore, this allows increase knowledge and the information available, at the same time that the inquisition in this regard is renewed.

Likewise, people who generate new artifacts or processes that improve existing ones are also considered researchers. Let’s say that, in short, a researcher is dedicated to seeking new knowledge in a certain area and innovate the process of obtaining information. It is important to mention that the researcher’s task is carried out through a scientific method.

Types of Investigator

Before delving into what are the types of researcherIt is important to note that another definition adopted by the researcher is “inquisitor”. Now, as the subtitle says, there are different types of investigator. These are generally divided according to their position in the institutions where the trade is administered.

For instance:

  1. Academic. They are those who carry out their work within the framework of an educational or teaching institution.
  2. Independent They are researchers who do not depend on an institution that accredits them for their work, that is, they carry out their research on their own account.
  3. Assistant. They are part of a set of a public or private institution. They are dedicated to supporting other researchers, regardless of their background in the research field.

What is Research?

On the other hand, research is defined as the procedure through which the solution to a problem is sought or, failing that, it allows finding the necessary answers to something unknown through a systematic method. In short, research is the reason why human curiosity is aroused.

Let us remember that, since the beginning of time, the human being has the need to know and explain nature. This is why individuals found a systematized method that would allow them to find answers to these questions that arise.

Likewise, research is not only limited to the field of science. While it is true, all areas of knowledge are the subject of constant investigation. Therefore, its importance lies in the fact that it is a key instrument that has allowed humanity to progress over time.

Types of research

As established throughout the article, it can be investigated from different perspectives, with different objectives or taking into account any type of data, procedures or methods to obtain them. For this reason, there are different types of research, which we will mention below.

  1. Descriptive research.
  2. Scientific
  3. Artistic research.
  4. Field research.
  5. Hemerographic.
  6. Exploratory investigation.
  7. Explanatory research.
  8. Experimental.

It is important to mention that the types of research vary depending on the nature of it. That is, it can vary according to the degree of manipulation of variables, according to the objective of the research, it can also be based on the level of depth of the object of study, among other predispositions.

Main Objectives of the Inquisitor

As expected, each professional has their main objectives and through which they reflect their goals. In this case, the inquisitors set specific objectives that may vary depending on the nature of the investigation.

However, in general terms, researchers have a purpose that is always to evaluate, review, verify and draw conclusions regarding a given topic. In short, it is responsible for adding specialized knowledge corresponding to the various areas of research.

Requirements to be a good researcher

If you want to know what are the requirements that make up a good researcher, Keep reading!Here we will mention important aspects about this professional and how you should execute them as you carry out your investigations.

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In another order of ideas, the individual dedicated to the trades of investigation, must have certain skills that define him as a good inquisitor. As for example, to be deeply interested in the search for the truth and to obtain from it the nature of the investigation and their respective characteristics. In addition to, try solve questions, find a solution to dilemmas and check relevant facts on the type of investigation.

One of the principles of the researchers is that, should not create foundations on subjective impressions. In reality, it must be the opposite, they must base their research on facts already observed and measured. In this way, they will be able to carry out the investigation procedure in a timely, clear and objective manner.

Likewise, the inquisitor has the responsibility of assuming the investigation as a process made up of phases of action that are destined to the discovery of objective reality you want to investigate. Of course, you should keep in mind that the purpose of any search is: get answers to unknown problems and thus be able to start the exploration of general and innovative principles.

It is important to mention that researchers must rigorously apply techniques and strategies that allow establishing approaches to what is going to be investigated.

Qualities of a Researcher

Just as investigators need certain requirements to help them become a good inquisitor, they also have general qualities that define them, which are divided into personal and professional skills.

With regard to professional qualities, it is important that researchers meet methodological requirements, such as:

  • Documentation. It is important for a researcher to conduct source and background searches that allow them to address the research topics.
  • Commitment. Consistency and persistence is important in the process of an investigation.
  • Verification. It is a very useful aspect for experimental researchers since it is necessary to repeat some procedures to verify the topics already investigated. previously.
  • Drafting. The way to explain the results obtained from the research process are just as important as the method used for said work.

It is commonly understood that a good researcher meets certain personal or personality conditions that are useful for his profession, such as:

  • Curiosity. As we mentioned before, research awakens the curiosity of the human being and without a doubt it is the most outstanding personal quality of a researcher.
  • Reflexivity. You need the ability to think objectively and be able to deduce new perspectives about your research.
  • Objectivity. It is a fundamental quality since it allows developing the ability to maintain personal characteristics outside of the research results.
  • Discipline. With discipline and perseverance, anything is possible. This, in turn, increases the ability to be meticulous and persistent.

Importance of the Inquisitor

As mentioned above, the inquisitor plays a role of great importance in humanity and history in general. Of course, researchers work hand in hand with research, which is a process aimed at obtaining new knowledge.

If you notice, the concept of research is very similar to that of a researcher, only, on the contrary, research is defined as an activity. In this sense, the role of the inquisitors is essential in the society development since it is a discipline that is dedicated to value and promote knowledge in an integral way.

Indeed, without researchers it would not be possible to accumulate and discover specialized knowledge that can be interpreted in practices of any kind, such as: industrial, social, scientific, among others.

Finally, if you want to delve into yourself and find out if you have what it takes to be a good investigator, we invite you to visit the following link. There you will find a small review of the 7 books that every researcher should read.

Thanks for reading! We hope to have increased your knowledge through this article about what is a researcher.

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