Work Climate: Definition, Who and How it is Measured, Types, Factors and MORE

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The working environment It is an extremely important factor in the development of the daily activities carried out by the workers of a certain company. In fact, it is an element that guarantees harmony between employees and teamwork.

If you’ve ever had a job but didn’t feel comfortable in the environment, maybe it would be because of the working environment. In case you don’t know what that term is about, We invite you to read this article!Next we will mention relevant aspects on this subject.

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What is the Work Climate?

A simple concept for this term is: the working environment is defined as the physical and human environment in which a certain activity or work takes place. Of course, it ranges from the simplest to the most complex, that is, the work environment It includes everything from the way in which employees relate to their satisfaction.

Generally speaking, the working environment it is the medium in which a job is carried out. Depending on the organization and the quality of the environment, this can be more or less good. In this sense, it can also be referred to as «organizational climate».

Indeed, the climate has a great impact on the company and the employees in it. Therefore, through the quality level of the work environment, a worker will be able to fulfill their assignments with minor or major performance. Likewise, the fact of creating a good climate in the company favors the development of work. Obviously, it is a key factor in achieving the objectives set by the company.

In short, the organizational climate significantly influences the feelings and performance of employees. In other words, having a positive work environment increases the participation of workers and thus, camaraderie and the organizational culture.

Through this, it can be ensured that the individuals who work in a company feel motivated to complete their activities and in total availability to achieve important objectives. This is why it is always important to maintain a good organizational environment.

Who Measures Organizational Climate?

While it is true, the work environment it must be measured and under constant review. But… Who is in charge of carrying out this task? Well, the truth is that it is a responsibility of the Human Resources department. Clearly, it is the division that is in charge of carrying out the evaluation of the working environment that exists within the company.

This evaluation can be carried out through different initiatives, for example, a survey. Indeed, the results will make it possible to know if it is necessary to improve the work environment, how its quality can be increased.

In general terms, determining and analyzing the state of employee satisfaction helps companies detect factors that influence the achievement of expected results.

How to Measure the Work Climate?

To measure the working environment it is necessary to conduct an employee survey and analyze the results. This way you will be able to identify its quality and what are the improvements that should be made, if necessary. Now, there is a way to measure the organizational environment and it is through certain points.

For example:

  1. Communication. Be sure to ask questions that help you determine if there is open and transparent communication between employees and their superiors. Make a diagnosis about the sense of belonging within the organization.
  2. Training needs. Analyze the training needs of the work team. Carry out a survey that allows you to know which are the areas in which they need training and improvement. This benefits the employees in a professional setting and the organization as they will have more skilled workers.
  3. Teamwork. Evaluate if there is mutual support among workers to solve company problems. Many times, it is a complicated aspect since everyone has their opinions and this requires tolerance and acceptance. However, they need a leader who motivates them and teaches them that they all have a common goal.
  4. Work-life balance. If you determine which are the points that contribute to the lack of balance in work and personal life, you can solve the factors that influence the organizational environment and lack of job satisfaction.

Finally, with the help of a survey, you will be able to know a little more about your employees and in turn you will know if they are aware of how their work influences the general results of the company.

Types of Organizational Climate

On the other hand, it is important to mention that there are different types of working environment. Generally, six of them stand out that are presented in a common way in companies. Once you know the concept of each one, you can determine which of these types is the organizational environment that is carried out, or failing that, which is the one you want to have in your company.

Entrepreneurial work environment

It focuses on achieving organizational and financial goals that are previously established. Of course, it is characterized by competition and the generation of administration and sales activities. Likewise, people who develop successfully with this type of work environment, usually develop in a commercial or corporate environment.

Conventional organizational climate

It is characterized by being a perfectly organized environment. In these cases, it happens in companies that work with numbers and data, say, accounting companies. They are based on defined rules, routines and procedures.

Artistic work climate

Unlike the conventional environment, this type of climate is characterized by a lack of organization and rules. Simply put, it is not a systematic environment and focuses on creativity, imagination and originality. This, of course, is an environment that thrives in theaters, design, writing, and art.

Social work work environment

It focuses on performing activities that focus on teaching, training, and understanding other people. Indeed, it implies the need for communication and interpersonal skills that help to interact with people and motivate others.

Organizational investigative climate

It is an environment that is fully focused on math and science. It is not an organized environment and it also promotes independence and freedom of thought and action.

Quality of the Work Climate

Now, it is important to mention that the quality of the working environment can be translated to importance which means that a company has a good environment so that workers can perform their functions with the best possible performance.

Let us remember that, by guaranteeing a working environment quality, employees feel satisfaction in their work and also, the company obtains great Benefits from this. In other words, the working environment it is an important element for an organization. In fact, it is a set of social and psychological conditions that characterize a company and that affect the performance of its workers.

Therefore, if the organizational environment that the company offers is not favorable, this will influence in a way negative in the work environment. In other words, conflict situations will be created and there will be a lack of coordination among workers.

In conclusion, any company that wants to grow comprehensively, must invest and focus on the situations that arise in the inside of your organization. In this case, we refer to the relationships that exist between employees and the measurement of the quality of these relationships. Of course, this is evaluated through the working environment And for the reasons mentioned above, it is considered a high priority item for any business.

Factors that Influence the Work Climate

For other part, they exist determining factors that affect the working environment. We well know that an organizational environment depends on the interests, expectations and perceptions that employees have about the company in which they work.

Generally speaking, expectations are difficult to measure, as it signals a large number of variables. However, the climate can be measured through a series of alternatives that allow an approximation of those factors that affect said environment, either positively or negatively.

Below we will mention some of the main factors that influence the work environment:

  1. Healthy relationships. There must be effective communication and respect for others. These two elements significantly influence the overall energy of the company and believe it or not, it is perceived by customers.
  2. Equality. Each and every member of the company must be treated with fair criteria.
  3. Flexible leadership. The ability to adapt to any situation that may happen in the company allows positive work to be done and thus generates a quality work environment that will guide the organization to success.
  4. Autonomy. Employees must have independence in carrying out their daily assignments. This allows the leader of a company to place their trust in the capabilities of their workers. At the same time, a good work environment is generated.
  5. Recognition. Generally, recognition of good work encourages employees to create a competitive spirit. The recognition can be through an activity that allows to choose the employee of the month.
  6. Optimal workspaces. Make sure employees have adequate space in which to carry out their tasks. That is, you must have a clean place, good lighting and also have the necessary space and the appropriate tools to complete your assignments.

If you want to know a little more about this topic, we invite you to read Manuel Giraudier’s book, called «How to manage the work environment», you just have to click here.

Thanks for reading! We hope to have provided you with useful information about the working environment.

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