Requirements to renew a driver’s license in Nicaragua: Everything they haven’t told you

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Like the other personal identification documents that must be processed to be a citizen of a country. It is elementary that when driving any type of car the necessary provisions are made to carry it out.

In this case the governments have taken the initiative to create a driver’s license. This will be of great importance to publicly drive your own or third-party vehicles.

However, since it is a document that will expire in a certain time, It is important that you renew it from time to time. In this way, legal and documented training to drive without any impediment.

That is why we want to provide you with an informative guide with everything you need to know in order to renew your driver’s license in Nicaragua. As well as the requirements and documentation that you must take into account when doing it.

Requirements to renew a driver’s license in Nicaragua

Starting this guide, the first thing you should take into account in order to renew the license is the requirements and documentation. Below we will mention the requirements that you must meet to carry out the process:

  • The license that is expired or not valid.
  • Proof of renewal payment.
  • Vision examination together with the payment of the same.

These They are the only documents that have to be processed in order to start the license renewal process. It is important that you visit the offices of the relevant body to consult them.

Where to do the procedure

In the first instance, payments of fees must be made before the bank of choice. It is recommended that it be carried out in Lafise Bancentro Bank in this way the payment will be more effective and efficient.

Already done this You will have to go to take the vision or vision exam, along with the payment of the same and the fees. This will be done in National Red Cross to receive the certificate corresponding to the application.

Finally you will go with all the requirements to the License Renewal Window. There you can formalize the renewal request, remember that these windows are located in the police station that corresponds to your residence.

Driver’s license categories in Nicaragua

Currently despite the great variation of transport vehicles that have been created, several countries have designed a certain type of license for each of these. However, they try to generalize the use of these, thus ensuring that they are included in a certain type of car.

In Nicaragua, driver’s licenses They are divided into 11 categories to drive. Each of these adapting to the type of size of the vehicle as well as the size it has.

They run through categories that they go from the 1 to 8 and several of these have subcategories that are between 4 and 6. If you want to know which one corresponds to each of these, you can visit the following web page License categories.

Necessary exams to process the driver’s license

As we mentioned earlier, the only test that must be carried out to renew the license is the vision test. This to corroborate the suitability required to be able to use a vehicle.

Most other requirements they are already carried out in the licensing process for the first time. So you don’t have to worry about taking the exams again to renew the license.

What is the Traffic Education Center?

This is the organism in charge of raising awareness and providing the Nicaraguan population about good habits when driving any vehicle. It should be noted that its function is to reduce traffic accidents or minimize their effects.

As well as taking the appropriate measures to face this problem that arises in the country. At the same time, it works in conjunction with the traffic regulations, making the population a habit of road safety to avoid any incident or unforeseen event.

This purely governmental body has great importance within the population. Despite the activities that people carry out, they can have greater security when driving a vehicle.

What is the driving license exchange?

This is a document that accredits people who They are suitable to drive a vehicle inside and outside the national territory. It has functions very similar to the driver’s license, the difference is that it is valid in different countries.

It is worth mentioning that not all countries They accept this document to verify that the person is fit to drive. However, there is an extensive list of countries in agreement with Nicaragua that validate this document.

Necessary documents

Finally, we will provide you with the web portal where you will find the documents that are necessary to make the exchange. You can access it by visiting Exchange of Driving License.

If you want to process the exchange of the driving license in Nicaragua, you must bear in mind that you will have to request one Appointment at 060 or through the DGT Electronic Headquarters. Where you will have to specify to the entity or body in charge where you want to carry out the procedure.

Notably the request for this procedure does not certify the obtaining of this document. This will depend on whether the validity of the permit is confirmed by the authorities of the country to which you wish to visit or travel.


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