How to know my Panapass balance: Steps to follow

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The use of the corridors makes your life easier, as it avoids infractions and maintains the availability of funds in blue, How to know my Panapass balance: Steps to follow, It will help you to know how easy and simple it is to keep this modern toll payment system up to date.

How to know my Panapass balance

With the idea of ​​getting around in a faster way, brokers in Panama are the best option. In our daily travel, having these highways or road corridors is a great relief to move from one place to another in the capital city and be able to be punctual in our multiple activities.

In support of the economic development of the country, the government institution ENA Empresa Nacional de Autopistas is the one who manages the efficient operation of these toll roads. Guaranteeing its users a safe road, in addition to providing citizens with high quality services, without forgetting respect and protection of the environment.

These highways currently have a modern payment system, known as the Panapass.

The Panapass system is essential to access the corridors, so the sticker must be carried on the main windshield of the car.

The sticker is obtained at the Installation Centers, one located on Via Israel, as a reference we have the Atlapa Convention Center.

The other place for its installation is found in Albrook, passing the headquarters of the National Police.

The payment or collection of the corresponding toll rate is made in the booths enabled for payment / collection, located at the different entrances and / or exits of the corridors.

It is necessary to be aware of the availability of funds in Panapass, because each time you go through the corridors, the amount corresponding to the use of the road will be discounted.

In the next few lines we will explain the different ways of knowing the balance of the Panapass, which ENA offers through the available platforms.

Through the website

Among the modalities to verify the Panapass balance through the internet, we find:

On the website of ENA CORREDORES:

  1. We locate the Balance Inquiry option
  2. We put the number of our Panapass and click Consult
  3. The corresponding balance will automatically be displayed

Entering to LOADS:

  1. You place the same as in the previous option, the Panapass number
  2. Enter the password. When you log in for the first time, put the key 12345678. When entering you must change it for one of your preference.

Through the app

The third modality, is through the use of the Mobile Application, it can be downloaded from the ENACORREDORES page, to Android and Iphone devices.

  1. You enter the Googleplay application store, download and activate the program.
  2. Then it can be accessed by clicking on the identification icon.
  3. We locate in the menu, the option of Balance inquiry.
  4. The Panapass number is entered and saved as a Favorite. You will already have it by default in future consultations.

How do I top up the Panapass system?

There are a lot of options for recharging Panapass.

One of them is using the credit card, there the balance will be deducted directly from the card.

This option is known as the automatic or recurring prepayment system, when the balance reaches B / .4.00, the system will be activated to recharge the amount indicated when the affiliation was made.

Additionally, this alternative allows recharging before reaching the minimum balance, to recharge at the different recharge points.

It is also possible to select the prepaid option, which corresponds to recharges at authorized points, on the platforms of the banking entities, by epay and through movilcash.

As its name indicates, prepayment corresponds to the previous payment or recharge, using authorized recharge centers.

It should be noted that to be able to use the corridors you must have availability, to avoid fines.

If you need to recharge your balance, the minimum recharge at any authorized recharge center is B /. 5.00. With the exception of Delta stations and by e-payment where at least B / .10.00 must be recharged.

To locate the authorized centers you can consult the following link Authorized Centers

Since the Panapass broker payment system was implemented in 2015 through online banking, most banks have been incorporated into the modality.

Creating platforms for this purpose, it is even possible through ATMs, where it is possible, in addition to recharging, to check the balance.

The amount for recharging through banking platforms ranges from $ 5.00 to a maximum of $ 200.

Step by Step

Recharging by ATM is extremely simple, we will show the procedure by Banco General:

  1. Select the recharge option
  2. Choose the type of account where you will charge the recharge
  3. Click on Panapass
  4. Enter the amount of the recharge and click on Done
  5. Enter the Panapass number to recharge and select on Done

Through Movilcash, you recharge by your cell phone using text messages:

  1. Dial * 700 # from your cell phone
  2. Select Payment of Services
  3. Then you select Transportation
  4. Choose option No. 2 Panapass and click on Send
  5. Enter the Panapass number to recharge and press Send
  6. Indicate the amount to recharge and Send
  7. Enter the Pin number, click Send
  8. Confirm the amount of the recharge, press Send
  9. You will receive a successful recharge message

If you want to perform the operation by ENA Refills, complete the following steps:

What is Panapass

The private and automated toll collection / payment system for the use of the North and South corridors in Panama City is known as Panapass.

The National Highway Company ENA is the institution in charge of its administration.

It corresponds to the installation of a chip or sticker, which is placed on the upper part of the windshield of the affiliated car.

Once the sticker has been installed, prepaid or post-paid recharges can be made from the Panapass account.

The main purpose of the system is the contribution to the economic development of the nation.

What it generates, a constant improvement in the infrastructure of the roads such as highways. In addition to the offer of services for users, such as state-of-the-art technology through tools and roadside assistance vehicles such as cranes and ambulances.

Additionally, it seeks to comply with the laws related to the prevention of accidents and toll payments, established by the Transit and Land Transportation Authority.

What are the penalties for runners’ infringement due to?

The fines for infraction in the corridors refer to non-compliance with the traffic regulations, administered by the ATTT Transit and Land Transportation Authority, in the following situations:

  1. To circumvent the payment of the respective toll in the toll booths,
  2. Not having the availability of funds in your Panapass accounts.
  3. Lack of Panapass devices
  4. Not having the correct affiliation to the system.

The fine of B /. 10.00 and a point on their license, will be imposed on those who do not have an available balance in the Panapass account, which allows them to honor the respective payment at the toll booths, in compliance with Executive Decree No. 810.

The tickets of violation are created by the negligence of the users to prevent the free flow of the traffic of vehicles in the toll booths.

The offending users will cancel the fine in the ATTT. While the balance due for the toll can be canceled, when recharging the “Panapass” account.

Happy journey!

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