Requirements for Panapass: Read us and get the information you need.

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To mobilize in a fast, agile and safe way in the road corridors of Panama, is the most convenient option for our transfer in the capital city and to achieve punctuality in being the various activities that we carry out, check the following article on the Requirements for Panapass: Read us and get the information you need.

What is the National Highway Company or ENA

The ENA or National Highway Company, is a entity that responds to the criteria of corporate governance and administrative responsibility in relation to road corridors.

In order to manage the North, South and East corridors, and as a representative of Government investments in subsidiaries that are dedicated to the development and maintenance of paid road infrastructure, ENA is created, based on Law 76 of 2010, which was modified in 2016 with Law 49.

It is a public limited company, where the Government owns 100% of the capital, and the MEF is the institution responsible for guarding the shares, supported by the General Comptroller’s Office for their control.

For the administration of each of the road corridors, there is a subsidiary company of ENA. The West and Panama were even created to support operations and finance the Fourth Bridge.

What are the functions of the ENA

ENA’s functions are related to the operations, development and operation of toll roads, thus supporting the nation’s economic growth, we also find that:

  • Through this efficiently carried out activity, safe operation and the provision of quality services are guaranteed, in an effort to respect the environment.
  • The operation and maintenance of the corridors is carried out with the support of third parties.
  • In order to improve the performance of the corridors, processes are implemented in the infrastructure, generating high levels of road safety for users, which contribute to the human and economic development of the country.
  • Among its functions, it is sought that when the North and South corridors recover, their exploitation and acquisition will be self-financing.
  • In addition to the introduction of state-of-the-art technology for road infrastructure improvements, as well as auxiliary services that meet the needs of road users.

What is Panapass

It is the private and automated payment and collection system, to access the use of the North and South corridors of Panama.

The institution in charge of its administration being the ENA or National Highway Company.

It is characterized by the installation of a decal or chip on the windshield of the car that is affiliated with Panapass.

This affiliation and facility allows balance recharges in the Panapass account. Having the prepaid and postpaid options.

What is Panapass for

Mainly your membership and balance are essential to access the brokers, thus contributing to the economic development of the nation.

This system generates a constant improvement in the infrastructure of toll roads such as highways. Increasing the supply of road services for its users, with state-of-the-art technology implemented with tools and road assistance vehicles such as cranes and ambulances.

further It is about honoring the laws related to the prevention of accidents and the payment of tolls, established by the Transit and Land Transportation Authority.

What are the requirements to join Panapass

For the affiliation of the service and subsequent installation of the chip, the following precautions must be submitted, depending on the method of payment:

With Prepaid

  1. The RUV or Unique Vehicle Registry
  2. The identity card of the owner of the car
  3. The current automobile insurance policy.
  4. The proof of payment of the decal or sticker, for B / .10.00 for its installation.

If the one requesting membership is not the owner of the vehicle:

  1. The authorization of the owner of the automobile vehicle, for the procedure to be carried out, must be in writing and signed by the owner.
  2. Copies of the certificates of the authorized and the owner.

It is important to know that the APC form has the signature of the owner of the vehicle and not the one who does the management. You can get it from this link APC Form

If it is Postpaid

  1. The RUV or Unique Vehicle Registry
  2. The identity card or proof of identity of the owner of the car
  3. The current automobile insurance policy.
  4. The proof of payment of the decal or sticker, for B / .10.00 for its installation.
  5. The credit card, whose holder is the owner of the vehicle
  6. If you are not the owner of the vehicle, you must provide the owner’s authorization for the process and a copy of the identity card of both

Form signed by the owner of the car. This form can be downloaded directly by clicking on the link APC form

In the event that the vehicles to be affiliated are owned by companies

  1. The RUV or Unique Vehicle Registry
  2. The identity card of the legal representative of the company and of the person authorized for the process
  3. The letter of authorization by the legal representative of the company for whom the procedure is carried out
  4. Proof of payment for the decal or sticker, for B / .10.00 for its installation.
  5. The operating notice of the owner company or the recent Public Registry Certificate, showing the members of the Board of Directors and / or the Legal Representative.

The Form signed by the legal representative. It can be downloaded directly by clicking on the link APC form

In case of owning several vehicles, each one must have the sticker.

How to join Panapass

Membership can be done in either of the two Installation Centers. One is located on the Via Israel, in front of the Atlapa Convention Center. And the other center is at the Albrook Mall, near the PN headquarters.

What are the Panapass payment methods

The Panapass system has two payment methods, namely:

  1. The Prepaid corresponds to the payment of the service recharge in advance. It is done in any of authorized recharge centers
  2. Automatic or recurring prepaymentThis method of payment is made by credit card. It consists of the automatic recharge when reaching the balance threshold of B / .4.00, the system is activated by recharging the amount that the affiliate had indicated when he made the affiliation. There is also the possibility of recharging at any of the available charging points, before the indicated threshold is reached.

Remember that the use of the corridors requires availability of balance, to avoid fines.

How do I check my Panapass balance?

There are several ways to know the balance of the Panapass, through the available platforms offered by ENA.

Through the website or internet, we find two options:


  1. Locating the Balance Inquiry option
  2. Enter the Panapass number, then click on Consult
  3. The answer shown corresponds to the respective balance

When accessing ENARECARGAS:

  1. Enter the Panapass number
  2. Enter the password. If it is the first time, it is set as a password. Once inside, you can change it to one of your choice.

The other option is by using the Mobile Application, it is downloaded from ENACORREDORES, to Android and Iphone devices.

  1. From the Googleplay applications, it can be downloaded and activated.
  2. When accessing the balance inquiry field is located.
  3. As in the previous ones, the number of the Panapass is entered, it is saved in the Favorite category, to have it already in the following consultations.

We hope that the information is useful and you have a successful transit through the highway corridors of Panama!

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