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How to Know Which AFP I’m in: Steps, Membership and MORE

How do I know which AFP I am in? As the years go by, a worker may forget his affiliations and this question arises. The Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) As a private entity, it has a series of consultation systems and procedures, which it offers satisfactorily to its affiliates. We will describe them below so … Read More

How to Know the Sanitary Registration of a Product: Food, Cost and MORE

If you are undertaking or are interested in developing in the commercial field, it is important that you know How to know the Sanitary Registration of a Product? In this article, you will receive all the information that will allow you to comply with this requirement. Currently marketing a product has a great responsibility. Therefore, … Read More

How to know a person’s ID: Steps, Reniec and MORE

How to know the DNI of a person? This procedure is very important in Peru, because it contains the owner’s personal information. If you need to know how to carry out the process, continue reading and you will know more about the subject. This document is delivered to citizens born and foreigners who wish to … Read More

How to Pay Netflix: Prices, Catalog and MORE

In recent years, technology has evolved, as has audiovisual content. People have always considered television as something important, but in recent years, citizens now prefer to watch quality content via streaming. That is, they prefer pay Netflix to watch your favorite series and movies as many times as you want. It is a good income … Read More

How to Pay Movistar: Using the App, your Bank and MORE

Movistar is a company that offers a variety of service options and a variety of payment methods to facilitate the process for customers. The how to pay Movistar it becomes easy to carry out all the instructions to the letter. In this section, we will mention in detail all the payment methods, terms and conditions … Read More

How to Pay Detractions: Via Web, Requirements and MORE

Citizens must comply with their tax obligations, therefore Peruvians must pay the deductions. That is, the buyer or user of a good or service is reflected a percentage of the amount that must be canceled. If you need to know a lot about this topic, then we will explain every detail to you. Pay Withdrawals … Read More

How to Pay the Oh Card: App, Other Banks and MORE

More and more there are financial companies to meet customer needs. In Peru there is the OH Card which helps Peruvians to enjoy many products, according to their needs. Consequently, here you will discover How to pay for the Oh Card so that you can buy with it. If you are also interested in acquiring … Read More

How to Pay the Cencosud Card: Scotiabank, BBVA and MORE

In Peru there are several cards that offer customers great benefits, in this case the Cencosud Card can be used anywhere and in the world. However, on a certain date you must Pay the Cencosud Card. If this is your case and you want to know everything related to Cencosud, then this article is ideal … Read More

How to Pay SUNAT: When to Do It, Extensions and MORE

As in all countries in the world, in Peru citizens must comply with their tax obligation, that is, they must pay some taxes. In order to do it properly, they have created SUNAT, an institution that administers everything related to the subject and, since the how to pay the SUNAT It is a frequent question, … Read More

How to Know My Tigo Number: Methods, Services and MORE

How to know my Tigo Number is the main concern that citizens feel when acquiring a telephone line from this company. So, read on to solve this question that can stress anyone who is unfamiliar with the subject. How to know my Tigo Number in Paraguay? At present, cellphones they play a fundamental role in … Read More

SUNARP Numbering Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

Do you know the information necessary to process the SUNARP Numbering Certificate? Through this article you will have access to what is required, since this Certificate is requested after acquiring the license to manufacture any type of infrastructure. This Certificate accredits the municipal numbering that is attached to a cadastral unit. In addition, you will … Read More