Requirements to establish a corporation in Nicaragua: All the information you need

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Currently there are different types of entrepreneurship either on a large or small scale. Generally this type of economic activities can be called differently, among which is the public limited companies.

Nevertheless very few people have the necessary information or they do not know on what grounds and on what this denomination is based. Although it is true that in matters of companies and industries, information it is quite confusing and requires a lot of documentation.

If you have wanted to establish a limited company for some time or have heard about this process, you are in the right place. Remember that this It can be a great entrepreneurship initiative to grow your economy.

In view of this, we have brought an informative guide on everything you need to know to set up a public limited company. In addition to providing you with all the necessary requirements to process it and some tips to do it.

Requirements to establish a corporation in Nicaragua

Before starting It is elementary to mention that companies are made up of a minimum of 2 people or shareholders. Next we will mention the requirements to establish a public limited company:

  • The deed of Constitution of the Company processed by the members of the company. These must have certain requirements which are specified on the following web page: Requirements.
  • The Public Mercantile Registry (this is made up of certain registrations that are specified in the previously shared link).
  • RUC.

If you have any doubts about these requirements You can visit the page that we have previously mentioned. Inside you will get in detail the requirements to process it.

Steps to follow

Next we will show you step by step how to carry out this procedure:

  1. In the first instance, carry out the deed of Constitution of the Company and its status. Therefore, you will carry out the commercial register with its proper inscriptions.
  2. After this you should go to the offices of the General Directorate of Revenues (DGI). There you will formalize the registration of the company before the Tax Authority as a taxpayer, for which you will receive the Taxpayer Number (RUC).
  3. Once the registration has been made within the DGI and having the RUC Number, you will be able to register in the Municipal Mayor’s Office corresponding to the area where its physical offices are domiciled.
  4. Yes, within the activities that will be carried out, there will be export or transit of products, registration must be made in the General Directorate of Customs.
  5. Ready!

Remember that each of these steps They are carried out with time and sometimes it may take time depending on the monthly demand. So we suggest arm yourself with patience when doing it.

What must the deed of a corporation have to be valid

However, within the requirements that are requested to establish a public limited company, the deed of the same appears. It is important that to carry out said deed certain requirements and parameters must be met.

Earlier when this writing was referenced we have specified a link to a web page where they will be able to have the necessary information regarding this writing.

It should be noted that inside also You will find important additional information for the process of the same. We urge readers to visit it and take note of all these aspects.

Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua: Basic Legal Aspects

After a few years, the culture of self-entrepreneurship has begun to be generated and developed in Nicaragua. This despite the changes and innovations that society has been acquiring over the years.

Despite something that has been manifested by the government entities of Nicaragua ands the little propitiation to this type of entrepreneurship. Making this initiative a difficult, ostentatious and complicated process to carry out, not to mention their bad treatment.

It is remarkable the fact that many people who have been given the task of undertaking within their own country are fruitful for these troublesome processes. Which for the present constitute a great problem for Nicaraguan society.

What is a limited company?

Yes, at this point in the article you are still not clear about this business name called anonymous company because its meaning is somewhat confusing. Nevertheless A corporation is one of the classifications of commercial companies.

Where a group of in this case associates is formed that They are only commissioned and limited to the capital they have contributed. Its mechanism is clearly capitalist and its small investments can develop greatly.

Thus jointly achieve a profitable dependency that provides profit and stability to the business. Being thus one of the main and most popular business and financial modality.

Social denomination

As you will know, people at the time they have established their company must make their classification as a company public. Within the parameters imposed by law, it is important that at all times the indication “public limited company” or its abbreviation “SA” is included.

In this way you can see the establishment of the same within the legal statutes of Nicaragua. In addition to its constitution as a company and the legal premises that it acquires.

What is the commercial code?

To close this informative guide with a flourish, we want to mention you about the commercial code. This is a group or set of unitary, ordered and systematized elements which are based and governed according to the commercial law of the country.

However, it is the managing and regulating entity of commercial and commercial relations. This began to be implemented thanks to the changes that have taken place in today’s commercial society.


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