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What are the Requirements for a Tica visa in Nicaragua?

A visa is that permission to enter a nation that deserves the document for the entry of immigrants, once approved it is placed in the passport, and serves as a document to travel to that country, being issued by the authorities of the applicant’s country. The requirements for an ethical visa are detailed below. Requirements … Read More

Requirements to travel to Panama from Nicaragua

Traveling is an experience that we all want to have, the theme of traveling can happen in a person’s life for different reasons, either because of the desire to visit and know, due to paperwork, studies, work or health issues, or whatever. The reason, here we will give you the procedures and requirements that you … Read More

Requirements to establish a corporation in Nicaragua: All the information you need

Currently there are different types of entrepreneurship either on a large or small scale. Generally this type of economic activities can be called differently, among which is the public limited companies. Nevertheless very few people have the necessary information or they do not know on what grounds and on what this denomination is based. Although … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to renew passport in Nicaragua

The passport is that document with international validity, which is processed by the immigration authorities of a nation, which certifies a permit or legal authorization to travel abroad and, failing that, to enter through the international ports or airports of the destination country. Next we will detail the requirements to renew Nicaragua passport. Requirements to … Read More