Requirements to travel to Panama from Nicaragua

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Traveling is an experience that we all want to have, the theme of traveling can happen in a person’s life for different reasons, either because of the desire to visit and know, due to paperwork, studies, work or health issues, or whatever. The reason, here we will give you the procedures and requirements that you must collect to manage your trip.

PANAMA, is among one of the best countries in Latin America that may be your option to travel in spring. It is one of the countries that offers the best opportunities for all those who want to start a new future, this as a consequence of the fact that Panama is one of the countries that has a stable economy that is on the way to frank development.

Nicaraguans tend to take Panama as an option for their travel affairs, and here you will be able to know all the procedures that you must carry out to make your trip.

Requirements to travel to Panama from Nicaragua

Depending on our origin, we will have to pay attention to the requirements that are needed to enter the ReVisa.ica of Panama:

  • Valid passport valid after 3 months of expiation.
  • Motar return ticket or entry documents to another country of destination. You must prove that your ticket will be roundtrip.
  • Show economic solvency where a minimum of $ 500 to $ 1,500 is requested that charges the expenses of stay, food and quality transportation. With this you will be able to attest that you can financially support yourself during the days of your stay within the country.

For tourism

  1. Valid passport with at least 3 months prior to its expiration date.
  2. Return ticket and documents to enter another country of destination.
  3. Financial solvency that supports that you can support yourself and cover all your expenses during your stay in the country.
  4. Visa. Tourists can apply for this visa at Panamanian consulates abroad.

For work

  1. Valid passport
  2. Return ticket to the country
  3. Economic solvency
  4. Work visa

By Study

Foreigners who wish to study full-time regular study in public or private educational institutions of the basic, intermediate, superior and specialized level recognized by the Ministry of Education, they may apply for the Student Visa in Panama.
Applicants must register all the subjects corresponding to the study plan, either for a bimonthly, quarterly, semester period or module to be taken.

Those who enroll in night hours, established in this way by the Study Plan, will be exempt, for which the certification of the Educational Institute will be necessary.

Only those people who dedicate themselves exclusively to studying will be eligible for the study visa. Therefore, during the validity of their studies, they are prohibited from working, except for professional practices and courses required by the Educational Center.

In addition to the basic requirements established in article 28 of Decree Law No. 3 of February 22, 2008 (Except for the Repatriation Deposit), and the presentation through an attorney or legal representative, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Letter of admission issued by the Educational Center where the applicant will study
  • Proof of registration payment
  • Certification issued by the Educational Center, informing the following:
  1. Basic information of the applicant
  2. Duration of studies
  3. Subjects or courses that have been registered and the maximum gratification to obtain.
  • If the studies are carried out exclusively at night hours, the Educational Center must certify that such courses will be taught only during those hours.
  • Proof of Economic Solvency, which will be verified by assigning:
  1. Document proving that the student is the holder or beneficiary of a Study Grant.
  2. Certification authenticated by the student’s parents, by which they are responsible for the study expenses of their client. They must provide a document proving their relationship
  3. Bank letter issued in favor of the applicant or the person financially responsible for study expenses, indicating that the person has the corresponding solvency to meet the applicant’s education and living expenses.
  • In the event that the student has a sponsoring resident person, the sponsor must deliver a letter that certifies: the commitment to assume the study expenses and basic needs, copy of the national identity card or residence card of the sponsor .
  • If the applicant is a minor, they must submit
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Authorization letter written by the parents in favor of the resident sponsor (in case neither parent resides in Panama).

How to travel to Panama?

Many Nicaraguans choose to travel to another country, despite the fact that Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, and is the least inhabited by square kilometers, this Nation has at least five million inhabitants.

But the vast majority of them, over the years, have decided to emigrate to different countries, including Panama; one of the sovereign states of Central America that is territorially organized into municipalities grouped into provinces and integrated into autonomous communities, in addition to having the so-called and known by all the Panama Canal, a route that many merchants use to transport their goods among other reasons for transfer.

To make this trip you must have all the assigned requirements, make sure you have all the necessary documents, passage, permit, and roundtrip ticket. Since the time of permanence for all foreigners is 90 days only, if you want to reside for a long period of time you will have to carry out other kinds of procedures which the country requires.

There are different ways to make your trip which we will explain below.

By plane

To make your trip to Panamanian territory, You must locate a travel agency that offers you the best service and the best prices that adapt to your economic budget., choose your travel date, it is important to note that your ticket must consist of a round trip date, investigate and get advice about the available airlines and choose the safest one for your trip. Verify that you have the documents to take the plane in order, such as identification documents and a valid passport as established for your trip.

By land

To travel to Panama you have several options, among them is to make your trip by land, Without a doubt, this trip is for those adventurers who love to live different experiences; For this trip you must be very prepared since it will cost you to carry several days permanently on the road, we also suggest that to save expenses you stock up on non-perishable food, plenty of water to stay hydrated, your personal belongings, necessary medications, for headaches, dizziness or fatigue. And I really want to live this experience.

Should you request a visa to enter Panama?

To enter Panamanian territory either as a tourist, a student or as a desire to reside in this beautiful country, you must apply for your visa, which will grant you a 90-day permit to stay within Panamanian territory, and if it is for study or work anyway Comply with the visa requirement plus other types of documents that the authorities will request.

All tourists must present their passport or identity document with at least 3 months to their expiation date, they must also present a return ticket and documents to enter another country of destination, it is mandatory to present economic solvency, the tourist visa can be Panamanian consulates abroad.

Cost of traveling to Panama from Nicaragua

We have collected information on the prices of flights that depart from Nicaragua to Panama City, Panama throughout the network and we have found that the average price of these flights is C $ 14,642.

Maximum length of stay in Panama

Any passenger with European nationality can enter Panama without restriction, only fulfilling a 90-day stay. Although the Government of Panama reduced the permit to stay in the country as tourists of the citizens of Colombia, Venezuela and Nicaragua, within the framework of a policy of tightening controls on entry and permanence of foreign.

Nicaraguan Embassy in Panama

As in all countries, the existence of embassies from foreign countries is essential La Alameda, Tumba Muerto, Behind Felipe Rodríguez, 5th Duplex on the right, No. 61-A Panama City. Panama.

Recommendations for traveling to Panama

Make sure you have all your documents in order and what you have left is to enjoy your stay in Panama. Enjoy the Panama Canal, get ready and take your camera to capture the moments, get ready for a tropical or rainy climate depending on the season you choose to travel, visit the night spots and take advantage and go shopping. Prepare your emergency kit with basic medications to solve any health inconvenience.

Why travel to Panama?

Traveling to Panama will allow you to know one of the wonders of the world such as the Panama Canal, it is also a country of opportunities and desirable tourist places to visit.

Panama continues to be one of the options that are on the list of options among Latinos, among them are Nicaraguans, now we can say that you already have all the information you can do it.

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