Requirements to register title in La Gaceta Nicaragua: All the information you need

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For hundreds of years the companies or entities in charge of governing the financial and economic system. They have used the gazettes as a way to officially formalize a decree or registry before society and the executive branch.

Despite this tradition that soon it began to be used in a legal and compulsory way, it has been gaining strength over the years. Admitting it as a legal document that is endorsed and specified in the laws of each nation.

Continuing with this we can say that If you want to make any kind of records within this gazette, it is essential that you have the appropriate information to do so.

Given this, we have brought a practical guide in which we will provide you with all the information. What you should take into account when registering a title in La Gaceta de Nicaragua, in addition to telling you certain tips that will liven up your process.

What is La Gaceta

Known by other names like Official Gazette, Official Gazette, Official Registry or Official Newspaper This is a means of communication. Which is used by the State to publish legal norms, constitutions, treaties, laws, decrees and regulations to make them public before the population.

Its origin dates back hundreds of years, when the desire for printing began and that over the years has been gaining popularity. To later adopt it as a legal procedure and in some cases mandatory.

Notwithstanding its functions within society have not changed as well as the purposes of use. It should be noted that this document has become popular among the citizens of each country despite the different decrees or modifications that have been exposed in this document.

Requirements to register title in La Gaceta Nicaragua

The title registration process It is very easy and simple and the requirements you need to process it are very few. Below we will mention the requirements you need to process it:

  • University degree or the one you want to register in La Gaceta.
  • DNI.

In advance we want to remind you that these requirements are subject to change. For what may vary or be added more, we remember to visit the website of La Gaceta de Nicaragua.

What is the procedure

As we mentioned before, the registration process is quite simple if you have enough information. Below we will show you step by step the easiest way to do it:

  1. Go to the La Gaceta offices, located in the Avenue From Bolívar to Chavez along with the requirements (this information can be obtained at the information kiosk).
  2. Therefore, you must submit the requirements along with the title for review and evaluation.
  3. Now you must make the payment of the process together with a payment order. This must be paid at the DGI cash desk located in the same offices as La Gaceta.
  4. Once this has been done, you must deliver the payment receipt together with the payment order duly labeled and stamped. After this through the website you can check the status of your process and know when it is already published.

Is it required to register university degrees?

Now you wonder if it is really necessary to register university degrees or not. Well, the truth is that The reality of this process is that registering university degrees is important so that it has the value it proves.

Since at the time of delivery these are Only valid within the study area. Therefore, if you want to work somewhere with the training you have done, it is important that you complete this process so that it has a legal basis.

Professional titles law

To conclude, we must mention the Law of Professional Titles, which is in charge of get into legal matters about university degrees. As well as their processing within the legal aspects of Nicaragua.

However, within it, certain important aspects are specified for the moment of obtaining this. Since National Autonomous University of Nicaragua It will be in charge of most of the procedures, this being the highest institution of higher education in the State.

For what is granted the benefits and power of being the only one empowered to issue the professional university degrees awarded to a higher level training in Nicaragua.


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