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Medical Certificate: Documents, What It Is For and MORE

The Medical certificate It is very important in México, because it determines whether the patient is in optimal health conditions or not, in any event or circumstance. It is very important that all citizens care about their health and eat healthy. To live fully every day, to continue with your daily responsibilities. This is why … Read More

How to recover the IVSS password

Many of the Venezuelan citizens must be registered on this platform, therefore, we will explain How to recover the IVSS password in order for many users to understand if you are going through this case. Social security it is important for the well-being of the Venezuelan population. The institute of social insurance (IVSS), was created … Read More

Leed Certificate: How to Get It, Importance and MORE

Concerns about climate change have only recently entered the scene. Worldwide measures have been taken with respect to buildings, because they have proven to be very harmful to the environment. However, they have developed a standard evaluation to qualify a construction as an ecological and sustainable process. This evaluation method results in the Leed Certificate. … Read More

How to recover Provinet password

For users it is important to know How to recover Provinet password to be able to carry out your banking operations smoothly, in accordance with the points that we will indicate below. This institution, like another major bank in the country, offers a reliable and complete digital banking system, along with products and services in … Read More

Phytosanitary Certificate: Documents, Application and MORE

The Phytosanitary certificate is a document intended to prevent the spread of harmful organisms, insects or parasites in plant products. It also has to do with other related materials through foreign trade activities. Must be issued prior to export and / or import customs clearance. The concession period is sixty days, covering the usual transport … Read More

Screen Printing: What it is, How to achieve it and MORE

The Screen Printing It is a process which is of great importance that you have the necessary knowledge for it. It is of great relevance that you read carefully and carefully each of the things that follow. This is a process that involves many things in everyday life and it is essential that you know … Read More

Requirements for a travel agency: Steps to follow

The feeling of traveling and everything that it makes us feel It is one of the best things loved by man. Being able to know different unique countries, cultures, traditions, foods and diverse landscapes, represents one of the best activities of any human being. Each country, each nation, each continent is a different world and … Read More

Land Use Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

The Land Use Certificate It is the document that authorizes the use of land, and establishes certain regulations for the use of real estate in state territory. To make a request for land use, you must go to the Secretariat of Urbanism and Housing (SEDUVI), which is a permit required by the owner of the … Read More

How to recover the Mercantile Telephone Code

How to recover the Telefónica Mercantil Code? This question is undoubtedly a very frequent one, especially for people who make transfers infrequently, so they are more likely to forget what their password is. In this sense, you need to know what your options are when it comes to recovering your phone code. Today we will … Read More