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How to recover the code of the Carnet de la Patria

The national card is a secondary identity card. Which is owned by many citizens in Venezuela, motivated by the different benefits that the national government provides through it. When it is lost or damaged it is important that you know How to recover the code of the Carnet de la Patria. For your peace of … Read More

Requirements to work at Coca-Cola: Steps to follow

One of the things a person needs is to have a job, but there are countless jobs where trained personnel are required to do their job. Therefore, of all the companies that require certain personnel, we will talk about the requirements to work at Coca-Cola. Requirements to work at Coca-Cola Being one of the largest … Read More

Prenuptial Certificate: Steps, Exams and MORE

It is important for most citizens to formalize and consummate a family through civil marriage. However, as you should know that this is a union that is supposed to be for life, in that sense both members of the marriage must know each other fully. It is not only important to know the tastes and … Read More

Debit card requirements: Everything you need to know

Normally, the work company where you are, do all the necessary procedures to obtain the debit card, since in this way the deposit of the salary is made more convenient; If it is not the case, find out here which are the debit card requirements. How is the basic debit card processed? Yes you want … Read More

How to recover the Bicentenario mobile payment code

In this article on How to recover the Bicentenario mobile payment code, you will get all the accurate information you were looking for. Here you can read about Mobile Payment, how it works, learn about this Banco Bicentenario financial institution and much more. How to recover the Bicentenario mobile payment code? To recover the Bicentennial … Read More

Parcel Certificate: How to Obtain It, Replacement and MORE

The Parcel Certificate, It is the legal document that declares a citizen as the owner of an agrarian territory, the government grants this certificate in accordance with its regulations. This document describes in detail the data of the possessor and exact address, limits and measurements of the land area. Said agrarian certificate is processed based … Read More