Procedures and Requirements to travel to Spain from Nicaragua

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Traveling is an experience that everyone wants to live, it is not a secret that many of us human beings like tourism, knowing, having new experiences and traveling around the world, here we will share through our article everything you need to know in this case, to make your desired trip from the Republic of Nicaragua located in the center specifically Central America to the Spanish territory.

Requirements to travel to Spain

There are a series of requirements and documents that you will need to consign in order to make your trip without any inconvenience. The requirements that you must order to travel to Spain are the following:

  1. Travel insurance
  2. Valid passport until three months after the scheduled date established to leave the country.
  3. The maximum time to be in Spanish territory is (90) days
  4. The requirements that are requested vary depending on the reason for the trip.

Like a tourist

  • Passport or travel document: The document must be validated during the planned days that it will remain in the country.
  • Buy insurance for 30 days of your stay.
  • You must have proof of the accommodation establishment where you will be on the days of your visit or a letter of invitation from a private individual, if they are staying at their home, issued by the Police Station corresponding to their place of residence. Thus validated that you are right and a pre-agreed place where you are going on your trip.
  • Important: In no case, the invitation letter will replace the accreditation by the foreigner of the other requirements for entry. You must fulfill part of all the agreed requirements.
  • Confirmation of the reservation of an organized trip, with the itinerary.
  • Return ticket or tourist circuit, your ticket must have a round trip date, in addition to presenting the tourist guide that you will make.
  • For the accreditation of financial means, the provisions of Order PRE / 1282/2007 will be taken into account, regarding financial means the provision of which foreigners must accredit in order to enter Spain. The minimum amount to be credited is 73.59 euros per person per day, with a minimum of 661.50 euros or its legal equivalent in foreign currency. This gives proof that you have the economic resources to sustain yourself in the country all the time you will be in it.

For work

The presentation of any of the following may be required documents for entering the country presented in this case, these are:

  • You must carry the invitation of a company or an authority to participate in meetings, conventions, or explaining the reason for the invitation to your person for work matters etc., that is of a commercial, industrial nature, that proves that it is a matter of work etc.
  • Document that proves the existence of commercial and industrial relations, agreements, shareholders, etc.
  • Access cards to fairs, congresses, conventions, where you write your entry for participation in these activities.
  • Invitations, entrance cards, reservations or programs with indication, as far as possible, of the name of the inviting organization and the duration of the stay or any other document that indicates the purpose of the visit.

By Study

The presentation of any of the following documents is requested to enter the country presented in this case are:

  • The registration document of a teaching center to participate in theoretical and practical training courses.
  • You must have the corresponding certificates evidencing the invitation or registration to manage the courses that you will present.
  • All foreign citizens who wish to study in Spain for more than 90 days must apply for and obtain a visa, even those, of Chilean nationality, who do not need a visa for short stays of less than 90 days, this type of visa is also the one that Those foreigners who wish to carry out in Spain any type of unpaid training or internship training activities or volunteering should apply.
  • It is not necessary that the proof of accommodation is for the entire period of the studies. You can submit hotel reservations for the place where you will stay the first days of the study period in the city where you will study, a letter from family or friends indicating that you will stay with them signed and attached a copy of your DNI or NIE, contract of housing lease. Among others
  • You must prove your financial solvency, this can be done with the last three payroll settlements of your own (if you are independent, they can be credited with the ballots or invoices issued in the last 3 months) and the last three current account bank statements (no Bank statements obtained through the Internet without the original stamp of the issuing party will be accepted). This documentation may be supplemented with other bank documents that prove savings, time deposits, mutual funds or a loan. In the latter case, the credit must be credited to the applicant’s current account, and documentation of the granting of said credit must be presented if the applicant does not have the necessary resources.
  • Financial solvency may be accredited through parents or legal guardians, under the same conditions described in the previous section. In this case, an apostilled notarial statement must also be provided, which expresses the parents’ commitment to finance all the studies and the stay in Spain, accompanied by a photocopy of the RUT of the father or mother, and a certificate Apostille birth certificate of the student that proves the existing parent-child relationship.
  • In the case of scholarship students, by means of a duly stamped and signed letter, stating the granting of the scholarship by the entity that grants it and stating the amount awarded. If the amount granted satisfies the financial resources required, it will not be necessary to provide the documentation indicated in the previous sections. The granting of non-pecuniary amounts (tickets or others) will not be considered as a financial contribution.

How to travel to Spain from Nicaragua?

Many Nicaraguans decide to leave their country to travel very often for reasons of tourism, work, visits, studies, experiences, among other reasons. The countries that most frequently visit are Costa Rica, Panama, the United States, Guatemala, Canada and Spain. The latter, Spain is one of the most chosen and visited by Nicaraguans, in addition to the ease of understanding the language, it is one of the most comfortable and preferred.

By plane

The requirements that they will request will depend on the reason for the trip for which you are doing it, which we already specified above.

  • You must have your valid passport for at least 3 months after the date on which you will leave the country.
  • Get travel insurance.
  • Have up to date all your documents and requirements that will be requested according to the case of the trip.
  • Go to the travel agency and purchase your ticket with the destination and date of your preference.

Cost of traveling to Spain from Nicaragua

The cost will depend on the type of trip, the length of stay and the airline you choose. It has an approximate cost between 397 euros to 700 euros. Plus lodging, food, and transportation.

Maximum length of stay in Spain

The maximum time authorized To be in the country includes 90 days of stay according to the authorization given by the Visa allows you to be this period of time, in any case to be in the country, once the period of time has expired you will have to leave to re-enter and stay for about 90 more days.

There is also the option of extension in special cases.

Nicaraguan Embassy in Spain

The Nicaraguan embassy in Madrid is one of the 676 foreign representations in Spain and one of the 137 in Madrid.

It is located at: Paseo de la Castellana 127 1º B28046 Madrid Spain their contact numbers are the following local phone: 91.555.5513 International + 34.91.555.5513, + 34.91.597.0399 local fax number: 91.597.0399 you can also communicate by email: you can communicate with the consulate by means of these telephone numbers and mail from 09:00 to 14:00 (Customer Service)

Consulate of Spain in Nicaragua

The Honorary Consulate of Spain in Leon, nic, Nicaragua is located at Av. Central 405, from the cathedral 3c on the right hand side of Leon Nicaragua, its telephones are the following: (+505) 23 11 43 76
(+505) 23 11 20 42 in case of not being able to contact by this means you can send a fax to the following address (+505) 23 11 20 42.

Recommendations for traveling to Spain

  • Make the visit to Madrid coincide with the weekend to be able to go to the Rastro and see the atmosphere of Las Ventas on Sunday (bullring).
  • Verify that your passport is valid and meets the issuance requirements to avoid inconveniences on your trip.
  • Visit Barcelona during the week since hotels are much cheaper.
  • Book the hotels well in advance (minimum 3 months) if you are going to San Sebastián in September (San Sebastián Film Festival) or Seville in April (Easter and April Fair)

Why travel to Spain?

There are many reasons why Spain is one of your best options to visit.

  1. For its Gastronomy: for its variety and quality in the kitchen, classified as one of the best in the world.
  2. For your time: one of the best climates in summer that will allow you to enjoy hot days and visit its beautiful beaches and others.
  3. Their people: outgoing, open, friendly and charismatic.
  4. sightseeing: you can visit its forests, deserts, monuments, beaches and at night different places where the party and celebration are.

There are many other reasons, but dare to visit, live the experience and see for yourself.

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